Best Instagram Story Ideas: 5 Tips for More Growth

Best Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram stories must be a part of every marketer’s strategies to win the marketplace. Fortunately, Instagram stories are viral and have more options than Instagram posts shared on the feed. Hence, you must get the most out of them. But, what are the best Instagram story ideas to grow followers on Instagram? This is what we are going to discuss in this article. 

In the following sections, we teach you 5 simple tips that can help you attract your target audience, appear on the Instagram explore page, and keep your followers active and engaging. So, keep on reading.

Best Instagram Story Ideas for More Growth 

Instagram stories are temporary posts that automatically disappear after 24 hours. Actually, these posts are more popular than feed posts for some reason. One of the reasons is that stories appear on the top part of the Instagram homepage, and hence, users check it before the feed. So, if you want to grow on Instagram, you can use this fact and get the most out of the stories. Here, we mention 5 tips that let you have the best Instagram story ideas. So, stay tuned.

#1 Get the Most Out of Instagram Story Stickers

One of the best Instagram story features that let you have the best story ideas is stickers. Actually, Instagram stories have many stickers that let you ask for your followers’ opinions, add music to your Instagram stories, and more than this. 

best Instagram story ideas

But what are each of these stickers, and how do they help you attract people and grow your account? Let’s see!

1- Poll Sticker

best Instagram story ideas

Using the poll sticker, you can ask your followers for their opinion. This way, you have the chance to know what do they like, what products and services they prefer and they are satisfied with something or not. Hence, you can improve your performance on Instagram and get more followers. 

2- Questions Sticker

best Instagram story ideas

Using the question sticker, you can run Q&A sessions on Instagram and ask for your followers’ opinions more specifically. Using this sticker, you can let them ask you whatever they want. Also, you have the chance to ask them for advice and suggestions. So, do not hesitate to add this sticker to your stories and get some great ideas for your future posts, products, and services.

3- Countdown Sticker

countdown sticker

Another good sticker helping you have the best Instagram story ideas is the countdown sticker. Actually, this sticker can turn your followers into customers. Whenever you run a giveaway contest, pick the contest winners, launch a new product, celebrate an event, or run any other types of events, use this sticker and encourage people to engage and take part. 

4- Emoji Slider Sticker

emoji slider

With the emoji slide bar, you can see how people feel about your products, services, ideas, and posts. So, share them and get some reactions by emojis.

5- Quiz Sticker

quiz sticker

Another good Instagram story idea is to take quizzes. Just ask a question about your products, or make people guess something about you. Then, see how they engage with your stories, and you’ll grow.

By the way, these are not the only stickers available to add to your stories. However, these might help you to grow more than the other ones. So, try to use your storytelling ideas and use these stickers to boost your followers. Also, click here for more information on stickers.

#2 Add Links to Your Instagram Story

One of the best Instagram story ideas is to add links to your stories and invite people to open your website, YouTube channel, SoundCloud page, or other social media accounts you have. Actually, if you have a verified Instagram account or you have 10k+ followers, you can use the official Instagram app to add links to your stories. This feature is called the swipe-up feature and helps you drive traffic to your website. Here’s an example: 

swipe up links

But what if you don’t meet these credentials? Well, you can still add links to your Instagram stories using an all-in-one bio link tool like AiSchedul

best Instagram story ideas via AiSchedul

Using this marvelous tool, you can easily:

And more than this. So, watch the following video and then sign up for free to add links to your stories and grow your followers:

#3 Repost Fan Stories

best Instagram story ideas

One of the best Instagram story ideas is to reshare your fans’ Instagram stories and posts if you have run out of ideas. This way, you show that you are listening to them, and also, it is a marketing strategy that helps you grow on Instagram. However, Instagram allows you to share stories that you have been mentioned in. But, using AiSchedul, you can easily repost stories and posts from all over Instagram. So, click here to know how to repost using AiSchedul. Then, sign up for free and share some of the best fan posts with other followers.

#4 Share Your Posts on Stories as Well

best Instagram story ideas

This is one of the best Instagram story ideas to grow on Instagram and skyrocket post views. Actually, if you want to double up your Instagram views, don’t hesitate to share your posts on stories as well. This way, you announce to people that you have shared something amazing. Hence, if they miss what you have posted because of the Instagram algorithms, they can check your posts by tapping on your story. 

Fortunately, Instagram lets you share your posts on stories. But, to do so, you have to send the post to the stories after posting it manually. So, we recommend you use AiSchedul’s scheduler. Using this scheduler, just by checking a box, your posts will be shared on stories as well, right when the post has been shared. So, sign up now and try it for free.

#5 Get More Out with Video, Hashtags, and Location in Stories

In the end, a few empirical values ​​from the past months of coaching and courses with many different accounts.

Choose location strategically

story locations

Everyone knows the location stories in which we all like to show up because we then get additional viewers. So it’s best to use it with every clip! My insider tip is to choose smaller places. The location Munich, for example, brings me some additional viewers because the story cake is divided among a lot of story makers. But if I take Erding, for example, a small town near Munich, things look very different. Significantly fewer people make stories. Less competition automatically means more story viewers for my clips. If your potential customers also sit in small places, then make sure to use that.

Choosing a hashtag cleverly.

story hahstags

The fact that you can now follow hashtags is an exciting thing. Sooner or later, there will be more and more hashtag stories. That’s why I recommend using a hashtag for every clip (one is enough, by the way). However, add really related hashtags. For instance, if you are sharing some digital things on your stories, use #digital. 

Video first

best Instagram story ideas

Work exclusively with videos!! These are usually clearly preferred in the Insta-Story algorithm. With videos, you appear in location stories or hashtag stories, but rather not with photos. By the way, a shot of a product doesn’t have to be a photo. It can also be a very calm and stable video recording. I haven’t uploaded a photo to the story for a year.

Here, you can again take advantage of AiSchedul! Using this amazing tool, you can add locations, hashtags and also mention people! Moreover, since it can be used on a desktop, it helps you share qualified videos and awesomely manage your account! Also, using it, you can share multiple videos on the story with ease! So, give it a ride for free!

Final Tips on Best Instagram Story Ideas

To sum it up, Instagram stories are viral Instagram users and attract people more than regular posts. However, to have the best Instagram story ideas, you must work hard and pay attention to all the tips mentioned here. Also, if there is anything else to mention, feel free to leave us a comment.

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