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How to Mass DM on Instagram? Send Bulk Messages in 3 Seconds


Direct messages are one of the best ways to build brand authority on Instagram and boost your engagement rate. Actually, one of the best ways that brands can use Instagram DMs for businesses is to send promo or coupon codes to their customers and encourage them to purchase new products. Other than that, it’s always nice to thank your new followers for choosing and trusting you. So, you should get the most out of Instagram direct messages. But, sending DMs to a great number of followers doesn’t seem to be a time-consuming strategy. So, how to mass DM on Instagram and save time? 

Well, in the following, I’ll show you the best way to send bulk DMs on Instagram. So, stay tuned and find an in-app solution and also a free way to mass DM all your followers in 3 seconds. 

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How to DM All on Instagram? In-App Solution

Actually, there’s a way to mass DM all your Instagram followers using the official app. This way is to create a DM group. No matter if you use Instagram on your mobile phone or on a desktop, you have the chance to manage your direct messages and create groups in order to send DMs to a large number of people. But how to create a group chat on Instagram? 

Well, here are the steps: 

  1. Open Instagram direct inbox and tap on the chat icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Then, select Instagram users you want to send a message to, and tap on chat on the top right corner of the screen.

DM all on Instagram

That’s it! A group of selected users will be created immediately and you can simply mass DM all those members simultaneously. Also, you’ll have the chance to add or remove users after the group is created. 

However, this way has some huge disadvantages: 

  • You won’t DM users individually and this seems unprofessional,
  • All other group members have the chance to send DMs in your group and after a while, this may turn into a spammy group that all members will prefer to leave and even unfollow you,
  • You won’t be able to send unique coupon codes,

And more. So, how to mass DM on Instagram without letting your customers that you are actually bulk messaging? Let’s see! 

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AiGrow: Best Way to Mass DM on Instagram

As mentioned above, using DM groups doesn’t seem to be the best possible way to DM all your followers and attract them to your new posts and products! So, how to mass DM on Instagram in a more professional way? Here’s the answer: try AiGrow DM tools

AiGrow DM features

If you are an up-to-date Instagram marketer seeking new strategies and the best tools to grow on Instagram organically, you have definitely heard about AiGrow. Being one of the popular Instagram management services, AiGrow is always being updated and new features are added to this intriguing tool every single day. 

Apart from its amazing scheduler, growth services, and social monitoring features, AiGrow provides you with a complete package of Instagram DM tools that enable you: 

  • Send automated Instagram DMs,
  • Connect your DM inbox to your email,
  • Save DM videos on Instagram,
  • Set instant responses and reply to your DMs automatically,
  • And mass DM a targeted group of Instagram users.

But how to mass DM on Instagram using AiGrow? Easy! Just keep reading!

How to Mass DM on Instagram via AiGrow?

Here are the steps you must take in order to DM all your Instagram followers, customers, or even message senders! 

1- Sign up for free on AiGrow. For this step, you just need to enter your name, last name, and email address, and set a password. 

2- After logging into your account, add as many Instagram accounts as you have! You can add up to 80 accounts to a single dashboard. So, add them all to manage multiple accounts on Instagram on a PC and mobile more intellectually. 

3- Now, click or tap on the “Manage Account” button and open the “Direct Messages” tab.

how to mass DM on Instagram

4- Here, you have 2 options for sending mass DMs: 1) send bulk messages to targeted groups of users by using the DM tab, or 2) send bulk DMs to those who at least have sent you one DM in past using the Bulk DMs tab. 

So, what’s the difference? 

1- Regular Messages

Well, using the DM tab, you have the chance to send DMs to:

  • Your current followers all at once,
  • New followers,
  • Followers of one or some Instagram influencers,
  • Hashtag followers and users,
  • Or a list of users that you have once created.

DM all targeted users via AiGrow

Using these features, you can perfectly target users and try to attract them by sending DMs. This could be known as a cold-marketing strategy, and to prevent being shadowbanned because of exceeding Instagram DM limits, you just have the chance to send 30-40 DMs using this feature. 

2- Bulk Messages

Now, using the bulk DMs tab, you will be provided with the opportunity to send messages to all or some users that have previously sent you a message. 

Send bulk DMs via AiGrow

This is a great way to generate more DM leads to your business. So, don’t miss the chance to give it try for free! Also, if you want to send more bulk DMs and try these amazing feature unlimitedly, check out their plans and packages and purchase the one that better fits your needs: 

AiGrow Mass DM Packages

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, sending bulk Instagram messages help you:

  • Build trust on Instagram,
  • Promote your products,
  • Generate more leads,
  • Increase your sales conversion rate,
  • Share coupon codes and pick Instagram contest winners in a shorter period of time,

And more. Unluckily, using the official Instagram app, you cannot send mass DMs without creating a group. However, here, I taught you how to mass DM all Instagram users instantly and without being spammy. So, read the article and feel free to ask questions in the comments.