Why You Need An Unfollowers for Instagram App (15 To Choose From)

Why You Need An Unfollowers for Instagram App (15 To Choose From)

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One of the most effective ways to gain more Instagram followers is by using the follow-for-follow method. This method simply consists of following targeted Instagram users with the anticipation that these users turn around and follow you back.

Some studies show that through this method, you can expect approximately 300-350 new followers for every 1,000 users you follow.

While this method is certainly effective, it can also leave you following many more users than are following you.

Why you should be unfollowing

Your follower-to-following ratio can say a lot about your Instagram page. Someone might visit your page, see that you have half the number of followers as people you’re following, and immediately dismiss the quality of your page.

This also applies if you are trying to attract paying sponsors to your page. Sponsors want to know that people are interested in what you have to say. When it’s obvious that you are trying to draw people to your page by following them, this can indicate to potential sponsors that your current followers aren’t there entirely because they’re interested in you, but rather because they expect you to follow them back.

Overall, the better you can mimic natural growth on Instagram, the better off you’ll be in all respects. This is why using an unfollowers for Instagram app is crucial. An unfollowers for Instagram app will keep your follower-to-following ratio balanced and natural-looking when using the follow-for-follow growth method.

Here are 15 unfollow apps for Instagram you can choose from:


AiGrow Instagram merketing made easy

A very effective unfollowers for Instagram app is AiGrow.

Not only can you auto unfollow users, but you can also simultaneously auto follow, auto like, auto comment, and auto DM targeted Instagram users.

You can set how many people you want to auto follow before you begin automatically unfollowing all users who haven’t followed you back.

This saves you countless hours manually finding and following Instagram accounts, going through the accounts and unfollowing those who haven’t followed you back.

Just tell AiGrow what kind of users you want to follow (based on the hashtags they use, where they’re located, and who the follow), hit “Start Growth”, and walk away.

AiGrow will automatically follow your desired users, unfollow those who don’t follow you back, and repeat until you tell it to stop.

Try it for free by signing up here.

See the video below to see AiGrow in action:

Unfollows for Instagram:

If you want to unfollow users who don’t follow you back, then this is a great app for that.

Instead of having to go through your following and see which users haven’t followed you back, this app provides you that information from within the app.

You can then easily unfollow them.

Follow Cop:

This app not only keeps track of your unfollowers, but it also organizes your account. It provides the opportunity for global shoutouts to help get your Instagram page more visibility.

Unfollow for Instagram – non-followers and fans:

This app provides you a very helpful follower tracking experience.

Every time someone unfollows you, you get a notification.

You can then can easily unfollow multiple users at a time.

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake IG Clean:

Similar to the unfollowers for Instagram app above, this app allow you to track all of your unfollowers and gives you the ability to mass unfollow (as well as follow.)

This app can also be used to clean ghost followers from your Instagram account.

Mass unfollow for Instagram:

This app allows you to mass follow and unfollow accounts. It also allows you to keep track of ghost followers.

Follower insight for Instagram:

This app provides you a detailed insight into those who unfollow your account (such as the time they unfollowed you.)

One greivance about this app is that it has a lot of ads and take a long time to launch.

Unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram:

This unfollowers for Instagram app also alert you when people unfollow your Instagram page

You can directly follow and unfollow from within the app.

Followers tool for Instagram:

You can bulk follow and unfollow directly from within the app.

This app also keeps record of the blocks and unblocks.

Follower tracker for Instagram:

This app provides helpful analytics about unfollowers, followers and particularly loyal followers as well.

Unfollowers and Ghost followers:

This app will give you information about your followers, who you’re following, ghost followers and mutual followers, all from a nice dashboard.

However, it still depends on you to unfollow accounts or keep them.

IG master Followers Analyzer:

This app is only for IOS devices. It provides you information about unfollowers and other analytics such as time of unfollow.

It also mentions your secret admirers (people who frequently check out your page but who don’t follow you).

IG analyzer:

This app gives you baisic information about real followers and unfollowers. It also allows you to mass follow and unfollow.

All information is in real-time.

Follow Meter for Instagram:

This app shows you the number of new followers and unfollowers you receive.

It also tells you your most viewed post, along with its likes and comments.


This is very popular used for multiple social apps.

It has support for multiple social platforms and provides you information about your active and inactive followers.

It also allows you to schedule posts.


As long as you keep your follower-to-following ratio at bay using one of the apps above, using a follow-for-follow method to gain more Instagram followers is one of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your Instagram.

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