The Future of Instagram: 10 Fail-safe Predictions for 2022

The Future of Instagram

With the Instagram algorithm‘s frequent updates, you must track the new changes. So, having a better understanding of the future of Instagram enables you to update your IG marketing strategies, use the new features more fully, and win the marketplace. 

As you may already know, we’ve had some substantial  Instagram updates so far. Several features were tested and developed to improve our experience on the platform and make sure our social media marketing efforts paid off.

However, there are more changes to come, and understanding what the future of Instagram would be like is essential

Here, we are going to inform you about future Instagram predictions. In fact, we will help you update your Instagram strategies and grow your Instagram followers

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Why Is It Crucial to Understand the Future of Instagram?

With more than 1.3 billion users, Instagram is no longer a platform we can take lightly or ignore. Not only is it a place we can connect with our friends, but it has also turned into the ideal platform for marketers to reach their target audience

Yet, this platform has a lot of room for improvement, and so they keep rolling out new updates and features to meet our needs and expectations. These changes make for a better, more effective presence on the platform but might also make things more complicated!

That is, for our strategies to work, we need to keep updating our knowledge of IG futures. And then, we must change our priorities and strategy accordingly!

Perhaps, Instagram growth was more straightforward a few years ago. For instance, you could get your first 1000 organic followers by simply focusing on uploading high-quality images because Instagram was a photo-sharing app, after all!

But now, IG success demands a thorough knowledge of the future of Instagram and its priorities and updates! We need to know about the upcoming changes to understand what an engaging Instagram post would be and how to make progress!

10 Predictions for The Future of Instagram

As discussed earlier, future of Instagram plays a crucial role in shaping our priorities. That is, our knowledge of the future of Instagram will point out what we should focus on and how we should plan and schedule our IG content.  

To help you develop a more effective marketing strategy, we decided to share future Instagram trends and priorities. So, stay tuned! 🙂

#1 More Focus on Videos & Reels on IG Futures

Gone are the days when Instagram was simply a photo-sharing app! These days, the ideal content on Instagram seems to be videos and reels. And Instagram future updates are prone to add new features to allow a better, more smooth experience while creating engaging Instagram Reels content.

As the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced on his official Twitter account, Instagram will double down its focus on videos, building new creative tools, and consolidating video formats around reels.

the future of Instagram
Adam Mosseri Twitter

Instagram predictions about reels and the new features are as follows: 

  • There will be updates to the reels algorithm to help users discover more related videos;
  • In the future of Instagram, business accounts will be able to share shoppable reels;
  • There will be new ads campaigns in the form of Instagram reels;
  • Instagram reels turn out to be an excellent place for influencer marketing and getting sponsors;
  • And there will be new editing tools on Instagram reels.

So, considering how the future of Instagram will revolve around videos and reels, you should quickly learn the basics. For instance, you can start with understanding how to repost and download reels or upload high-quality videos on Instagram!

#2 More Control and Freedom on Future IG

So far, we could mute people, mark specific followers as close friends, and specify posts we weren’t interested in. these features lead to a more personalized presence on the platform. 

Now among the recent 2022 updates, we see the ability to hide our like count. Besides, business and creator accounts enjoy the opportunity to identify their subscribers and share videos, and go live only for them.

the future of Instagram
hide like count

These recent changes indicate that Instagram is more interested in giving Instagrammers some freedom. So that everyone has control over what they choose to share and with whom they’d like to share it. You can expect this trend to continue and shape the future of Instagram.

In the age of technology, when many individuals might not feel less safe or free, allowing the users more privacy and control works miracles. So, kudos to Instagram; it’s a smart move!

#3 The Future of Instagram Intertwined with Influencers

Before I forget, allow me to mention that the future of social media influencers and creators is genuinely bright and rosy. We will definitely see more of them in the Instagram future, and their power will surely double! 

Among our Instagram future predictions, we should also include the immense power of creators. Adam Mosseri also mentioned that they will value creators more and develop more tools to facilitate their job!

So, don’t forget that future IG will accord more importance to the creators. Therefore, incorporating influencer marketing is a wise choice if you want to sell your products on Instagram!

On the same note, remember that you can use a reliable platform, like Ainfluencer, to find the best Instagram micro-influencers in your niche! 

Ainfluencer allows you to facilitate the demanding and complex process of influencer marketing. The AI-powered tool enables influencers and businesses to find each other based on their preferred criteria. So, you don’t need to worry about the challenges anymore!

#4 A Native Affiliate Tool for the Future of Instagram

What is the future of Instagram for creators?’ you might ask. Well, Instagram is shouting that it supports all creators around the world!

We have just discussed how significant and valuable influencers are to Instagram and brands. Following the same thought, it’s noteworthy that the Instagram team has announced they will start testing a new affiliate tool.

They have designed this tool to help creators find new purchasable products, share them with their followers, and earn commissions for the purchases they can drive.  

The advent of such a tool provides an excellent opportunity for brands to increase their sales and for creators to earn more money on Instagram!

#5 Valuing Transparency on Future IG 

Social media users are smarter than ever before. To win their support and trust, you should be entirely transparent with your audience. 

If you’re an Instagram influencer and get paid to promote a product, share this piece of information with your audience. We can promise that transparency will earn you their respect and trust!

