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How to Share YouTube Video on Instagram Story, Post, and Bio


You may want to share a YouTube video on Instagram for so many reasons! To create teaser trailers, make mash-ups, and etc. In this article, we’re going to talk about the safest and simplest way to do that. But if you are not interested in the details, start scheduling and sharing YouTube video on Instagram easily and directly by signing up for this free tool. It’s very straightforward and has a complete simple step by step guide.

We previously covered “How to link Instagram to YouTube” and also “How to link YouTube to Instagram” and we don’t want to talk about these topics anymore. But, when we say “how to share YouTube video on Instagram” we mean exactly how to embed the video itself and upload it on Instagram as a post or story. So, let’s jump into the solution(s) without wasting time!

Is It Possible to Share YouTube Videos on Instagram Directly?

Here’s the bitter truth: No, you can’t share YouTube videos on Instagram posts and Stories directly. There’s no way to do that. If you select the share button of a YouTube video on desktop, you’ll see these options to share:

Share Video YouTube on Desktop

As you can see, no sign of sharing the YouTube video on Instagram.

Now, take a look at the share options on the YouTube app:

Share YouTube Video on app

Yes, there is a share button for Instagram when using the app but unfortunately, it’s only for the Instagram direct message, the only part of the app beside bio that you can add a clickable link.

But it does not solve any problem for you. You cannot send your video link for all of your Instagram in their DM every single time you upload a video. Not only it is time-consuming and is not the wisest idea, but also it might lead your account to be banned by Instagram because you may cross Instagram’s daily limits.

What you can do instead? Well, if you are YouTuber, you probably have the original video and can simply use upload it on Instagram. But obviously, the next most straightforward way is to first download the video from youtube, and then upload it on Instagram as posts, Stories, or IGTV.

But Then better see how you can download a video from YouTube in the easiest way possible.

How to Download a Video From YouTube?

You may think that it’s impossible to download the YouTube videos right in the app, but actually, it is possible but only in case you have the YouTube premium.

Download YouTube Videos from the App

If you don’t want to use the YouTube premium, there are many websites and even Telegram Bots that will do this for you. KeepVid, y2mate , Videoder, and Snaptube are some of them.

Here’s s step-by-step guide to download YouTube Video and Upload on Instagram (the best way)

Step 1) Find the YouTube video you want to share and copy its link.

Step 2) Paste the copied link in a YouTube downloader. For instance, you can use clipconverter.cc or some downloader bots such as @utubebot on Telegram messenger. 

Step 3) Now, the only step that remains is to upload the downloaded video on Instagram. For this step, which is also the last one, you can open Instagram and normally share the intended video directly from your mobile phone on the feed, as a story, or even on IGTV. 

But, what if the video doesn’t fit in the Instagram dimensions? And also how to make sure that the video length satisfies the Instagram video length limits

What Is The Best Way to Upload YouTube Videos on Instagram?

To avoid any problem uploading YouTube videos on different parts of Instagram, it’s better to get help from an Instagram service such as AiSchedul.

AiSchedul is an Instagram content management tool that can help you with most of the limitations you face during using the official Instagram app. Using this platform, which is an Instagram scheduler you can:

And much more than this. But how can it help you to share YouTube videos on Instagram?

Actually, after downloading the intended video from YouTube, no matter if you have saved it on your phone or PC, you can use AiSchedul to upload and share it on your Instagram stories or feed. Using this platform, you can make sure that the video dimensions and also its length is okay to be shared on IG. So, it saves you a great deal of time! 

But how to share your video using it? Easy! Just take a look at the following video for a complete guide:

Also, using this amazing tool, you don’t have to cut your long videos into small pieces manually. All you have to do is to upload it on AiSchedul and cut the videos for Instagram stories in a minute.

In the following, I’m going to show you how to use AiSchedul to share YouTube videos on Instagram feed, Story, IGTV, and even Bio.

How to Share YouTube Video on Instagram Posts?

One of the best and also, the easiest ways to share a YouTube video on Instagram is to post a small part of it on the Instagram posts and then, add the video link to your post. 

Yes! Instagram doesn’t let users add clickable links to their Instagram posts. But there is a great way to do so. Actually, what you can do is to create an all-in-one bio link using a third-party like AiSchedul and then, add links to your posts. The only thing that remains, in this case, is to write a catchy call to action on your caption and invite your followers to see the video on your YouTube channel, just like the one you can see in the following post:

Now, all you have to do is to create an account on AiSchedul for free and follow the steps mentioned in the following video to add clickable links to your Instagram posts with ease:

How to Share YouTube Video on Instagram Story?

If you are not satisfied with the solution above, you can try to share YouTube video on your story and link it to its URL to let people watch the full video. Fortunately, Instagram allows users to add swipe-up links to their stories officially. Hence, you can link to the intended YouTube video in your stories. 

But unluckily, this feature is only available for those with more than 10k followers or a verified Instagram account! So what can you do if you don’t have this many followers on Instagram? Yes! Using AiSchedul you can add links to Instagram stories even without 10,000 followers.

In the picture below you can see that @socialpros.co with less than 10k followers has added URLs to their stories:

Instagram Bio Link Tool by AiSchedul

Check out the AiSchedul website right now and enjoy the ride! 

How To Share YouTube Videos through Instagram Bio URL?

Another way to share YouTube video on Instagram is to share the video link on Instagram bio. As you all know, Instagram allows you to share one clickable link on your Instagram bio, so you can simply copy the intended YouTube video URL and paste it on your bio. But what if you want to share multiple videos simultaneously? 

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst Instagram limitations and seems problematic. But don’t worry, AiSchedul is here to save the day! But how?

What AiSchedul does is creating a landing page for your bio link that includes all the links you want to share on your bio.

Actually, this link-in-bio tool lets you use widgets to connect to other social media accounts. And hopefully, one of the supported ones is YouTube. So, to link to your YouTube channel and videos, you can use its widget and create an eyecatching environment for people who interact with your page. 

In the following picture, you can see that @soundcloudvip has linked their Instagram to their YouTube channel:

Instagram Bio Link Tool by AiSchedul

Also, as you see, using it you can add several customized buttons to your Instagram bio link and leverage it for selling products. So, as you see it is really useful and amazing and you need to give it a try for free

How To Share Youtube videos on IGTV?

Another way to share YouTube video on Instagram is to share it on IGTV and add its link to the IGTV description. Actually, on IGTV you can share longer videos and you may be able to share the complete version. But if not, try to share its URL. Fortunately, Instagram allows users to share clickable links on their IGTV descriptions. And hence, you can copy and paste the intended video URL and ask people to watch it on YouTube. 

Instagram IGTV


To sum it up, you may need to share YouTube video on Instagram for so many reasons. Especially, since Instagram deletes music videos due to copyright laws, it would be a great idea to post a music video on Instagram avoiding this issue. you have 4 simple ways to share YouTube videos on Instagram. The most direct one is to download it using a video convertor and then upload it on Instagram. But, due to the Instagram limitations for video lengths and dimensions, using the official app you may need to waste a lot of time. However, using AiSchedul, you can simply check the dimensions, trim, and edit your videos and share them on the feed, stories, and IGTV. So, give it a chance and enjoy being a professional Instagrammer.