Firing Table Reviews 2022: Is It Safe or Risky?

Firing Table

Using growth services is inevitable for businesses, marketers, or influencers who want to bolster their Instagram presence. But most reviews tell a sorry tale, like this Firing Table review. So don’t miss this piece, as it can inspire you to choose the best service.

This post will focus on Firing Table to help you decide if it is one of the best Instagram growth services that your business should employ or a dangerous scam to avoid.

Here, we will review its fundamentals, pros and cons, prices, and everything you need to know about this social media virtual assistant service to determine if it is trustworthy to improve your online presence.

Thus, after reading this complete review on Firing Table, and introducing its best alternative, AiGrow, you will better understand the characteristics of a genuine organic Instagram growth agency.

Let’s get started and check out what they offer in reality.

What Is An Instagram Growth Service

When Instagram first emerged in 2010, no one would have imagined it would become what it is today, a powerful and lucrative marketing platform with endless opportunities. However, success will not come to you overnight – you have to work hard for it.

Best Instagram growth services
Best Instagram growth services

It will help if you learn the subtle art of getting Instagram followers and keeping them engaged on your page. To increase your engagement rate, you need to create brilliant content ideas for your Instagram marketing account and publish them consistently at the best times to post on Instagram.

These actions are all simple in words, but they are very time-consuming and labor-intensive in practice. That is why proven Instagram growth tools have come into play, taking on the burden of getting you new targeted followers and helping you build a powerful brand on Instagram.

But with so many Instagram followers apps, services, and agencies out there, how can you choose only one and be confident about it? The only way is to do thorough research to determine which one is worth your investment.

Doing so may take patience and time, but be sure it will pay off eventually. We’re here to reveal the truth about Firing Table and show you whether it’s worth your money. If you are here for the same, welcome!

What Is Firing Table

Firing Table is an Instagram growth service that claims to grow your account organically in all possible ways. It is a registered business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to their claim, they should not employ any automated activity to provide organic growth.

Firing Table website
Firing Table website

However, as outlined in the sections below, this tool uses auto-follows and auto-likes, among other targeting features. Firingtable also sends automated DMs and auto comments, hoping to get you more followers on Instagram. Thus, not only is automation involved in Firing Table, but also it’s highly unsafe.

This high level of automation will not help your Instagram account grow organically and safely, but it will only put you in danger of getting banned. In this way, they are not completely honest with their customers despite their deceptive advertising.

Their claim to grow IG accounts organically is not valid, and it is simply another Instagram bot that deceives their customers into thinking they will provide organic growth.

The company also promises to offer 24/7 customer support on improving your account. But as clients say, it’s all lies.

However, as we were updating this article, we discovered something that might cause customers’ bubbles to burst!

The firing Table Site Is Currently Unavailable!
The firing Table Site Is Currently Unavailable!

A fatal error is a sort of error that causes a computer program or the entire operating system to crash. This type of issue may be unintentional and transient, but it contradicts their claim of 24-hour support!

How Does Firing Table Work

However, Firingtable may no longer be available, but we will explain how it works and how you may get started with this service.

How Does Firing Table Work
How Does Firing Table Work
  • First, to visit their website, you should go to
  • You should choose among their three available plans. The business plan is the most expensive, including automated DMs and auto comments.
  • Then, the app will ask you for some personal information, such as your Instagram username and password. You sign up by entering your Instagram username, and they take it from there. The sign-up process is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Then the bot will engage with the target accounts you provide using hashtag targeting; It will automatically like and follow intended users. All you have to do is to provide strategic and industry-related IG hashtags.

  • The problem here is that the bot will use your Instagram business account to like and follow automatically. Therefore, you are not safe in their hands. If the Instagram algorithm detects you as a bot, it may either action-block, suspend, or ban your Instagram account, which is a huge hassle. Would you like to live in constant danger of getting banned?

On the other hand, a genuine Instagram growth service will not use bots or automation at all. The best Instagram growth solutions, like AiGrow, provide you with dedicated account managers who take care of your account 24/7.

Firing Table Features

As you may have noticed, Firingtable is simply an Instagram bot that employs automation. This may help you in some circumstances, but it will result in your account being banned or limited!

Firingtable Features
Firingtable Features

Here are the features that FiringTable claims it provides:

  • Allegedly Targeted and Unlimited Growth
  • Automated DMs: This feature is only available in their business plan. When you gain a new follower, Firing Table will send them a welcome message. But you can customize the message to avoid sounding like a robot.
  • Auto-Follows & Unfollows
  • Auto likes
  • Auto Comments: This feature is also exclusive to their business plans and does not work well most of the time. A bot often makes mistakes when it comes to comments. Too often, the comments left by bots feel unnatural, even if they were written in advance. Thus, using this feature is always a real gamble.

In general, this service only offers typical bot activities such as liking, following, commenting, and sending DMs.

Firing Table Pricing

As we mentioned before, Firingtable has three plans. Let’s see what they are.

