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Instagram Marketing
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July 22, 2020

How to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers?

By Mpro

In the face of the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses are turning more and more toward online platforms like Instagram for marketing and selling their products. As a result, Instagram marketing strategies have become more challenging for the former, current, and emerging accounts due to the increase in the number of competitors. These strategies will help businesses grow on Instagram and sell their products.

Why Sell on Instagram?

Why not, seriously? As it is a popular social media with millions of daily users, growing your brand on Instagram is an unparalleled opportunity to reach potential customers from all over the world. It’s cheaper, wider-reaching and far more effective than traditional advertising. Therefore, it is wiser and definitely more profitable to invest in Instagram and find customers among your followers. 

So, How to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers?

Here you will read about strategic ways to turn your Instagram followers into customers. Keep in mind that each strategy matters and can remarkably influence the way towards your goal. 

#1: Post Actively

The first important rule of thumb to turn your followers into customers is to always be present in your followers’ feed. You should constantly be producing content and posting them at least once or twice a day. Remember that the first step to selling your product is the high engagement of your followers with your content. This would not happen unless you keep posting worthwhile content.

Cannot handle posting due to a shortage of time? Hopefully, we are living in the 21st century and there is enough technology not to consider the shortage of time a problem! You can use an Instagram marketing tool AiSchedul to add a photo, an engaging caption, multiple hashtags, mention, location, and post immediately through your PC or set a time for the post to be posted automatically by the scheduler. This app works both for posting on your feed or story. One good thing is that if you add a hashtag, it automatically suggests a lot of related hashtags among which you can choose (tick) for your post. 

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#2: Interact with Your Customers-to-Be

When you repeatedly post on Instagram, you are more likely to have more engagement on your account. By analyzing your analytics, you can easily know your audience better. So, it helps a lot to take your next step based on your audience’s interests which is highly crucial if they are going to be your customers. One good strategy would be to make a conversation with them. You can post a photo or video and ask a question from your followers about their opinion or simply add a poll sticker on your story. Hence, they will talk to you and a promising interaction is shaped. 

#3: Inspire Followers and Create Trust

Connect with your followers’ personal lives. Do not fill your feed with your products and services because people resist buying your products if you constantly tell them to buy from you. Care about their lives and mentalities. Inspire them and show that you care about them. This will create trust which would lead to a successful trade.

#4: Be Authentic and Original

Do NOT show off and do NOT pretend to be something or someone that you are not in reality. Remember to set marketing strategies proportional to your facts and realities. If you are not original, you may still have your customers, but it definitely does not mean that you can always have them as customers. People are smart and recognize easily if your claims are not in line with your products and services. So, they may buy from you once, but that would be their first and last time they trusted you. 

#5: Be Creative

There is a fine line between posting repeatedly and suffocating your followers with posts! Keep in mind that you have to be creative or constant posting would only result in being unfollowed. People are easily bored these days and keeping them entertained needs a high level of creativity. So, avoid posting a photo twice and invest in innovative content. If you cannot, you can resort to reposting. There are easy ways to repost on Instagram and apps like AiSchedul give you a wide range of reposting tools like writing a new caption, choosing lots of new hashtags, and sharing it on your feed without any watermark. On the other hand, you can always check other creative accounts on Instagram for inspiration if you do not know how to impress your followers.

#6: Add a Bio Link to Your Website

Your feed is the showcase of your business. Spend time to decorate it with beautiful covers for your story highlights. Use tools like Bannersnack, Canva, and Adobe Spark to make creative designs for your feed (and of course stories). Above all, think deeply about what to write on your Bio. Also, add your website link to your bio and refer your followers in the captions to check your bio for the link. It helps grow your engagement significantly. Instagram does not allow for more than one link on your bio. So, what if you have more than one URL for your business? I. e. What if you want to share all your social media and website links on your bio?  No worries at all. Another feature that AiSchedul grants you is Bio Link. Bio Link is a link to a page where you can link all your URLs and add it to your bio. So, let’s say it’s a wardrobe for your URLs! Watching the video below will give you any information you need about Bio Link. 

