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Categories: Instagram Marketing
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March 13, 2021

How To Edit Instagram Stories & Posts After Publishing?

By Zahra Zakipoor

To err is human; to edit, divine 🙂 It has happened to all of us when we publish content on Instagram or leave a comment and then we notice something is off, wrong, or not included. So we look for a way to fix it. Does Instagram have a feature for that? That is what we are going to talk about. If you don’t know how to edit Instagram stories, posts, or comments after publishing, stay till the end of this article. Because you are about to learn some hacks.

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How To Edit Instagram Stories?

Imagine you congratulate on your friend’s achievements but you forget to tag that friend! How to edit the story after it is published? 

Almost everyone knows how to edit Instagram posts, but no one knows how to edit Instagram stories. Because Instagram does not design a feature that enables you to edit Instagram stories. 

So you either have to delete your story and create a new one, ORRR you can repost your story and meanwhile make the changes you want to the story. How to repost Instagram stories? Use AiGrow!

How to edit Instagram stories With AiGrow?

I must mention earlier that you can edit your Instagram stories with AiGrow on your PC as well as your cellphone. Here I illustrate the process on PC. No matter what your device is, you still need to take the exact same steps. 

After you Sign up to AiGrow for free and connect your Instagram to your dashboard:

  • Open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab
Click Repost & select story. Afterward, you can schedule it as well or even add links to it even if your account is not verified yet.
  • Click on “Repost” and select Story
Note that the original story will not be replaced by the edited one

Enter your username here and select the story you want to edit

Now you can add whatever you want to your IG story

Just remember to delete the original Instagram story after the edited one goes live.

How To Edit Story Highlights On Instagram?

To edit Instagram story highlights, you should follow the instruction that was just given. But you still can edit the name or cover of the highlight.

How To Change Instagram Highlight Cover And Name?

  1. Tap on the story you want to edit
  2. Tap on the three dots down-right
  3. Tap on Edit
  4. There you can edit both name and cover of the highlight

If you wanna edit the highlight cover and select a cover that is not among the stories, you should first publish that cover to your story and add it to your highlights. If you are uncomfortable with doing so, you can hide the story from everyone when you publish that cover to your story.

How To Reorder Instagram Highlights?

You should know your highlights are arranged in chronological order. It means every time you add a story to a highlight, that highlight appears in the beginning. Other than that, you can not reorder the highlights [yet.]

Can You Reorder Instagram Stories Of A Highlight?

Nope! The stories are ordered chronologically and after adding them to highlights, you can not reorder them.

How To Edit Instagram Posts?

It’s been said by many Instagram experts that you should not edit Instagram posts when they go live. That is why you are required to double or triple check your Instagram post before you publish it.

Why you must not edit Instagram posts after they are published? Read; Do NOT edit your Instagram posts!

If it is a mistake in a caption, correct your mistake in the comment and pin the comments so that everyone can read it. However, it is your call. Maybe it is worth all the consequences, so this is how you edit Instagram post;

  • Select the post you want to edit in your IG profile
  • Tap on three dots top right the post
  • Tap Edit
  • Edit whatever you want (caption, tag, location, etc)

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As said, you’d better not edit your post. But if you made a seriously huge mistake and you have no choice but to delete all your content, AiGrow helps you to mass delete Instagram posts of yours with only one click.

After signing up for free and connecting your IG account to the AiGrow dashboard, select Manage Account and then “Bulk Post Delete”.

Delete selected or all IG posts of yours with a click

Then click “Select All Posts” and “Delete”

Can I Edit Instagram Post On PC?

This feature is the para-app only and you can not edit Instagram posts on the Instagram web. However, using AiGrow, this can be done on any device. 

How To Edit Comments On Instagram?

Instagram does not have a feature to enable you to edit Instagram comments. And to be fair, this feature is not even necessary. Delete the comment and leave a new one.

How To Edit Direct Messages?

The same goes for Instagram DMs. If there is an error regarding the DM you have sent, you can simply unsend the DM and write a new one. When you unsend a direct message, you delete the DM from both sides.

To learn more, read; The Instagram Unsend Message Feature & How to Use It


We all have made some errors when it comes to Instagram which we noticed after the content goes live whether it is posts, stories, comments, or direct messages.

Although you’d better not edit Instagram posts after they are published if you insist, you must tap on the three dots top right of the post and select edit. 

For the rest, there is not an actual feature to edit. But there are some workarounds. 

  • If you wanna edit an Instagram story, use AiGrow to edit an already publish IG story.
  • To edit an Instagram comment, delete the one you left and leave a new one.
  • If you wanna edit an Instagram direct message, unsend it and send a new one.

This post was last modified on March 11, 2021 17:03

Zahra Zakipoor

Zahra Zakipoor is a travel freak who survived quarantine during the Corona pandemic! She is a junior digital marketer who has been working with SocialPros since 2018 as a full-time content writer. Her articles are mainly about growing on Instagram as an Instagram marketer. She loves dancing although she does it horribly!

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