Instagram Giveaway: Strategies, Ideas, Bots and Apps

Instagram Giveaway: Strategies, Ideas, Bots and Apps

Instagram giveaway! Its name is attractive enough. Let alone winning in one. Don’t you agree?

Instagram contests are so in demand that those whose jobs are programming and coding try to design perfect apps to automate giveaways on Instagram. Why is that? Because it has a considerable impact on the engagement rate on Instagram. Let me prove it to you.

Can Instagram Giveaways Increase Engagement and Followers indeed?

Before I answer that my friend, look at the number of people lottery could engage? It is worldwide right? Gambling clubs and websites are other examples in smaller scales! 

The number of influencers on Instagram who throw up contests for followers to provide them with giveaways is another proof that this is working.

Stay with me. I will tell you all about Instagram giveaways from ideas to apps and designs.

How to do a Giveaway on Instagram?

As we just talked about, presenting giveaways is one of the ways to escalate your visibility and brand awareness on Instagram in such competitive marketing. But if you do not perform it best, you’d be doing it for nothing.

Here are 5 tips to consider when you do giveaways on Instagram

1. Find the “why” to do the Giveaway on Instagram


What is your ultimate goal when you do a giveaway? What are you looking for?

  • Wanna make “awareness” about your brand on Instagram?
  • Wanna sell a product or service?
  • Wanna bring traffic to your website?

When you know your reason and path clearly, you would do giveaways more strategically.

2. Choose Your Prize for the Giveaway


What you wanna gift for the giveaway? It depends a lot on your goal that we just talked about.

3. Do a giveaway on Instagram for Your Niche

Remember what brought traffic on your Instagram in the first place! Yup! It was your content that was valuable for the followers. So your prize must be relevant.

  • If you are a travel blogger, will you present a make-up pallet? Of course not.
  • If you are prompting for your pet shop on Instagram, will you gift concert tickets on Instagram? I guess not.
  • If you are a Viner star, will you give philosophical books to followers? I hope not.

Have it in mind when you do a giveaway, the prize must be valuable in your niche.

4. Put a Deadline on the Giveaway

Do you know what kind of stuff gets never done? Let me tell you! Those without a deadline! Look at the so many things you wanted to do but never done. You will understand what I mean.

Putting a deadline on the giveaway gives a sense of urgency to followers and makes them engage more quickly. Without a deadline, your giveaway won’t end up in your desired result.

5.Run a Hashtag for Giveaway on Instagram

On Instagram, hashtags play a huge role in your findability. If you run a hashtag for your campaign on Instagram, new visitors may not only participate in the contest but also may enjoy your content and follow you for good.

5 Instagram Giveaway Ideas (Types) 

  1. Like to win the Giveaway
  2. Follow to win the Giveaway
  3. Leave a comment to win the Giveaway
  4. Tag a friend to win the Giveaway
  5. Share to win the Giveaway

1.Like to Win the Giveaway

Ask your followers to like your post to win the opportunity of winning the prize.

2.Follow to Win the Giveaway

You can ask your followers to follow another Instagram account or ask another Instagrammer to do a giveaway for those who follow you. 

3.Leave a comment to Win the Giveaway

Normally this one shows in the form of caption this post. Some followers like to write a creative caption under your post. 

You can also ask the idea of followers about the picture you shared on Instagram or simply to ask them a question at the end of your caption. Then do a giveaway and gift the winner.

4.Tag a Friend to Win the Giveaway

You can do a giveaway for those who tag 1-3 friends in the comments. Try not to use this one a lot because some users feel to be pushed to something they have not chosen. As a matter of fact, this idea is my least favorite one but I mentioned it because it seems to win considerable engagement for some Instagram accounts.

5.Share to Win the Giveaway

I personally like the idea of “Share to win the giveaway” the most and consider it the most brilliant Idea about it. Why? Well, I am so glad that you asked!

When you ask your followers to share in order to win the giveaway, you are increasing your findability and awareness. There are 3 ideas to do a giveaway for sharing.

Share the Post in your Story to Win the Giveaway

You can ask your followers to share a post of your Instagram account to gain more awareness, followers, and likes.

Share a Photo of Product to Win the Giveaway 

Ask followers to share the product of your niche and post it on their Instagram and tag you. 

Do the Challenge and Win the Giveaway

Pick a challenge related to your niche and ask them to do the challenge and tag you. For example, you can ask them to wake up before 5 am and tag you.


So! You are convinced why you should do a giveaway, you got familiar with strategies and ideas about giveaways on Instagram. Now is the time to get to know the most famous apps. Keep reading!

Instagram Giveaway Bots and Apps

Tons of Instagram giveaway apps are out there that you can try. But we picked the most trustworthy apps which trying them won’t cost you a penny. Give them a try and choose the one you like to work with.

 AiGrow – All-in-one Instagram Marketing Tool

AiGrow - Instagram marketing tool

AiGrow is one of the most popular tools in the Instagram marketing world. Along with their professional post/story scheduler, Link-in-Bio tool, engagement pods and the unique DM tool, they have recently introduced an Instagram giveaway bot to help you run contests and giveaways in a more effective and convenient way.