Firing Table Pricing
Firingtable Plans

At first, their prices do not look very expensive. However, you should pay attention to the fact that these are weekly prices. Yes, take care of the Firing table calculations!

Moreover, these plans differ significantly in terms of their features and services, so you have to choose them carefully based on your needs. This tool has no free trial or bonus features either.

  1. Personal: allegedly real followers, one account, 1-week term, 60% interaction rates. Cancel anytime.
  2. Professional: Priority support, increased interaction, 1-week term, fast interaction. Cancel Anytime.
  3. Business: This package provides phone support, DM marketing, auto-comment, and the most immediate interaction. Cancel Anytime.

These packages are unreasonably costly, mainly because they only use a bot to help grow your Instagram followers.

Firing Table Reviews

Let’s look at some reviews from real users who have tried and used the Firingtable. According to Firing Table customer testimonials, it is evident that it is an Instagram bot.

And there is no need to repeat that bots violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. Hence, if Instagram detects any automated activity, your account may get flagged and even banned. And according to Firing Table reviews, many users have reported this problem. For example, consider this Firing Table review:

Firing Table Reviews
Firing Table Reviews

Firing Table Instagram reviews also indicate that it offers very unsatisfactory customer support. Many users complained that they couldn’t get their money back when they used it, and it didn’t work.

Firingtable reviews
Firingtable reviews

Consider these reviews to avoid falling victim to their false promises and claims. Take a look at what Alin and Tom say about this service:

Firing Table Review
FiringTable Review

I tried to find more firsthand Firingtable reviews on Trustpilot. But there are no more reviews there about this tool. It is strange because this company has been on the market since 2017. And indeed, it is more than enough to build a reputation, right?

Firing Table Pros & Cons

Like any other company, Firingtable has its pros and cons. It will be easier for you to decide if this service will meet your needs by looking at its advantages and disadvantages.

Firingtable Pros

Firingtable Cons

  • They do not offer any refunds. And even worse, they may charge you even after canceling your firing order table.
  • No free trial.
  • It doesn’t provide users with features like influencer marketing or holding giveaways.
  • Your Instagram profile may get flagged or even banned due to using this service.
  • It has no FAQ and genuine Firing Table reviews on the website. On their website, they provide some fake customer reviews. In our opinion, these reviews have been made up to look good, which is very concerning.
  • No guarantees, which considering its high prices, is a bit disappointing.
  • Terrible customer support. Its customer support team isn’t available 24/7. So you will not get an immediate answer if you need help.
  • They are notoriously shady, and there is no mention of their team members on the site.
  • It runs on a basic bot. This simple Instagram botting service has nothing special to offer. They are an average bot, which you can find everywhere, at less price.

Firingtable poses more of a risk than a benefit. This information should be enough to search for a better alternative for your Instagram account. Since Firing Table company is tricky as a monkey, I recommend reading on and finding an actual Instagram growth service for real results.

AiGrow: The Top Firing Table Alternative

AiGrow is a top-rated Instagram growth management service that helps you grow your organic Instagram followers, drive more engagement, and generate more revenue and sales.

Firingtable Alternative; AiGrow
Firingtable Alternative; AiGrow

Instead of automatically increasing your IG account, AiGrow takes advantage of human resources and advanced AI technology to help grow your Instagram followers organically. With AiGrow, there is no risk of getting banned or blocked from Instagram.

Using AiGrow, you can delegate all your tasks to your professional account manager, and let go of the burden of content creation strategies. Its best feature is that experienced human resources safeguard your account.

AiGrow is one of the safest, most reliable, and most effective services to increase your targeted followers and boost your Instagram business or private account. With AiGrow, everything will be easier for you, from sending mass DMs to automating contests and giveaways.

In the following sections, we’ll learn more about its useful features. Also, in AiGrow’s review, you can find the whole truth.

How Does AiGrow Work

AiGrow is even easier to get started with than Firing Table. You will get access to its straightforward dashboard before paying for it, so you will know exactly what you are getting. To begin to work with AiGrow, simply follow these steps.

  1. Once you have registered for free, you will have access to your online account dashboard. It’s pretty straightforward to sign up.
  2. Now, connect your IG account.
  3. On your dashboard, choose ‘Manage.’
  4. Next, you can specify your targeting accounts based on your niche, location, hashtags, or Influencer accounts under the ‘Growth’ tab. In addition, AiGrow lets you manage the speed it takes action on your behalf.
  5. Following this step, AiGrow will start improving your IG account based on your preferences to bring real and engaged followers to your page and generate more exposure and awareness for your business. AiGrow’s advanced AI-powered engine will create a list of qualified, organic Instagram followers who are highly interested in your content. This tool eliminates the risk of bots, spam, or fake followers.
  6. If you subscribe to AiGrow’s pro pack, you will have a personal account manager responsible for your content marketing strategy, monitoring your growth strategy, increasing your engagement rate, etc.

How Does AiGrow Work
How Does AiGrow Work

If you have questions, contact us via [email protected]. You can reach AiGrow’s customer service to get immediate assistance.

