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March 31, 2021

Must-Use Instagram Giveaway Hashtags in Your Contest

By Neda Sharifi

Hosting a giveaway or contest is one of the best ways to grow your followers on Instagram. People love games and free prizes, as they are fun, amusing, and engaging! Then, imagine how winning it would be if you pep it up with hashtags! Indeed, Instagram Giveaway Hashtags help you find and interact with your fans effectively.  

Instagram Giveaway Hashtags help you attract more people to your contest which draws comments, likes and increases your engagement rate. That is, having extensive research about Instagram contest hashtags, here are the tips to support you make most of your giveaways on Instagram. So stay tuned!

What Are Instagram Giveaway Hashtags?

Instagram Giveaway Hashtags are not that much complicated. You only need to use hashtags relevant to your niche and contest. Also, it is essential to use Instagram contest hashtags that are easy and seize attention. In this case, people simply remember you, and if they search those giveaway hashtags, they quickly find you on the platform.

Why Is It Important to Use Them?

Instagram giveaway hashtags are among the best ways to engage your audience on social media and get them interacting with your brand. Also, applying Instagram contest hashtags let you leverage people’s desire to take something for nothing. Indeed, it is one of the most powerful techniques to grow followers. However, hashtags can help or hurt your giveaways on Instagram. 

You can host giveaways to make your brand awareness campaign and use specific Instagram giveaway hashtags to spread the word about a campaign and increase your Instagram impression and reach.

Tips to Know about Instagram Giveaway Hashtags

In the following, I have gathered some valuable tips to consider in your giveaways:

#1 Avoid Banned Hashtags

Firstly, it is essential to know banned hashtags on Instagram & stay safe from getting shadowbanned on the platform.

#2 Don’t Act Spammy

Try not to use only general hashtags, even if your giveaway includes general subjects like fashion or beauty. Because your posts may get spammed among other several posts. Ensure your giveaway hashtags aren’t too long or confusing. Also, keep in mind to use both tiny and detailed hashtags. Basically, the longer the hashtag, the more engagement it receives. 

Hold a Contest

#3 Add Event-related hashtags

Use hashtags related to special occasions and events like “Valentine’s Day” or “Mother’s Day.”

Include the date or duration of your contests in your Instagram contest hashtags so that your audience will know how long your giveaway takes. For instance, #5DaysofNewyear2021.

#4 Use Professional Hashtags

Include hashtags related to your industry or target audience. Besides, set an industry-related hashtag in your post’s photo. It will grasp the attention of the audiences and capture the hashtag in their subconscious. Moreover, make a hashtag of your products or service name. Therefore, people who are interested in rewards will get to know your brand.

#5 Hire a Hashtag Research Tool

Hire the best hashtag research tool to find the best Instagram giveaway hashtags that suit your industry. If you desire to make a real excitement on your Instagram engagement, It’ll be your hero! Indeed, AiGrow will let you do Instagram multiple hashtags research and make hashtags groups. Moreover, your specialist account manager will check if you are using banned hashtags in your post ere publishing them. Additionally, it confers you a lifetime solution if your Instagram hashtags are not working.

AiGrow Instagram Management Tool

#6 Insert Hashtags in First Comment

The easiest way to put Instagram Contests Hashtags is your caption. However, many experts believe that applying them in a post’s comment is the best way to have a neat caption while also drawing hashtags’ benefits. I recommend the AiGrow all-in-one Instagram management service that has the feature to apply hashtags in your first comment automatically.

#7 Save Hashtags to Save Time

After researching your giveaway hashtags, it would be great to save hashtags on Instagram to save time. Luckily, AiGrow provides you a feature to save hashtags and use them in your posts.Then, make an Instagram giveaway hashtag cheat sheet to get Instant views in 2021.  So sign up for free and draw on its hashtags feature. 

AiGrow Hashtag Tool

Finally, experiment and error, and the Instagram algorithm decide what Instagram giveaway hashtags are most popular. 

Top Instagram Giveaway Hashtags in 2021

According to the researches I have been doing, here are the best Instagram contests hashtags that you can cash in on in your contests:

Top Instagram Contest Hashtags in 2021

Final Thoughts

Apart from your business field, Instagram giveaway hashtags are an excellent way of reaching new fans with your products or services and engaging with your audience. Some kinds of businesses will be better suited to Instagram giveaways and promotions more than others. I hope this post has given you new ideas to try in your next Instagram giveaway. Please, leave us a comment if you have any experience of holding contests. 

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