Best Way To Reward Your Followers On Instagram In 2021

reward your followers on Instagram

Reward your followers! Because not only they feel to be so special, but also the impact on your business is undeniable. But where to start? What to reward? Who to reward? And What is the best tool to reward?

If you are curious to know the answer to all these questions, do not go anywhere.

Why You Should Reward Your Followers At All?

lots of question marks which represent why reward your followers.

You should reward your followers because;

  1. Keeping your existing followers cost you less than finding new followers
  2. Your existing followers worth more than new followers
  3. Rewarding your followers generates brand loyalty
  4. Rewarding Grows your followers’ base
  5. Your followers deserve it
  6. Rewarding your followers increases the ER of your page
  7. It is a good strategy to compete with famous brands if your business is local

Reward Your Followers Because They Cost Less 

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What is the most repeated question regarding Instagram? It is “How to get more Instagram followers?” But hey! How to keep the earned ones?

Think about it. After trying that hard to get more Instagram followers, you must plan to keep them engaged, right? One way is to reward your followers.

Based on surveys, getting one new follower is up to three times more expensive than keeping your followers.

Reward Your Followers Because They Worth More 

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I just said that getting new followers is up to 3 times more expensive than keeping yours; This is while your existing follower is 6 times more valuable than a new follower. But why is it so?

Your followers are not only more likely to purchase something from you but also buy something more expensive compared to a new follower.

Reward Your Followers And Generate Brand Loyalty

When you reward your followers, you kinda stop them to refer to your rivals.

graphe shows only 2% of Instagram accounts reward their followers

Shockingly, only 2% of Instagram accounts reward their followers.

Graph shows only 0.6% of posts are contests

Make sure you stand out all your rivals and reward your followers.

Reward to Get More Followers

Reward your followers because they not only stay loyal to you but also ultimately rewarding your followers ends up in more followers. 

The happy followers who recommend you to their friends are ambassadors of your brands. As a digital marketer, you do know that being recommended through word of mouth is much more effective than ads. 

Reward to Get More Followers

Based on an analysis of over 6000 Instagram accounts, if you reward your followers, you gain over 70% followers more than an Instagram accounts which do not giveaways.

graph shows accounts which reward followers grow them up to 70%

Reward Your Followers Because They Deserve it

The ambassadors of your brands earn you more followers while they do not get paid. So a reward is the least thing you can give your followers. 

Reward Your Followers to Increase the ER of Your Instagram Account

Try it! You will be surprised to see the effect it has on the ER of your account.

Graph shows contests rise likes and comments 3.5 and 64 times.

graph shows 91% of posts more than 1000 comments are contests

Reward Your Followers If Your Business Is Local

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In some cases, you can not compete with so many bigger brands in your niche because of your short budget. But if your business is local, the positive impact of rewarding is doubled.

Reward your Special Followers

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Yes. You must reward your special followers, not just any follower. Visitors come and go. But a few percentages of your followers are loyal to you. You probably have known them already.

Special followers are those who leave comments, like, and generally speaking add value to your Instagram accounts.

To put it simply;

  • Reward your followers who like your posts
  • Reward your followers who tag their friends under your posts
  • Reward your followers who leave comments
  • Reward your followers who share their posts 
  • These followers definitely deserve your special rewards. But what are the special rewards? To know that, stay tuned!

The Best Thing to Reward Your Followers

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There is no one best thing to reward all Instagram followers in the whole world. The best reward for followers of one account differs from the other.

You should find it for yourself what is the best reward for your Instagram followers. To find that out, I will describe the characteristics of the best reward for your followers.

The Reward Must Be Valuable For Your Followers

Imagine a backpacker who follows your page in order to be inspired by your content relating to tourism and as a reward, you give her a pair of luxurious high heels.

I assume you got my point. To assure if your reward is valuable to your followers, check these.

A Valuable Reward Is In Your Niche

Your followers are your followers because they are interested in your niche. I am pretty sure that a reward relating to your niche makes them happy.

Does The Cost Of The Reward Correspond To The Outcome?

100%! As you might already guess, the more costly the reward is, the more followers and engagement you get.

A Valuable Reward Corresponds To Your Followers Sex

If you are selling running shoes, make sure you do not reward your male followers with a pair of girlish shoes.

3 Valuable Ideas to Reward your Followers

In case you are clueless about what to reward your followers, read these to have some ideas. Remember they are examples. You must personalize them.

Reward Your Followers Exclusive Discounts

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An exclusive discount is a great way to reward your followers.

Reward Your Followers Coupon

Have a cafe? Present the coupon of the cafe of your follower and his girlfriend as a reward.

Reward Your Followers Invitation Cards

People love to be invited because it gives the feeling of being included.

Appreciate Your Followers

Incapable of rewarding your special followers? At the very least thank them on Twitter, send them personalized Emails, or appreciate them in DMs.

Congratulate Your Followers

Congratulating your followers’ birthday on Twitter or Instagram is not a reward that does not cost you but they feel like they are cared for.

How to Reward Your Followers?

But how to reward your followers? If you have only a few loyal followers, skip this part. But among all followers, there are considerable numbers of loyal followers, first of all, congratulations! Second of all, how do you wanna reward your followers? Are you gonna reward all your loyal followers? Can you do that at all?

If your answer is no, then you should find a good picker. An Instagram picker chooses the lucky followers randomly to be rewarded. Not all pickers are recommended because not all of them have the same feature. Here I suggest you two picker tools 

Reward Your Followers With This Instagram Pickers

Among all the tools, I suggest AiSchedul. Read the rest to know why!

Reward Your Followers Using AiSchedul

AiSchedul is a professional Instagram scheduler that owns a feature named “Post and Reward”.

The “Post and Reward” feature is a bot that enables you to reward your followers. 

Why Using AiSchedul to Reward Your Followers?

Because AiSchedul is totally free. On the other hand, you can automate the rewarding process. All you need to do is to put a form in the bio and ask your followers to fill the form with the required information.

So through direct, you can reward your followers’ coupons, invitation cards, etc automatically.


In the form we just talked about, you can get Emails of your followers to lead them in Email marketing.

Sign Up in AiSchedul

Sign-up for a free account from here.

Go to the dashboard and click Add Instagram Account

Enter your information and click on Next

Enter your password and tap on the Submit button

Final Words

Among all your followers there are ones who are more loyal to you and add more value to your Instagram accounts and inject more money into your business. You should reward these followers because not only your followers deserve it but also rewarding them grows your Instagram.

But to do that you must have pickers because probably you can not reward all followers. Among all pickers to reward followers, AiSchedul is the all free picker to reward your followers that come with many features as given in the article earlier.

If you want to gain more than 70% followers, 3.5 times likes, and 64 times comments, reward your followers regularly. You seem to have the reasons, ideas, and tools. Do you start now?

Sign up in AiSchedul for free.

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