Perfect Instagram Profile: 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

perfect Instagram profile

Creating a perfect Instagram profile has always been an important part of a successful Instagram account, especially for business accounts. Actually, your username, name, profile picture, bio, contact information, story highlights, and your Instagram feed layout has an integral impact on your followers, and potential followers. This happens because when someone wants to follow you on Instagram, these factors are the ones that make the first impression at first glance. So, you should try your best to have your best performance here. 

All the fastest growing IG profiles have figured out the winning formula – from the catchy and memorable bios to the right mixture of content, and an excellent Instagram growth service like flock social.

In the following, we share 10 simple tips and hacks that can help you in creating your perfect Instagram profile. So, keep on reading and leverage your Instagram profile to make money and grow organically

#1 Choose an Easy-to-Search Username 

Well, the first part of an Instagram account that has a great impact on people is the username, or handle. Your Instagram username is a brief definition of your brand and identification. Actually, if you want to be recognized easily on Instagram, you must choose a simple Instagram handle. So, try to avoid choosing an Instagram handle containing multiple dots, underlines, and other signs. Keep it simple and searchable, just @puma like did:

perfect Instagram profile

Also, if you are not having a brand page on Instagram, and you are running your personal brand, again, try to keep it simple, recognizable, and easy to search. To do so, the best idea is to use your name and family name. Here’s an example from @billyhowerdel :

IG handle

#2 Searchable Business Name

This is one thing that most Instagram users don’t know! The name that you set for your Instagram account is searchable! Meaning that if you are trying to set a short username and cannot include all the necessary parts of your business there, you have the chance to do it in your Instagram name! 

Actually, this is an amazing hack that must be used with no doubt. For example, if you are managing a wine brand page on Instagram, in your Instagram name you can share both the brand name and the business category. This way, people who are searching for a wine brand, can find your account, and hence, you’ll get more followers. Here’s an example from @blossomhill:

perfect Instagram profile

Also, this can be done for personal pages. For example, @catatanbackpacker is a travel blogger on Instagram, and if you simply search the term “travel blogger”, you can find his account:

IG name

#3 On-Brand or Real Instagram Profile Photo

Another part of a perfect Instagram profile is the profile picture. Actually, this Instagram profile picture is the first visual part people see on your account. Hence, you must really care about it. 

First of all, make sure that your profile picture has the right dimensions. Actually, the perfect dimensions for your profile picture are 110 x 110 pixels. So, try to keep it in size. 

The other point worth mentioning is that if you are managing a business page, set the brand logo as the profile photo. This is what @nike has done:

perfect Instagram profile

And if you are managing your own personal account, just keep it real and aesthetic. Choose the best photo of yourself and set it as your profile picture. Also, if you have a theme for your stories and feed posts, choose a profile pic that makes a perfect match with your theme. For instance, look at @heleneinbetween’s Instagram account:

perfect Instagram profile

#4 Brief and Descriptive Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is the most important part of your Instagram account, especially if your account is private. So, you must use the best Instagram bio hacks to succeed. On your bio, you have to briefly describe what you are doing on Instagram. But this must be exact! So, do not avoid mentioning important facts about your purpose for being on Instagram, just to keep it short and brief. Instead, avoid unnecessary parts and focus on important facts. For instance, include your occupation, type of business, age, location, and other important things related to you.

Here’s an amazing example by @erinwalshstyle:

perfect Instagram profile

Also, try to center your Instagram bio and add enters and spaces to focus on some parts more than the others. 

#5 Choose a Business Category for Your Instagram Profile

If you have a business account on Instagram, to have a perfect Instagram profile, choose the best category that describes your business to be shared on your profile. This helps people, especially online shoppers, to find what they need in a shorter time. Actually, turning to an Instagram business account is really easy and you can see how to do it here

However, if you are not able to switch your account into a business one, just write your business category in the first line of your bio or your name:

perfect Instagram profile

#6 Add a Bio Link to Your Instagram Profile

Actually, you cannot include all the necessary information in your Instagram bio. Also, you cannot share all the details in your Instagram posts, stories, and captions. Hence, if you want to be a professional business manager and run your business account intellectually, you need to have a blog or website. However, you can just share one link on your bio. So, what can you do to add multiple links in your bio?

Well, we suggest you use an all-in-one bio link like AiSchedul.

perfect Instagram profile

Actually, AiSchedul is more than just a bio-link tool and has a complete package of management features. For example, using it you can:

And more than this. But, it is a great tool to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. For more information, watch the following video:

Pro tip: To gain your follower’s trust you must secure your browser by using an SSL certificate. If you have multiple subdomains and wish to have a single SSL certificate then, you can choose a cheap SSL wildcard certificate

#7 Add Contact Information to Your Instagram Profile

Actually, most of the professional users on Instagram, share their contact information in their bio. To illustrate, look at the @chelseamakeup1’ account:

perfect Instagram profile

However, a more professional way is to add a contact button to your bio. Actually, this can be done easily using AiSchedul

perfect Instagram profile

Adding a contact button to your Instagram bio link in this way, people can contact you directly from your Instagram bio and there’s no need to share your email address! Your followers can contact you just by tapping on a button!

contact button

So, go ahead and sign up for free right now. Also, click here to see how to add a contact button.

#8 Link Your Instagram Profile to other Social Media Accounts

Another factor that helps you have a perfect Instagram profile and be more professional is to connect your account to other social media accounts you have. Actually, to become successful in your business, you must support yourself by being on different social media websites and sharing different information about your products and services. 

However, since Instagram has some limitations about the number of links, you cannot add as many links as you want using the official app. However, using AiSchedul and the social media widgets feature, you can easily link social media accounts all at once. Here’s an example:

social media links in bio

Just sign up for free and give it a try right now!

#9 Story Highlights

This is one of the most important parts of a perfect Instagram profile. Actually, most of the people avoid saving stories in their highlights because they think it is not important. But, to be honest, Instagram stories can contain some pieces of information that people are searching for and cannot find on other parts of your profile. For instance, using your story highlights, you can share FAQs, contact information, and et cetera. So, save some of the best stories as highlights. 

Also, you can choose covers for your Instagram highlights and make them match your profile picture and Instagram layout. As an example, take a look at @amyporterfield’s Instagram highlights:

Instagram highlights

Apart from the mentioned reasons, Instagram stories are a good place to share links using the swipe-up feature. However, to do that, you must have 10k+ followers or a verified Instagram account. But, if you don’t meet these credentials, AiSchedul can help you add links to stories even without being verified.

#10 Instagram Posts Layout

The last thing that people check about your account is your Instagram feed. However, this doesn’t mean that your posts and feed doesn’t have any importance. Actually, to have a perfect Instagram profile, you just really care about posts that you share. Additionally, it would be great if you choose a unique and eye-catching layout for your posts. To illustrate, look at @lady.austin’s posts layout:

Instagram layout

This is amazing, right? So, try to be creative and have a marvelous Instagram account.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, a perfect Instagram profile is your free ticket to win the marketplace on Instagram. However, it is not an easy thing to get. Here, we mentioned 10 tips that can help you to have the best profile on Instagram. Also, if there is anything missing, leave us a comment and tell us about it. 🙂

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