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How to Build a Brand on Instagram? 8 Proven Rules to Follow


Searching for an original way to create your new brand on social media? Regarding the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms over the globe, here we teach you how to build a brand on Instagram and grow instantly. Whether you’re just starting off on Instagram or you’re a seasoned professional, getting new tricks up your sleeve can both spice up your business and save your time.

Follow 8 Rules to Build a Strong Brand on Instagram

In this article, I am going to walk you through 8 proven rules that all the best-selling Instagram brands follow them. Let’s start without wasting time!

#1 Set Your Instagram Brand Objectives

First things first! Before going to see how to build a brand on Instagram, you have to set your goals, see what you need, figure out how you want to be presented, and define your customers’ personas. 

This step definitely helps you stand out on Instagram. Without knowing what people need and what they are going to buy, you’ll just be wasting your time. So, do competitor research, identify your target audience, and plan an effective marketing strategy for your Instagram brand. 

Also, the following questions may come in handy while clarifying your goals: 

  • What products and services should I offer?
  • Who should I attract?
  • What characteristics should my audience have?
  • How often should I post on Instagram to get the most impressions?

Take your time to answer these questions and plan to build a lucrative brand on Instagram. 

#2 Create a Captivating Instagram Brand Profile

To build a brand on Instagram, first, you need to create an Instagram profile. Using the goals you have defined in the previous step, choose a catchy brand name, set up your Instagram username, and create a logo. 

To get more followers naturally, it’s better to set your brand name as your Instagram username. Also, set your logo as your Instagram profile image to make your brand bolder and easier-to-find. 

Example of a Captivating Instagram Brand Profile

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#3 Switch to an Instagram Business Account

In the past few years, Instagram added a new feature for those who want to manage a business on Instagram. This feature is the Instagram business account. Having an Instagram business account increases your brand visibility, derives more attractions to your account, and makes it easier for you to appear on the Instagram explore page. 

Using business accounts, you can directly promote your posts on other social channels like Facebook. Additionally, you’ll have access to Instagram insights, which is a professional analytics tool, enabling you to analyze your performance and improve your strategies if necessary. 

Instagram Business Account Features

So, if you are wondering how to build a brand on Instagram that prospers instantly, switch to a business account and let Instagram help you grow up out there.

#4 Attract More Targeted Followers

Well, how to build a brand on Instagram without followers? It seems ridiculous, right? So, to have a great brand page on Instagram, after defining your target audiences’ personas, you ought to try hard to attract them. 

To speed up this step, I recommend you to use a proven Instagram growth tool like AiGrow. Using this Instagram marketing tool, you can attract more local followers and hence, turn your followers into customers easier. So, take a look at the following video and see how it works: 

Easy! Right? Sign up for free right now, and enjoy your instant growth on Instagram. 

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#5 Stick With One Branded Theme

One of the most essential steps that must be taken to build a brand on Instagram that people easily remember, is to create a special branded theme and stick with it. Having a special layout for Instagram posts, using specific background colors, and following a particular theme, after some time, your followers recognize your posts even without looking at your username. This means they can easily recall you, and hence, it’d be easier for them to engage your posts. 

Here’s a good example:

Design a Branded Instagram Theme

Be creative, design a captivating theme, and get more engagements. 

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#6 Create Branded Instagram Hashtags

One of the tips we can learn from best-selling Instagram brands is to create branded hashtags. Apart from using the best niche-related hashtags to attract more followers, you must create 1-2 branded hashtags. These hashtags help your customers find you easier. Additionally, by promoting them, you can find UGC more easily. 

Your branded hashtag can be your brand name or something inspirational. For instance, Nike uses #JustDoIt, and Carlos Bakery has mentioned the following hashtags on their profile:

Use Branded Instagram Hashtags

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#7 Enable Your Followers to Buy What They See

Now, you almost know how to build a brand on Instagram. So, all that remains is to launch your products and sell them on Instagram. Fortunately, you can turn your Instagram account into a great online shop and sell whatever you want. Just go ahead and create a shoppable Instagram feed in five minutes, add price tags and links to your products and let your followers buy what they see. 

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#8 Run Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Finally, it’s time to advertise your products on Instagram and get among the best-selling brands out there. For this, we suggest you try all the tested Instagram marketing campaigns and promote your business like an expert. The marketing strategies you must try are as follows: 

  1. Instagram giveaway contests
  2. User-generated content campaign
  3. Get Instagram sponsors

Having these 3 ideas in your marketing strategy, you can always plan to grow more and build a pioneering brand on Instagram. 

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Final Thoughts on How to Build a Brand on Instagram

Wanna start your own Instagram business but don’t know how to build a brand on Instagram? In this article, we mentioned 8 essential rules that should be followed to stand out on Instagram. So, go ahead and follow these rules and turn your Instagram small business into a great brand.