AiGrow Features

In comparison to Firing Table, AiGrow offers more functions and capabilities to users. We’ve collected a list of some of the capabilities that AiGrow has to offer.

  1. All-in-one Bio-Link Tool: You can add as many links as you want on your Instagram bio.
  2. Powerful Post Scheduler Tool: With AiGrow’s scheduling tool, you can automatically schedule your posts to achieve the highest engagement rate.
  3. Smart Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool: You can run efficient Instagram giveaways and contests and pick random winners.
  4. Effective DM marketing Tool: with AiGrow’s DM feature, you can send welcome messages to your new followers, provide auto-messages, generate more leads, etc.
  5. Instagram Post Deleter Tool: Using this feature, you can delete many selected posts in just one click.
  6. Instagram Analytics Tool.
  7. Social Monitoring Tool.
  8. PostMate Service: AiGrow’s postMate feature offers a wide range of services, including Instagram design plans, customized content, and post creation. However, this content creation strategy is available only for pro packs.
  9. Content Repost: This feature allows you to repost viral or user-generated content, generating lots of shares and likes in the shortest possible time.
  10. AiGrow’s Hashtag Generator Tool. You can use this tool to identify the most strategic hashtags that will increase the visibility and exposure of your content.
  11. Instagram Unfollow App: This tool will quickly identify and unfollow inactive or fake followers.
  12. Dedicated Account Manager: One of the significant advantages of AiGrow is that it assigns you a dedicated account manager. You can meet with your dedicated account manager weekly or monthly to discuss and evaluate materials and designs your account manager should create for you.
  13. 24/7 customer support: AiGrow’s customer support representatives are always available to assist you anytime you need help.

AiGrow’s Features
AiGrow’s Features

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow offers a range of growth packages tailored to your needs. Please note that by using AiGrow, you will work with an experienced and dedicated account manager. Therefore, considering the amount of manual labor needed, its prices are pretty much reasonable.

AiGrow growth plan
AiGrow growth plan

Users can purchase AiGrow’s packages with confidence and get a refund if they’re not satisfied thanks to their 14-day money-back guarantee.

AiGrow Vs. Firing Table: Final Verdict

As you are already aware, Firing Table cannot compete with AiGrow in any way. We gathered and compared all of the AiGrow and Firingtable characteristics, so you could conclude that AiGrow is a comprehensive Instagram growth service.

Features Firing Table AiGrow 
Hashtag Targeting 
Influencer Marketing
Posts Scheduling 
Instagram Giveaway Picker
Automated DM Marketing 
Account manager 
Organic Growth. No bots, spam, or fake followers. 
Safe & legal Instagram growth service 
Providing Instagram content strategy assistance
Sustainable growth 
Designed templates for content (feeds/stories).
Instagram scheduling tool
Multiple links in bio.
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram unfollow tool
Instagram Analytics Tool
Social Media Monitoring Tool 
Human-driven + advanced-AI Growth Plans
24/7 customer service
Trustpilot Score0.04.6

In comparison to Firing Table, AiGrow provides a wide variety of useful tools and a dedicated account manager, essential for building your online presence on Instagram in a secure and efficient manner.

FAQs On Firing Table

Here, we will focus on some frequently asked questions about the FiringTable service. Please read them and find the answers you need!

Q1. Is Firing Table Legit?

Despite their claim of being among the most organic and safest Instagram follower apps, there are many pieces of evidence to prove otherwise. They may even get your Instagram account flagged or banned for their automated activities. In this way, Firingtable is not legit or safe. So, approach it with caution.
I firmly recommend not linking your account with Firing Table settings. Because it’s an automated bot, its growth and engagement are unlikely to be organic, making it unsafe to use.

Q2. How Do I Get A Firing Table Coupon Code?

Although Firetable LLC does not offer a free trial, they occasionally offer coupon codes. To receive their promo code, visit this page. Next, please copy the code and paste it into the coupon code entry box at checkout. A confirmation message will appear if the code works. Otherwise, an error will occur.

Last Words on Firingtable Reviews

As a result, Firing Table’s claim that it provides only organic growth is baseless because automation is involved. Moreover, the tool has no reviews on credible review websites like Trustpilot, which is concerning.

A few Firing Table reviews indicate that customer support is unavailable, adding insult to injury. Additionally, a lot of disgruntled customers said that they never got their refunds and that some even had to pay for services that were never rendered.

That is why we advise you not to trust them.
Fortunately, organic Instagram growth services like AiGrow help grow your real followers with quality engagement with no worries about Instagram banning your account.

If you are looking for an Instagram growth service to help grow your Instagram account organically, try AiGrow now.

AiGrow is our recommended Instagram growth service. It offers guaranteed results without putting your IG account at risk of getting banned or suspended by Instagram.

In contrast to Firing Table, AiGrow prioritizes and offers active 24/7 client support and help. AiGrow also provides more useful and advanced features than Firing Table, which can assist increase your exposure.
Also, it has high ratings on credible review websites like Trustpilot and is a proven Instagram growth service in the industry.
Guarantee your success with AiGrow right now!

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