Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram & How to Stop It?

Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram & How to Stop It-min

You’re running an Instagram page, everything goes smoothly, you receive a large and sustainable number of followers each day, and suddenly, you start losing your followers for no good reason. Unfortunately, it’s a very painful experience as it can ruin your ideal follower/following ratio, but luckily, you’re not alone! This happens to everyone every day. 

I will tell you about all the possible reasons why you are randomly losing followers on Instagram and then tell you the ultimate solution for this issue. So, let’s jump right in!

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Why Am I Losing Followers on Instagram?

To find the answer to this question, you need to audit your Instagram page to detect why you are losing followers on Instagram out of the blue. To make this process easier for you, I wrote some of the most common reasons in the following:

1- Instagram Shadowbanned You

One of the main reasons you are randomly losing followers on Instagram is that Instagram shadowbanned you. This is a temporary ban from the app, and you shouldn’t be worried about it too much; however, a shadowban causes problems such as making your posts hidden from your followers and other users.

This could happen for various reasons, such as:  

1.1- Using Instagram Bots

The primary reason for being shadowbanned is using bots. If it was 3 or 4 years ago, you could safely use these bots, but with the introduction of Instagram’s new algorithm, things have changed a lot.

Instagram bots are supposed to mimic human activities; however, as the Instagram algorithm works uniquely for each account, there’s a high risk your post encounters problems such as crossing daily limits, leading to a shadowban.    

1.2- Using Same Hashtags Repeatedly

It’s better to use different hashtags each time you post. Instagram might take using repetitive hashtags as a signal for spam content and shadowban you for it.

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1.3- You Posted Reported Content

Instagram doesn’t allow you to post certain types of content on the platform, especially things considered as “Nudity or Pornography.” That being said, sometimes Instagram ban accounts that didn’t publish anything near these subjects! For no good reason. 

To keep things safe, stay clear of publishing any content that might seem a little bit inappropriate. 

2- Your Overall Quality of Instagram Page Is Down

The second major reason you are losing followers on Instagram is that you don’t create high-quality content. Here are examples of what I mean:

2.1- You Don’t Use High-Quality Photos and Videos

Remember that Instagram is an entirely visual social media, and people judge you by your content’s quality. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional video maker or photographer to create great content. 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Timo Swonke (@timo_swonke)

To make the best of your feed, check out these articles:

2.2- You Don’t Pay Attention to Your Caption and Bio

These two parts show your tone and style of writing. People have a shorter attention span these days; that’s why you need to learn to write engaging captions and Bio. Try to start your caption with a hook that grabs any attention. Don’t forget to keep your bio short and sweet

I am The Flower Thief Instagram Page
I am The Flower Thief Instagram Page

2.3- You Push It

If you have a business page on Instagram or doing some affiliate marketing, don’t ever push people to buy from you. It’ll just make them uncomfortable. 

2.4- You Don’t Have a Goal

People follow you for one of these reasons: 

  1. You educate them
  2. You entertain them
  3. You’re a creator

To have steady growing followers on Instagram, first of all, you need to set a solid goal for your page. The next important thing is to stick with it. If people see you jump from one thing to another, they just lose their interest in you. 

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3- You’re Not Consistent on Instagram 

Last but not least, it’s important how often you share a post on Instagram. Most people say it’s okay to post up to three posts daily; others say one is enough. As each page subject is different from the others, no one can exactly tell you what the golden number is.

For example, people expect to see more posts from a news channel on their Instagram than a fashion micro-influencer. 

The essential thing is, you need to keep up with your pattern of posting, whether it’s three per day or three per week. 

The best way to handle this is to use an Instagram scheduler. Read the rest of the article to find out a perfect solution for all of these issues.

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How Do I Stop Losing Followers on Instagram?

The best way to stop asking yourself why I am losing followers on Instagram is to increase your knowledge and hone your crafts about Instagram. Try to avoid doing the things that I mentioned above. 

Another great way to stop losing followers is to outsource some of your Instagram activities to a third-party service. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t talk about Instagram bots; I mean safe and secure Instagram management services that act like your virtual assistant and help you to grow your followers sustainably.

Let me examine one of the best of these services:

AiGrow: Real Results for Your Instagram Growth

With AiGrow, you don’t have to be worried about losing followers anymore. AiGrow is an advanced and comprehensive Instagram manager that takes care of every aspect of your page. It offers many features that can help you to stop losing followers.

These are some of the AiGrow features:

  • Various growth packages(include gaining +300 new followers per month, Al power hashtags, …)
  • Instagram Post Scheduler
  • Social Listening (hashtag monitoring and account monitoring)
  • Repost Mention
  • Social Calendar
  • All-in-one Bio Link
  • Direct Messages

So, what are you waiting for? Stop losing your followers on Instagram for no good reason by using AiGrow!

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Final Words

Losing followers on Instagram randomly happens to everyone. In this article, we saw how you can stop this issue and use Instagram services such as AiGrow to have sustainable growth on the platform.