#6 A Better Shopping Experience in the IG Futures 

Instagram has always tried to support brands and small businesses by offering them fantastic features. Right now, all business account owners have the opportunity to create an Instagram shoppable feed and story, add name and price tags to their products, and lead their customers to product pages. 

the future of Instagram
shoppable posts

One of our reasonable Instagram future predictions is that Instagram is yearning for complete independence! For the future of Instagram shopping, it means that you will be able to make purchases and payments without leaving the app! 

Using the checkout feature, users can easily add products to their Instagram bag and sell or buy products in real-time.

Additionally, Instagram will add a new feature called ‘guides,’ by which business owners curate content and share helpful information about their products. Instead of sharing long videos, going live, or writing long captions, you can write a fruitful guideline using the ‘guides.’

This feature wouldn’t give rise to an odd future Instagram, but a more convenient one. A full shopping experience is more desirable, not just for the buyers but also for the brands. It means that their income won’t depend on driving traffic to their websites!

So, we highly recommend that you get ready for big changes in the future of Instagram shopping! 

#7 A Thorough Search Beyond Usernames and Hashtags

And finally, one of the best Instagram features that will go live is the ability to search for words and phrases rather than just hashtags and usernames. The future version of Instagram enables you to simply search for phrases and find all the related usernames, photos, videos, and IGTVs in a few seconds. 

Mosseri had promised it before and now it will go live for everyone.

future Instagram
Adam Mosseri Twitter

This update is also perfect for marketers and business owners. By trying the best Instagram SEO hacks and optimizing their accounts and content for niche-related keywords, they can instantly grow their followers

#8 Continued Focus on Instagram Story

Based on statistics, 500 million Instagram users share stories on a daily basis. This number is estimated to increase. So, if you want your content to succeed in the future of Instagram, you need to learn creative ways to use the Instagram story for business.

You should also keep in mind that we will probably face a new way to switch between stories in the future Instagram story. Look at this Tweet, for instance:

future Instagram
Instagram story updates

Of course, they are in the process of testing it. But whether we swipe up to view someone’s Instagram story or swipe left, we will still be entertained by this feature.

‌Besides, in a very recent tweet, Adam Mosseri has mentioned that we will soon be able to like someone’s story without appearing on their DM. It goes to show that they will continue upgrading story features!

The future of Instagram
Mosseri’s Tweet

So, remember that the Instagram story will continue to shine in the future of Instagram. And you should do your best to keep your story viewers engaged!

#9 More AR Filters for Future Instagram

An AR filter is an effect designed to be superimposed on your real-world pictures. Many use them to beautify their images, try out new make-up products, or just have fun!

These filters are in vogue right now, but only a few can create them, provided that Facebook approves their AR filters. However, in the near future, we can expect more freedom!

That is, we will all be able to create our filters for Instagram and stand out! If you still don’t know what AR filters are and how to make them, we recommend you read our article on creating your own Instagram AR filter

Once you learn, you can put your knowledge to practice as soon as this feature becomes available!

#10 More Power to UGC in the Future of Instagram

Shooting perfect pictures of your products is no longer the key to selling more! We won’t deny that sharing quality pictures is essential. But, you should also keep in mind that you can engage your audience with user-generated content

Not to mention that UGC is practically social proof. And this social proof can boost your sales and turn your new followers into customers!

FAQs on the Future of Instagram

So far, we have covered what future Instagram looks like and what the IG team has in store for us. But to fully cover this topic, we will also answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

1- Are Instagram captions still important?

When we talk about interaction, we mainly discuss likes, comments, saves, and shares, right? Well, that’s not all! A deciding factor in your Instagram engagement rate is the number of viewers who tap on ‘See More’ on your captions. 

So, don’t ignore your future Instagram captions. Remember that it is still crucial to write aesthetic captions and include CTAs to encourage your followers to comment. 

In your future captions for Instagram, you can include your feelings and thoughts to foster a stronger relationship with your followers. Or, you can ask questions and get to know your audience!

2- How can I continue to grow on Instagram?

Like many other influencers and business owners, you probably have a tight schedule. But does it mean that you should ignore the future of Instagram or stop growing? Of course not! 

AiGrow, an ideal IG management tool, is the help you need! This perfect platform allows you to:

And much more! But more importantly, it offers professional managers that will help you upgrade your understanding of the future of Instagram.

So, sign up for free right now to access all these fantastic features!

3- What happened to Future Rapper Instagram?

Some might ask, ‘If Instagram is improving, why did Future (rapper) leave Instagram?’ Indeed, Future Hendrix has recently deleted most of his Instagram posts. 

However, no one knows why the rapper future Instagram is now cleared! But indeed, it wasn’t because Instagram wasn’t the suitable platform for his growth. He managed to get more than 18.7 million followers! 

So, let’s not worry about his reasons and start growing on a platform with a lot to offer everyone!

Final Thoughts on the Future of Instagram

In a nutshell, there are many confusing Instagram predictions on the internet. In this article, we tried to show you the future of Instagram in 2022. 

I believe that sooner or later, we will see all these predictions go live. And this is because the head of Instagram has announced and approved most of them! So, prepare yourself for these changes and overtake your rivals!