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Instagram Photography Contests: Pick Winners in a Minute

April 14, 2021

Human beings love giveaways and free prizes, and getting rewards has an essential role in life expectancy because it is exhilarating. When you prize people, they will love you even more. It works for your customers and followers too. It would be an excellent idea for Instagram marketers to hold contests and giveaways to engage more audiences. In this case, you will entertain your audience plus grow followers organically. On the other hand, Instagram is a visual social media platform that many people take maneuver with their unique photos. Hence, Instagram photography contests are the best contest ideas to attract Instagrammers. 

Many people consider how to hold photography contests and how it is possible to select the winner. Here, I will guide you on running Instagram photography contests and picking winners in a minute.

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10 Tips to Run Instagram Photography Contests and Pick Winners in a minute

There are many factors that any marketer should consider in their Instagram photography contests. In the following, I will break down the must-use strategies to help you run perfect Instagram photo contests and win Instagram loop giveaways.

1. Write a Captivating Title

First impression best impression! The first thing that your audience will notice is the title, so try to make an absorbing title that reflects your entrant’s benefits. Mention the reward, your brand’s name, and your contest theme in your title. Remember, a title can make or break your contest. 

2. Make most of Instagram Giveaway Hashtags

Take advantage of the must-use Instagram giveaway hashtags in your contest. Also, create a unique hashtag for your Instagram photography contests and promotional campaign. Using hashtags is a fantastic strategy to reach any Instagrammer in the whole world and expand your IG photo contest globally. 

Instagram Photography Contests

3. Pick a Nobel Prize

Your prize will give your audience the motives to participate in your Instagram photography contests. Therefore, try to grant a worthy reward to tempt people to enter and never choose a low-quality one. Your followers must think you respect them, and your contest matters to you. 

4. Include details about your contest rules

Make a clear list of your Instagram Photography Contests to give insight into what exactly you want from your entrants. Here, I have gathered some perfect ideas for you to apply in your contests.

1. Tell How Contestants Can Participate

Before doing anything and fixing any rule, read the 2021 ultimate guide of contest Rules on Instagram. After that, define the IG photo contest’s rules for your audience and the things they need to do to enter your contests. For instance, when your Instagram photo challenge begins and ends, the photo theme and the must-use hashtags. 

2. Like, Comment, and Follow

One of the most popular entry methods is to ask people to like your photos of your Instagram photography contests, leave a comment, and follow your account to get entry.

3. Tag a Friend

This a word-of-mouth strategy that works for your business exceptionally well! So ask people to tag their friends when they enter! Also, they can tag as many friends as they like to drive more entries.

4. Repost on Instagram Story

It is a great idea to get people to repost your photos on their stories. 

Also, this is how you can make a user-generated campaign with your loyal followers to expand your reach. 

5. Include details on how you choose a winner

Clarify for your entrants how you select your winner. Tell them if you use an Instagram contest picker or you choose the winners by vote. 

5. Promote Your Photography Contests by Email

Use personalized, separated emails to your target audience and make them engage with you on Instagram. This is also a way to generate email leads. Make your email easy to read, including your prize photos, photo theme, and easy-to-click CTA buttons.

6. Promote Your Photography Contests on Other Social Media

If you have an account on other social media like Twitter and Facebook, send invitations to your followers. Also, use Facebook and Twitter ads, apply your photo contest hashtags, and easily link Instagram to Twitter.

 Moreover, as Instagram and Facebook are integrated, you can monitor your contests on Facebook insights. 

7. Inform Your Followers by DMs

It works incredibly well if you contact your followers directly. So I suggest you inform the audience by sending DMs in bulk to your followers. This will increase the brand trust and credibility among your fans and customers.

8. Manage your Instagram Photography Contests

All the above strategies are simple to follow and build your Instagram photography contests. However, managing contests and giveaways is a process that marketers need to put effort into. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to automate your giveaway contests and save time!

AiSchedul is an all-in-one Instagram management service that lets you run multiple accounts on a single dashboard. Moreover, this app has a complete package to manage your Instagram photography contests.

Luckily, it has mobile and desktop versions, and you can run your accounts from your PC and smartphone. So you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

This app will automatically send mass DMs to your followers and will inform them about your photo contests. 

Manage and Schedule Your Contest

To manage your IG photo contest using AiSchedul, follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for free on AiSchedul

2. Add your Instagram accounts.

3. Tap on “Manage Account”

4. In the “POST & SCHEDULING” tab, select “POST & REWARD.”

AiSchedul Platform

5. Click or tap on “Schedule a Contest.”

6. Upload the photos of your Photo Contest and define the rules for your entrants.

Upload Photos

7. In this section, when you tap on the “Content” button, you can turn on two options:

  • Ask them to tag you on a post to let you repost it in your feed.
  • Ask them to follow you.

Content & DM

8. Then, edit your DM that it will send automatically to your followers.

9. Add your hashtags and write your caption.

Add Hashtags & Caption

10. Select “Post Now” or set the timing and choose “Post in Future.”

Post Your Contest

11. Then “Submit.”

Submit Your Contest

Pick Winners

After finishing your contest, AiSchedul will pick the winner for you automatically in a minute. 

9. Create Ads on Your Website

As much as you expand your area, more followers will fly into your account. Therefore, create an eye-catching banner on your website to advertise your Instagram photography contests. Additionally, you can use web embedding for the Instagram content feature and add your Instagram photos to your website. In this case, you can add your winner’s photo to your website, get more views, and derive website traffic from Instagram.

10. Monitor Your Photo Contest in Real-Time

AiSchedul analytics will let you monitor the step-by-step of your Instagram photography contests. Therefore, you will monitor how your contests are going through. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram photography contests will make your brand grow on Instagram and other social media. Above all, using a powerful Instagram management tool like AiSchedul will help you ease your task and take total control of your Instagram photo contests. I hope the above strategies would help you build perfect Instagram photo challenges. Please, leave us a comment if you have any experience in holding Instagram photography contests. 


This post was last modified on April 11, 2021 23:27

Neda Sharifi

Marketing team member at “Watch Them Live.” Foreign commercial manager, language teacher. Seek for empowerment to create my own dwellings. My passion is learning languages, painting, fashion and technology. Morality, Environment and Equality are my concern.

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