The Subtle Art of Getting Instagram Followers Without Following

a book with title of "the subtle art of getting Instagram followers without following

Some users try to apply the follow-unfollow method for getting Instagram followers without following using auto-following Instagram. But some are after a more sustainable way to grow followers.

If you wonder how to hack Instagram followers without following, you’d better read;

Does Auto Following Instagram Work?

There are users who follow Instagrammers with or without an auto-following Instagram in hopes of getting them to follow back. But does this method work at all?

As a matter of fact, yes, it does. Otherwise, why would so many Instagrammers apply this method? But various factors play their role to the extent it works.

If you randomly start following users on Instagram, a little percentage of them would convert. Why? Because they might not be interested in your account at all.

For Instance, if you are an artist and you want to get your art noticed on Instagram by new users and find your rivals and start following their followers, you’d have a better chance to get them to follow you back.

The other factor that can increase the follow-back ratio is your account’s look. When a user visits your Instagram account and sees how professional your account looks, that user is more likely to hit the follow button.

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Make sure you take advantage of Instagram highlight stories to spice up your account. Highlights are showcases of your Instagram page. The better they are, the higher the follow-back ratio goes.

Why You Better Increasing Instagram Followers Without Following?

There were times when the “follow-unfollow method” was the first way to hack Instagram followers then unfollow them later.

Although the follow-unfollow method works and there are various ways to optimize the follow-back ratio, I insist on getting followers without following.

The thing with the auto following Instagram method is that your account might get banned for pushing Instagram daily limits. 

The second thing is that these followers are less likely to engage with your account. It is perhaps because you found them, they didn’t find you. And they are less likely to convert! 

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And the final reason for getting Instagram followers without following is that a high percentage of followers who are resulted from auto following Instagram will unfollow eventually. 

Ways Of Getting Instagram Followers Without Following

I digressed enough! Now let’s focus on the way of getting Instagram followers without following.

Hire An Instagram Manager From AiGrow

What is the best way to increase your followers? I would say following the footsteps of influencers. You don’t know how to go about it? Hire an Instagram manager.

AiGrow only hires professional Instagram experts who know how to come up with the best strategy for your account, create 2-3 content weekly, and guarantees to bring you 3000-5000 new yet target followers, and provide you with unlimited features of AiGrow.

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Grow Your Followers Organically

The best ways to grow your followers are organic ways. Because it is the most sustainable way to grow. Once you get your followers organically, they engage with your content and more likely to convert. In the following, you read about all the ways you can grow your followers organically!

  • Ask your followers to share your content with their friends! Words of mouth are still the best way to advertise;
  • Appear on the explore page. Instagram will show your posts to your target audience and they will follow you.
  • Go viral on Instagram. I know it is not a piece of cake but its impact on the number of followers is so huge that it worths trying 100 times. 
  • What gathers followers? Great content. Not only they have to be valuable in content, but also they must look good. Valuable content depends on your niche and creativity, but some free tools help you beautify your account.
  • Consistency above all! The ideal way is to publish 3 posts a week and several Instagram stories every day. But if it is too much for you, go live once a week at least. To save more time, Instagram schedulers are a great help.

Work On What Makes You Special

I don’t know what your niche is, but I bet there are tens of accounts that have the same niche. For getting more Instagram followers without following, you need to work on something that makes you special and no one has tried yet.

Be inspired by creative Instagram accounts and come up with your own sauce!

Run Instagram Giveaway to Get Followers without Following

Organic ways are the best way to grow followers on Instagram but the fastest way for sure is an Instagram giveaway!

A study over 6000 Instagram accounts has proven that Instagram accounts that run giveaways strategically, gain %70 more followers than the account which don’t over the course of 3 months!

Feature Your Account

The other way to grow your followers is to feature your account in niche-related Instagram accounts.

Of course, you want to optimize your account to convert more viewers into followers.

Create a Network to Get Followers without Following

And the final yet very effective way to increase your followers is through creating a network. Make friends with other successful Instagrammers and every other time, tag each other on your Instagram stories and post.

Engage With Instagrammers

Here I don’t mean engaging with your followers, although you should. By that, I mean engaging with Instagrammers who are not your followers. 

Reply to comments under other’s posts, like posts and comments of Instagrammers. That will get them to wonder about you and your account and if they find it valuable, they will follow you.

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How To Stop Following Someone On Instagram?

To stop following someone on Instagram or better said, unfollow someone on Instagram, you must go to that user’s profile and hit the “unfollow” button.

How To Stop Someone From Following You On Instagram?

To stop someone from following you on Instagram, go to his/her profile, tap the top right, block the user, and then immediately unblock.

Note that with this action, you have not blocked that user. You just stopped him/her from following you on Instagram.

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Final Words on Getting Instagram Followers Without Following

It is totally understandable if you’re more interested in getting Instagram followers without following. Because although the follow-unfollow method works, the followers you earn this way are reluctant to engage with your account and eventually unfollow you. 

If you hire a professional Instagram manager, he/she let you know how to boost your followers crazy. Instagram managers of AiGrow teach you and guarantee to boost your followers to 3000-5000 new target followers.

If you don’t want to get help from a specialist, you can grow your followers organically, Run Instagram giveaways, feature your account, create connections with other successful Instagrammers and engage with users who are not your followers yet.