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How to Mass DM on Instagram [+Free Instagram Bulk Message Sender]


You’re here either because you’re exhausted from having to send Instagram DMs manually and one by one, or you’re looking to use this useful feature efficiently. In any case, you’re going to find what you need here, and pretty soon, you’ll learn how to mass DM on Instagram by using a free tool to bulk DM for IG.

An ordinary person like you and I would probably send a limited number of DMs per day. But what if you’re using Instagram for business purposes? In this case, you have to be in constant communication with your customers and reach out to new accounts to attract more individuals to your profile and grow your Instagram followers.

In such conditions, sending messages to accounts one by one wouldn’t be an ideal option. Because it’s excessively time-consuming, and it’s not efficient to spend much time and effort on a task that could be automated. “How?” you might ask. Using the free bulk DM tool for IG offered by DMpro, you can compose, schedule, and send mass DMs to an unlimited number of accounts.

So let’s dive right in to find out exactly how. Or you can skip reading through the details and start sending mass msgs using DMpro’s bulk DM for IG.

Why Should You Use a Bulk DM Tool for IG?

Instagram direct messages are an integral part of our experience on the platform. We use the function to stay in touch with our friends and other accounts. Aside from Instagram comments, direct messages are our only tool to share our experiences and moments with one another.

In addition, those using Instagram for business have to deal with lots of customers every day. Imagine how a business owner feels on Instagram. The inbox is often flooded with all kinds of direct messages; complaints from dissatisfied customers, new orders, questions, and lots of other things. Moreover, the business owner needs to send huge numbers of outbound DMs for various purposes. And if these owners don’t do what’s necessary to maintain an active presence, their customers may decide to unfollow their Instagram account

When you combine all of these, you immediately begin to think about possible ways to optimize the whole process. And frankly, there’s no better way to efficiently mass DM on Instagram than to use a bulk DM for IG. Even if you employ a seasoned team of Instagram managers, they won’t handle the situation as efficiently as a bulk DM tool for Instagram could.

All in all, Instagram direct messages add a unique layer to our experience on the platform, and it could prove to be a useful function to grow your account organically.

How to Mass DM on Instagram Using a Free Bulk DM Tool for IG

So now that you’re aware of the importance of using a bulk DM service for Instagram let’s find out how to mass DM on Instagram using DMpro, the best bulk DM tool for Instagram.

DMpro is the pioneer of DM Marketing, and they currently have a FREE service that allows users to create message templates, schedule their DMs, automatically send bulk DMs, and a lot more! In short, DMpro is the best free Instagram bulk message sender.

Core features of DMpro include:

  • Bulk DMs: send mass messages to an unlimited number of Instagram accounts
  • DM Automation: schedule outbound DMs
  • Auto-response: use custom messages to auto-respond to any direct message
  • DM to Email: receive and reply to DMs in and from your Email of choice
  • DM Inbox: access all direct messages in a fully customizable inbox
  • Multi-account Support: use a single dashboard to connect a manage multiple IG accounts altogether
  • Compatible with all devices: log in to your account from any device (desktop included) and use the tool at full capacity

How to Send a Message to All Followers On Instagram With DMpro

So far, we’ve talked a lot about why you might need an Instagram bulk message sender and the benefits that come with using such a tool. Now it’s time to walk you through how to send a message to all followers on Instagram using DMpro.

To get started with DMpro, you only need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to DMpro.app and create your free account.
  • Verify your Email to start using the tool.
  • Once you click on the link sent to you from DMpro, you’ll be taken to your account’s dashboard. (You can take the tour to become familiar with the features. Skipping is also an option since we’ll walk you through the necessary steps in this article)
  • Now you’ll be asked to connect your Instagram account. All you have to do is enter your account username and wait for the website to fetch the information.

  • Specify your country and the city you live (this is for their servers to use the closest IP address to locate you)
  • Hit ‘Confirm Account’.

  • Now you’ll be navigated to this page:

  • Hit the green ‘Reconnect’ button below your account ID, then press ‘Next’.
  • Here you have to enter your account’s password and hit ‘Submit’ (But why? We use a login server that connects to your Instagram account while keeping your information secure. By connecting to Instagram on your behalf, we can provide powerful features like direct scheduling, which is what our users desire. Rest assured this process is safe & secure.)

  • Now the website will redirect you to your account’s dashboard on DMpro. The green light below your Instagram ID means that your account is fully connected.
  • To send bulk DMs, head over to the ‘Bulk DMs’ tab.

  • Select the accounts you want to send DMs to.
  • Write a message and hit ‘Send DMs’.

Note that in your DM body text, you should separate the words that you want DMpro to use by straight lines (shift+\) and put them inside brackets.

The tool will automatically shuffle them when sending bulk DMs. It’s also important to mention that you don’t have to worry about violating Instagram’s daily limits at all since DMpro will not exceed the normal DM threshold.

And that’s it! Now you can sit back and enjoy seeing this powerful Instagram bulk DM sender take care of the rest for you.

How to DM All on Instagram (In-App Solution)

Actually, there’s a way to mass DM all your Instagram followers using the official app. This way is to create a DM group. Whether you use Instagram on your mobile phone or on a desktop, you have the chance to manage your direct messages and create groups to send DMs to a large number of people. But how to create a group chat on Instagram? 

Well, here are the steps: 

  1. Open Instagram direct inbox and tap on the chat icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Then, select Instagram users you want to send a message to, and tap on ‘Chat’ on the top-right corner of the screen.

DM all on Instagram.

That’s it! The app will immediately add the selected users to a group, and you can simply mass DM all those members simultaneously. Also, you’ll have the chance to add or remove users after the group is created. 

However, this way has some huge disadvantages: 

  • You won’t DM users individually, and this seems unprofessional,
  • All other group members have the chance to send DMs in your group, and after a while, this may turn into a spammy group that all members will prefer to leave and even unfollow you,
  • You won’t be able to send unique coupon codes,

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, sending bulk Instagram messages helps you:

  • Build trust on Instagram,
  • Promote your products,
  • Generate more leads,
  • Increase your sales conversion rate,
  • Share coupon codes and pick Instagram contest winners in a shorter period of time,

And a lot more! Unluckily, using the official Instagram app, you cannot send mass DMs without creating a group. However, we’re hoping the Instagram bulk message sender tool we introduced is helpful for you to send mass DMs to all Instagram users instantly without being spammy. So why not free yourself from all the trouble and start using the best bulk DM tool for IG?