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February 9, 2021

How to Add Admin to Instagram on a Shared Business Account?

By Zahra Zakipoor

How to Add Admin to Instagram on a Shared Business Account?

Brands, influencers, and business accounts are too busy to handle their Instagram accounts on their own. So they look for a way to add admin to Instagram.

Truth is that unlike Facebook, Instagram does not have a feature that enables you to add admin to your Instagram account. So does it mean you can’t add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins?

Yes, you can. In this article, you will learn how to add someone as an admin to your Instagram account. So stick around.

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How To Add Admin To Instagram?

There are three ways to add admin to an Instagram account. Here you read about each in detail.

Give Up Your Instagram Login Information To Your Admin

To add admin on Instagram, the first yet the most primitive way to just give up your login information to your admin.

There are many issues with this method! First, you should know how much you trust the admin. What if this trust costs you your account which you spent so much time and energy on!

Let’s imagine you trust your admin fully! Given the fact that Instagram is designed for personal use, Instagram notice detects different IP is logging in, and close your account to protect your information!

Even if you get away with both cons, you still can’t add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins! I mean Instagram might deal with two IPs, but not more!

Add Admins To Instagram Via Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are of the same blood, no one denies that. Instagram does not have this feature but Facebook has. So there must be a way.

Before Going through that I must warn you that the process is gonna give you a headache!

Let’s read how you can add admin to Instagram this way;

  1. Create a Facebook business manager account
  2. Switch to an Instagram business account
  3. Link them together
  4. On your Facebook business manager account, find add partner
  5. Enter your admin’s ID [if you are Facebook friends]. That is how you assign your admin as your partner.
  6. Ask your admin if he/she received your request

Now ask your admin to take the following step:

  1. Click on user
  2. Then, click on page
  3. Click on Add
  4. Request access to a page
  5. Enter the Instagram name or drop the link
  6. Now click on the Request Access button

Now you find the Request in the left bar to see the access request of your admin.

To clarify things I must emphasize one thing. Normally in articles, you are asked to link your Instagram account to your admin’s Facebook business manager account. This is while I asked you to link your Instagram business account to your own Facebook business manager account and add the Facebook business account of your admins to your own Facebook business account as a partner.

Why? Because you don’t know how things will go in the future. This way you have your own Facebook account linked to your Instagram account and you can easily replace your admin with someone else.

But if you link your Instagram account linked to the admin’s Facebook account, things will get complicated if you try to work separately.

Plus with this method, you can add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins. The other reason is you don’t need to give up your loving Instagram login information to someone else.


I was right about the headache thing, right? Believe me, I tried my best to explain it as simply as possible. The process must be simpler but now this is what it is. I hope soon enough Instagram design the feature of adding admin. But till then, save your time, energy, and even that headache and use a free third-party tool to add your admin to Instagram and be over with it.

Add admin to Instagram Account With AiGrow

AiGrow is a platform on which you or your admin can manage your Instagram account(s) on. To add admin to your Instagram account, all you need to do is to sign up for free, and connect your account to it!

Then you can share your email and password of your AiGrow dashboard [and not the login information of your Instagram account] with your admin.

There your admin can schedule your content, create multiple links on bio, etc. But they can not do certain activities that harm your accounts like deleting your account, unfollowing the users, blocking the users. Etc.

For more information, read AiGrow Review.

How To Add Multiple users on Instagram account As Admins?

If you are working as a team on your account, nothing should worry you because, with AiGrow, you can add multiple users on your Instagram account as admins.

Since your admins have access to your AiGrow dashboard and not your account, the issue of IPs would not occur. 

Where To Find A Trust-Worthy Admin?

It is true that AiGrow has limited the possible harmful actions of your admin, but still, this is your reputation and growth we are talking about. So you should be picky when it comes to Instagram admins. 

Well, AiGrow as well offers the most professional Instagram business managers to hire. Instagram managers of AiGrow, with years of experience, manage and grow your account.

Read more; Should You Hire a Social Media Manager in 2021?

They not only set a strategy to grow your account but help you with content creation 2-3 content weekly. They also guarantee a certain number of followers depending upon your niche [3000-5000 new target followers]

Use This 1000 Free Instagram Followers Trial for Real Followers

Add Admin To Instagram Account- Final Word

If you are too busy to handle your Instagram account, you can add admin to Instagram and have him/her handle your account. But to add admin to Instagram?

There are 3 ways to do so. The first way is to give your login information to your admin which is not safe at all and the second way is to add admin via Facebook that the process is a headache.

The best way to add your admin to a free Instagram management tool and give access to your dashboard, not your Instagram account.

This post was last modified on February 8, 2021 23:17

Zahra Zakipoor

Zahra Zakipoor is a travel freak who survived quarantine during the Corona pandemic! She is a junior digital marketer who has been working with SocialPros since 2018 as a full-time content writer. Her articles are mainly about growing on Instagram as an Instagram marketer. She loves dancing although she does it horribly!

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