The Top 10 Ways to Drive Brand Engagement with Influencer Marketing

Top Ways to Drive Brand Engagement with Influencer Marketing

Whether you are looking to sell on Instagram with Shopify or increase your business’s overall brand engagement, you can do it with influencer marketing

If you want to boost brand awareness, drive web traffic, or even increase your sales, a great strategy to try out is influencer marketing. It is quite effective in driving brand engagement because it helps you find potential customers. In this article, you’ll learn what influencer marketing is and how you can exploit it to boost your brand.

Influencer Marketing Definition

What is influencer marketing?? It is the practice of utilizing the advertising power of influencers to promote your business. It can range from getting an influencer to review your product or promote your products or services. In any case, the influencer acts as a brand ambassador, representing your brand and attracting a large target audience. This process requires you to find influencers who align with your brand and then pay them some incentive in exchange for publications on social media. 

Why Is Influencer Marketing Essential

We all know who influencers are and how significant they can be. Interestingly, the future of social media influencers is genuinely bright. That is, they will continue to impress and affect our judgment, playing a profound role in your sales and growth. 

You might have loyal followers and customers, but you need social proof to get more sales and grow your brand. On this path, influencers can provide the social proof you need. They have a large number of followers who trust their judgment. So, if your brand, product, or even your person has their stamp of approval, you can turn your new follower into loyal customers or even brand advocates. No wonder why influencer marketing agencies are so popular!

Which Social Media Platform Is Best for Influencer Marketing

We are all fully aware that all social media can help your business grow faster. However, for your influencer marketing strategy to pay off, you also need to know the ideal platform. To put it simply, knowing which platform you should focus on enables you to spend your limited resources more wisely and see better results. 

Currently, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook are the top three ideal platforms for influencer marketing. Among them, Instagram will be an even more powerful platform because the number of global Instagram users is projected to be 1.2 billion by 2023! You can’t possibly take this number lightly. So, we suggest that you focus your time and energy on updating your Instagram strategies and finding a reliable Influencer marketing agency. It will certainly pay off!

10 Ways to Drive Brand Engagement with Influencer Marketing

Increasing your engagement rate is challenging. But so far, we can safely say that successful influencer marketing can go a long way. Many influencer marketing companies can help, but let’s focus on free methods for now!

Create an Exclusive Referral Program

One of the easiest ways to get an influencer in your promotion team is to create an exclusive referral program. You can take inspiration from the Wix Referral Program, where they asked several influencers to share their brand on video. But you can make this even more attractive for an influencer once you make the program just for their audience. It means that you move away from generic referral programs and create one specifically designed for your target influencer.

Create Crowd Content

You can also encourage influencers to mention your name if you first do it yourself. You can do this by creating what I like to call ‘Crowd Content.’ It is a type of content where you list the best influencers in your niche. But instead of merely listing a few, you list 20 to 100. Once you have done this, you can then approach the influencers you have featured and ask them to share their inclusion with their followers. Even if you only get a few to do this, it will still grant your business a massive boost.

Host Influencer-Only Events

One of the best ways to get an influencer to promote your business is to get to know them. It is where you talk to them face-to-face and observe their attitudes and behaviors. The best way to get to know your target influencers is to invite them to an event. The best part is that you can ask several influencers in one event. It will help you get to know several individuals who have the potential to promote your products to their audience.

Have a Team of Influencers Review your Newly Released Products

Whether you are selling drums like Drum Set Lab or bows like Hunting Bow Lab, one of the most effective ways to reach your target market is to have a relevant influencer promote your products for you. For this reason, you should make it a habit to allow influencers to review your newly released products. It will give your products a massive traffic boost, and you may get an increase in sales as well. 

Host a Contest

Did you know that you can also ask an influencer to join your contest? You can do this in two ways. First, you can run contests; on Instagram especially. Then ask the influencers to enter and promote your products for you. When they do this, they are promoting your products to their followers while rewarding their efforts by having a higher chance of winning. 

Secondly, you can also ask them to host the contest with you. With this option, you include the influencers in your contest mechanics in exchange for them promoting your competition to their followers.

Have a Giveaway with the influencer

Similarly, you can host an Instagram giveaway with influencers. Unlike a competition where only a few people will win, a giveaway can have multiple winners. You can also get creative and get multiple influencers to help you host your giveaway. This model will significantly impact your audience and may even help you get more traffic and brand engagement.

Have an Exclusive Discount Code for the Influencer

You can always create an exclusive discount code for your target influencer if all else fails. If you are running an eCommerce website, you can create a code with an influencer’s name in it. From here, all you need to do is approach your target influencer and ask them to promote your code for you. Since the code is in their name, they will be more open to promoting it to their audience. 

Recruit Them as Affiliates

If you are looking for ideas on where to market your affiliate program, it is best to be through influencers. Influencers make the best affiliates because of their knowledge and experience in capturing their audience’s attention and encouraging them to take action. If you want an influencer to drive up your brand engagement instantly, you can always ask them to be your affiliate.

Create a Promo Video

Creating a promo video with your target influencer is another way to boost your brand engagement. By having them on the video, you can immediately associate your brand with their name, and their audience will be more prone to respond to your advertisement. The best part is that videos are often engaging. Because of the nature of visual content, you have a higher chance of capturing your target audience with this advertisement model.

Track your Influencer Promotions

It is also a good habit to track your influencer promotion. You’ll want to know if your efforts impact your business. To do this, you have to be accurate with your numbers. Before implementing your influencer marketing campaign, you have to look at your site and see how it performs. From there, you can measure how things have changed after the campaign. 

The Best Influencer Marketing Platform: Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer features

As you might have noticed, these tasks are unbelievably demanding. Each one requires your undivided attention and energy. And sometimes, handling all of them becomes simply impossible. At such points, a reliable influencer marketing platform like Ainfluencer can work miracles. 

Finding influencers alone is one of the most challenging tasks. If you are wondering how to approach influencers and make sure they are suitable for your brand, Ainfluencer can help you with that and much more. It is a marketing platform designed to simplify the process of influencer marketing by connecting businesses with influencers in their niche.

Ainfluencer Features

Conveniently linking brands with influencers is just one of the Ainfluencer features. There’s plenty more where that came from! So, let’s see what else we can do using it.

  • The AI-powered platform will search and find the best influencer that fits your content, goals, follower count, and budget. Plus, you can choose the desired location, hashtag, language, or even gender for the influencers you’d like to collaborate with. 
influencer marketing
  • Ainfluencer enables you to create visual advertisements.
  • Using the ‘live chat’ feature, communicate with influencers and conveniently negotiate.
influencer marketing with Ainfluencer
  • This influencer marketing platform also offers real-time analytics and a scheduler. The scheduler tool enables you to schedule your ads and offers for the optimal time!
Influencer marketing
Ainfluencer scheduler

And as if all these features weren’t impressive enough, they will also ensure that the influencers hold up the other end of the deal. Plus, before arranging any deals, you can see the history of the influencers’ previous arrangements. 

Every feature clearly aims to make influencer marketing simple and highly efficient for every business or brand. So, if you are interested in social media success, you can sign up right now and get instant access to Ainfluencer! 

Last Word

Influencers have immense power in the realm of social media marketing these days. That’s why influencer marketing jobs are becoming more and more popular. And as you can see, there are so many ways to use influencers to build your brand on Instagram and other platforms. However, the key to fruitful influencer marketing is approaching the ‘right’ influencers, offering them something valuable in return for their promotion efforts, and understanding your target influencers. To efficiently accomplish your marketing goals, you can try the best influencer marketing hub: Ainfluencer!

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