#7: Run Contests/Giveaways

Thanks to today’s world, people have become competitors and they like to compete in almost any field. As one of the rules of marketing and branding is to affiliate your business to the characteristics and needs of your customers-to-be, Instagram allows you to make perfect use of this behavioral element. One leading strategy is to run contests or giveaways on Instagram.

There are ways you can automate your contests and giveaways so that you do not need to worry about managing them. The easier your contest, the more popular it would be. So, be creative and use Instagram features strategically. Ask your followers to like your posts, mention their friends as a comment under your post, upload a photo and tag your brand, or send you emails – which would add email marketing to the basket as well – and think of a worthwhile prize to grant them in return. These kinds of promotional contests are great ways to achieve more and more engagement with your followers and gaining more followers. As for the prize, you should stop being stingy and act generously instead. Granting free products might sound corny but the result of the action is definitely worth it. The first rule of investment!

Make a partnership with a popular brand that likes to sponsor the giveaway if you either do not have any products to offer as a prize or you are not willing to give your own products away for free. Contest and giveaway have more or less the same result. However, the difference is that giveaway gives you much User-Generated Content (UGC) later.

#8: Organize Limited Offers and Promotions

Tempt your followers with offers! Think of the popularity of Black Friday, January discounts, or July sales in some countries (e.g. ‘Saldi’ in Italy). Offers are tempting whether you are running a traditional business or eCommerce. The difference is, when it is through online platforms like Instagram, it gets high chances to be seen and shared. So, take this chance and make a discount/coupon code for some of your products for a limited time span. Enjoy both a wave of engagement and a great sale given by your new customers!

#9: Make Purchasing Process Easy

Instagram is a user-friendly app. We do not need to spend hours explaining to our parents how to use Instagram. So, keep your selling process easy and short for your customers on Instagram too or they would simply exit your link without buying anything. Respect the time of your customers and consider your least smart follower when creating the shopping process. 

#10: Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are other channels that can showcase your products to their followers. So, collaborating with influencers, both micro-influencers and larger ones depending on your budget and brand can remarkably boost your sales. 

#11: Use Shoppable Posts

Shoppable Post is a feature recently added by Instagram which allows you to have clickable product posts. What you need to do is to choose a photo of your product and tag your product on the post. Your followers can tap on the photo to see the name and price of your product and go to a page on Instagram to see the other photos of the same product or the related products. From there, they can go directly to your website and buy the product. So, this is one easy way that you can turn your followers into customers! One thing to know about shoppable posts is that they are limited to accounts with more than 10k followers. So, these accounts seem unable to use this feature apparently. But smart people find their way, YES! AiSchedul is capable of providing shopping links and price tags for accounts with less than 10k followers. This video will show you how to add external URLs to your posts and stories. 

#12: Emphasize on Your Customer Service

More than any other aspects of your business, you should present a good image of your customer service to your followers. Ensure warranties, free exchanges, or 24/7 online help center. The customer service you can provide depends on the type of your business. However, what matters most is to highlight it regardless of what it actually is. Because it builds trust and guarantees your customers that you are there to support them after their shopping.

#13: Send Personalized DMs

Sending personalized messages to your followers or leaving an advertising comment on their posts can be a good way to attract more engagement to your page. But, first, you need to have a creative and impressive page so that those who have visited your page will get encouraged to follow you and turn into a customer later. 

#14: Tell Your Story

Another way to attract customers and their trust is to be friendly and tell the story of your brand or company. Share information on how you started your work, post photos of your team members, film behind-the-scenes videos, or any other activities that you think are suitable for your business. This is how you will build ties with your followers which would most probably be one of the reasons that they support you by buying your product or service. 


As today’s world of technology necessitates businesses to go more towards online sales rather than traditional ones, it is helpful to know the marketing strategies of online platforms. These strategies and policies determine your success in the short or long run. So, it is important to learn them and use them daily to grow your business efficiently and effectively. 

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