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Contest Rules on Instagram: The 2021 Ultimate Guide

January 4, 2018

Wanna host an Instagram giveaway contest to boost your followers and get more customers? Well, you obviously know that setting rules, creating posts and stories, and hosting the giveaway itself needs a great deal of time and energy. But if you know about the giveaway terms and conditions and how to set the rules, you’ll definitely win the contest. So, let’s expand our knowledge about contest rules. 

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

To run an Instagram giveaway contest that perfectly helps you with growing your business on Instagram, you have to follow some specific rules. Actually, these rules help you: 

  • Run your contest smoothly,
  • Prevent misunderstandings,
  • And ensure the success of your contest.

In the following, we’re going to mention 4 important Instagram contest rules to follow in 2021: 

Instagram Contest Rules #1: Keep it Simple

As for the first tip, try to keep your giveaway rules simple. This is the key to win your contest. Actually, some Instagram marketers believe that by setting many strict rules, they’ll become more successful in the contest. But what you have to keep in mind is that people are using Instagram to have fun. 

Additionally, you always have the chance to use Instagram contest picker apps like AiGrow, to choose the winner. However, setting complex rules to enter the contest makes it hard for you to pick the winner. 

Instagram Contest Rules #2: List Out All the Steps

Make sure to clearly describe all steps required to enter and win the competition. Actually, you are running a giveaway to get more followers organically and without using any bots. If you don’t list out all the steps clearly, you cannot lead people to follow the contest rules properly and you won’t get the best possible results. 

Here’s an example of a perfectly described entrance and winning conditions: 

List out all the giveaway entrance and winning steps

Instagram Contest Rules #3: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Make sure your contestants are well aware of the prize amount, as well as the number of winners. This way, you simply prevent any unexpected complaints after the giveaway is done. Moreover, knowing about the prizes and increases your Instagram brand awareness.

Also, don’t forget to inform people about the process of choosing the winner. If the winner is going to be picked randomly, make sure to let the contestants know that. Or if you have other strategies to pick the winner, mention it as simple as you can in 1-2 lines.

Mention the prizes, the number of prizes, and the process of choosing the winner

Instagram Contest Rules #4: Eligibility

Finally, if you have a small Instagram brand with limited services over the globe or you are offering products and services to specific groups of people, make sure to mention all the details in the caption. For example, the age of participants and the region whose residents can participate must definitely be clarified.  

Instagram Guidelines

Here are four guidelines that, when taken into consideration, will ensure safe, successful, and trouble-free competitions:

  1. First, is that one is fully responsible for ensuring that all operations of the competition are guided by existing laws.
  2. Secondly, is to avoid incorrect tagging of competition entries. This might take the form of tagging an unrelated post simply to garner attention.
  3. Third, is the need to notify all contestants that Instagram is not the sponsor of the competition.
  4. Lastly, is that Instagram is not a party to your contest but only a medium. Moreover, you should incur all the risks pertaining to your competition.

Top 5 Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Now, you know all the contest rules and all you have to do is to set your entrance rules and promote your giveaway on Instagram. To make this step easier for you, we’re going to share 5 giveaway templates and ideas to use in your first or even next contest. 

1- Like and/or Save Contest

If you are looking for a way to increase your Instagram engagement rate, this type of giveaway contest is the best choice for you. All you have to do is to ask people to like your post(s) and save or view your posts. 

Like and save contests

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2- Write a Caption Contest

Another great Instagram giveaway ideas that are used to get more comments and boost engagement rate are the ones that ask users to write a caption for a post. These contests help you come up with great captions for your future posts and never run out of ideas. Here’s an example:

Photo caption contest

3- UGC Contest

Instagram user-generated content campaigns are great for your business. Using this contest idea, you have the chance to use the word of mouth marketing strategies and let your customers bring you new ones.

UGC campaign

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4- Tag and/or Mention Friends

This is one of the most frequent types of giveaways. It only brings you more comments below your posts but also helps you reach a greater group of audiences. Hence, by using such giveaway contests and sharing high-quality posts, you can simply get more and more followers, even after the contest ends. 

Tag and mention friends contests

5- Instagram Loop Giveaways

And finally, you can run Instagram giveaway contests. This is a great idea especially when you have a limited budget for your contest. You can simply go on a partnership with 10-20 other Instagram accounts and influencers. This way, you all receive lots of followers in a short period of time and by offering big prizes, you can even hit 10K followers on Instagram which is a great cornerstone. 

loop giveaways

Final Thoughts

That’s all! You are ready to go. So, go ahead and create a fun-filled competition to attract a flood of participants. Be sure to be well versed with the contest rules in your region and be fully responsible for your actions. Also, don’t forget to automate your Instagram giveaway contest using AiGrow. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment.  

This post was last modified on January 3, 2021 19:47


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