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The Best Way to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram


Looking for a way to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram? Keep reading this article to know the best way to do it.

The story of hashtags started in 2007 when Chris Messina suggested in a tweet, “how do you feel about using # for groups. As in #barcamp? Since then, hashtags are an inevitable part of any social media, especially Instagram. Did you know Instagrammers use hashtags even more than Twitter users?   

Hashtags act like labels that make a post more easily to find. How many times have you searched for a hashtag to find a product? Or only type in a word in the “Tag” search bar only to get some ideas about fashion, DIY cards, or how to make a delicious brunch? Although some say hashtags do not necessarily increase the posts’ engagement, they are still among the most powerful and useful tools on Instagram.

Let’s find out more about hashtags and how you can search them in multiple to save time. But first, it’s better to know why to use hashtags in the first place! 

Why should you use hashtags in your Instagram posts?

According to Instagram statistics, about 66.6% of Instagram posts (exactly ⅔ of them) contain at least one hashtag. Here are some of the main reasons why people use hashtags on Instagram:

1- People find you more easily

As mentioned above, the most common use of hashtags is to connect an Instagram post to a topic. For example, if you upload a photo of a model holding a Prada bag, you may want to add hashtags like #prada, #pradabag, and #allstreetwheel to your post so that the Instagrammers looking to see Prada bags finds you more easily.

2- Building your brand using hashtags

Hashtags can greatly help you to establish and grow your brand on Instagram. How? You can create customized and brand hashtags for your business. You can use these hashtags to communicate with followers, find suggestions and complaints on Instagram, and even run a promotional campaign, giveaway, and contest.

3- Categorize your posts

On Instagram, you cannot categorize your posts or add them in separate folders based on their topics (you can save your own posts in different folders). A great way to manage your posts is to use your specific hashtags for different posts. For example, you can use your page name + the type of product to build these types of hashtags.

How many hashtags can I use per post?

Currently, you can use up to thirty hashtags per post. You can try lining up hashtags in comments, but it does not have the same result as putting them on the original post. So, it’s better to put all of your hashtags on the caption. 

It’s good to know that Instagram posts with a satisfactory level of engagement have an average of seven hashtags on them. Posts that have more than eight hashtags might be considered spam.

Source: Rival IQ

How to use these 30 hashtags?

There is no concrete formula to use these hashtags. Still, you can try using a combination of general hashtags, geotags, local tags (if you run a small business), and more specific and niche-related hashtags.

For example, if you are running a small business related to sports shoes and want to share a photo of your model wearing the latest product, you may use hashtags such as #sportshoes, #snickers, #(your brand name + snickers), #(location), and general hashtags like #shoe. 

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How to search for multiple hashtags on Instagram?

We all know the typical way of searching a tag on Instagram: open your Instagram app, go to the explore page, and write the keywords you want. But how about searching and adding multiple hashtags? Well, you cannot add several hashtags to your posts at the same time. And writing each hashtag individually will take you some time. But how to search and add multiple hashtags on Instagram?

Luckily, using an Instagram manager application, you can do this task! Our suggestion for you is AiSchedul. 

AiSchedul: The best tool to search and add multiple hashtags

AiSchedul is one of the exceptional hashtag generator tools, allowing you to do a wide range of promotional activities with your Instagram page. To see how you can search multiple hashtags on Instagram, Sign up for AiSchedul, and then add your Instagram accounts. 

As its name indicated, AiSchedul is a smart Instagram scheduler for feed posts and even stories. Using this tool, you can plan for your next week or even next month’s content. The good thing about AiSchedul is that you can add external links to each post. 

To benefit from the AiSchedul hashtag search engine, go to the “SCHEDULER” and upload your file. Then write an engaging caption. As you can see, in the box “Post hashtag as a comment,” you can click on “Search Hashtag” and then type in your keyword.

It does not matter if you use a general word or a specific one. For example, if you are looking for hashtags “fitness” and “food,” you can add these two words to the search box, and then a list of the most relevant hashtags will pop up. Now check each hashtag that you find suitable and hit “Add Tags.” You can even see the results based on tags or names.

These tags will be added as the first comment to your post. If you prefer to have them on your caption, copy and paste them in the caption box.  

Tips: Do not use overly used hashtags! It won’t help you to stand out among other similar posts. Try to add only relative hashtags to your post. 

Note: To know how to add multiple hashtags to your posts using AiSchedul, watch the following video:

Use AiSchedul for monitoring multiple hashtags.

Another great feature of AiSchedule is “Hashtag Monitoring.” With this tool, you can add your favorite hashtags and monitor the latest Instagram posts published using these hashtags.

You can repost any content that you find interesting. But more importantly, using this tool, you can see what these popular posts add as hashtags. You can copy and paste them for your own post!

You can even save your favorite posts to use in the future! 

Conclusion on How to Search for Multiple Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags can come in real handy for you, especially if you run a business. To gain better results, save time, and more exposure. It’s a good idea to know that you can search for multiple hashtags on Instagram!