To run a contest or giveaway on your Instagram account(s) with AiGrow, follow the steps below:

run Instagram giveaways with Aigrow

  • Upload your photo, video, or gallery under which you want to introduce and run your giveaway.
  • Define the winning rules ( tag a number of friends, share a post and use a specific hashtag, follow a specific account, etc).

post and rewards on AiGrow giveaway tool

  • Set up a DM to be automatically sent to the winner (a coupon code, an insruction on how to get the prize, a simple THANK YOU message, etc).
  • Set up other parameters (caption, locations, tags and hashtags), add an external URL to your post or story (optional) and schedule it for a later time or publish it right away.

Post and Reward by AiSchedul

Instagram giveaway by AiSchedul

AiSchedule is a professional Instagram scheduler. One of their great features is ‘Post and Reward’ which is a bot for running automatic Instagram contests and giveaways. You can find more information about the service here.

The good news: AiSchedule is totally FREE for a number of posts per month. So you can easily create a free account here and test the platform in practice.

Instagram Random Comment Picker

Instagram Random Comment Picker

This app is a random picker generator for comments on an Instagram giveaway.

How to use Instagram Random Comment Picker?

  1. Login here with your Instagram business account
  2. Enter your Instagram URL
  3. Get all “unique” comments from your Instagram post
  4. Start Instagram raffle and pick a random winner from all the comments

Instagram Giveaway App

Instagram giveaway app

Instagram giveaway app helps you pick a user among all those who commented under your posts randomly. There are 3 versions of this app. They are free, basic plan and basic pro plan.

Instagram Giveaway App – Free Plan

  • Number of giveaways: 1
  • Maximum number of comments: Unlimited
  • Owns Certificate of Validity
  • The Results will be published on the Winners Page
  • Put bad users in the blacklist
  • Excludes former winners

Instagram Giveaway App – Basic Plan

  • It costs 29USD/month
  • It picks among 5000 comments not more
  • Owns Certificate of Validity
  • The Results will be published on the Winners Page
  • Put bad users in the blacklist
  • Excludes former winners
  • Able to pick among various posts
  • Downloads participants and comments as an Excel/CSV file


Pros of Instagram Giveaway App

  • It has no limits. Number of comments and even posts are unlimited
  • The list of usernames and comments are downloadable as an Excel file
  • It excludes former winner

Instagram Giveaway App – Basic Pro Plan

  • Costs 49USD/month
  • Number of giveaways: Unlimited
  • Maximum number of comments: Unlimited
  • Owns Certificate of Validity
  • The Results will be published on the Winners Page
  • Put bad users in the blacklist
  • Excludes former winners
  • Able to pick among various posts
  • Downloads participants and comments as an Excel/CSV file
  • Comes with Advanced giveaway statistics

Free Instagram Giveaway

free Instagram giveaways with AppSorteos

Free Instagram Giveaway as well picks the winner from comments.

Merits of Free Instagram Giveaway App

  • It is all Free

Demerits of Free Instagram Giveaway App

  • It can not read comments from private posts


3 Instagram Giveaway Builders with Free Trials

You are about to learn about 3 famous Instagram giveaway builders which come with free trials. You either can use them to launch the giveaway on Instagram or you simply can be inspired by them. 

Since they all come with the free trial, I suggest you get help from them. Trying these apps will cost you nothing.

Shortstacker: Instagram Giveaway Builder App


Shortstack is one of the Instagram giveaways builders which is known among brands out there. You are about to know why!

Merits of Shortstack Giveaway App

  • It is not just an Instagram giveaway builder. It is an all-in-one Instagram tool for those who wanna prompt their business on social media.
  • You can use it to throw up a contest on other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • It aids you to come up with appropriate hashtags for the giveaway.
  • It has 90 templates and 30 themes to help you create your giveaway campaign on Instagram.
  • It comes with analytics.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free trials

Pricing of Shortstack Giveaway App

  • Free trial: 5,000 views, 25 entries, and up to 25,000 likes
  • $29/month: 10,000 views, 5,000 entries, and 25,000 likes
  • The business plan at $99/month: 50,000 views, and 100,000 for entries and Likes

Vyper: Instagram Giveaway Builder App


Vyper is a referral marketing tool that can also help you with the giveaway you wanna do on Instagram. You may do different types of giveaway.

Variations of Giveaways on Instagram with Vyper:

  • Viral Giveaways
  • User-generated giveaways
  • Milestone giveaways
  • Leaderboard giveaways


Pros of Vyper Giveaway App

  • Variations of giveaways
  • Super easy giveaway builders
  • Owns giveaway campaign
  • Stylish
  • You can create a range of rewards like 1st place, random winner, milestones, etc
  • Owns “bonus actions” to reward people for sharing, liking, following and referring
  • Has free trial

Pricing of Vyper Giveaway App

Free trial: up to 250 leads/month and $250 revenue tracking/month

Rafflecopter-Instagram Giveaway Builders


Wanna run giveaways on Instagram? Rafflecopter is the simplest app to do that. 

Benefits of Rafflecopter

  • The app is launchable under 3 minutes



It has been proved that doing giveaways on Instagram can increase traffic, ER, and push you one step forward in your business. In this article, you were provided with all you need regarding giveaways on Instagram. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Start now. Need automation? Try AiGrow!

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