How Instagram Unsend Message Feature Works + [The Best DM Management Service]

instagram unsend message

Have you ever made embarrassing message blunders? Unfortunately, in real life, we don’t have a CTRL Z feature to instantly undo our mistakes. However, the Instagram unsend message feature is a solution to delete your mistakenly sent message!

We’ve all been there when we slide into DMs and accidentally send a revealing photo to the wrong person (though they might consider it lucky) or mistakenly share confidential information with a competitor.

But can you unsend messages? And if you unsend a message on Instagram, does it notify your audience? What happens to any unsent messages? This post has all of the answers!

In this article, we will explore the process of unsending a message on Instagram and answer frequently asked questions about this feature. We also provide a fantastic service called, AiGrow, to mass delete your DMs if you sent a lot of them and then regretted it.

What Is the Unsend Instagram Message Feature?

The Unsend Instagram Message feature enables users to delete a message they’ve sent from both their own and the recipient’s side of the conversation. This feature provides a level of control and privacy, allowing users to remove messages that may have been sent accidentally, contained errors, or were simply ill-advised.

By using the unsend Instagram message feature, your message will be permanently deleted from both your conversation history and the recipient’s conversation history. However, it’s essential to note that unsending a message does not prevent the recipient from receiving notifications when you send that message. They may still receive a notification, but upon opening the conversation, they will find the message completely removed.

The Unsend Message feature on Instagram provides users with a valuable tool to correct mistakes, regain control, and maintain privacy in their conversations. By following a few simple steps, you can unsend messages and rectify any errors or remove unwanted content from your conversations. However, it’s important to use this feature thoughtfully and consider the implications before sending messages to ensure a positive and respectful online experience.

If I Unsend a Message on Instagram What Happens?

While sending messages on Instagram is a common practice, there are times when you might regret sending a message and wish to undo it.

But what happens if you unsend a message on Instagram? Will the person know when you unsend a message on Instagram? You may be wondering if unsending a message deletes it on both ends.

There is no time limit for unsending IG direct messages, and you can remove a message written a day or even a week ago! It’s vital to know that after you send a message on Instagram, the sender, and the recipient will no longer see it.

Instagram unsend message
If I unsend a message on Instagram what happens

Even after your message has been seen by the recipient, you can still delete it. If you haven’t turned off Instagram read receipts, you may see whether or not your audience has viewed it. It’s possible that the recipient has seen it, forwarded it, or screenshotted it!

Note that Instagram does not notify users when you remove the IG messages they have sent to you. Furthermore, your Data Download file does not include unsent messages from your Instagram account, although Instagram may retain a record of your deleted messages.

The unsend feature will function regardless of whether you are messaging a single individual or a group. Now let’s see how to delete messages on Instagram from both sides.

How to Unsend a Message on Instagram

Unsending a message on Instagram can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Maybe you accidentally sent a private message to the wrong person or realized you made a typo or said something you shouldn’t have. Whatever the reason may be, here’s how you can unsend a message on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Go to your direct messages by tapping on the paper airplane icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Find the conversation where you sent the message you want to unsend.
  • In the conversation thread, scroll to that one message that makes you cringe every time you see it.
  • Tap and hold on to that one message.
  • When prompted, simply Tap on ‘Unsend’ to remove the message from the conversation.
How to Unsend a Message on Instagram

You can also delete the whole conversation, but it’s important to note that deleting a conversation on Instagram will only remove it from your side of the conversation. The other person will still be able to see the message unless you block them.

This can be done by tapping on the top-right corner of your feeds page. Once the inbox page loads, search and select the conversation you wish to delete a conversation from.

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How to See Unsent Messages on Instagram

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to see unsent messages on Instagram, the answer is no. Once a message is unsent by the sender, it disappears from the conversation and cannot be viewed by the recipient or any other party.

Instagram designed the unsend feature to provide users with the ability to remove messages they regret or no longer wish to have in a conversation. This ensures that the privacy and control of users’ messages are maintained.

When a message is unsent on Instagram, it is permanently deleted from the conversation. It’s important to remember that unsending a message is a one-way action, and there is no way to recover or see unsent messages on Instagram once they have been removed.

If you have unsent messages in your conversation history, there won’t be any trace of those messages. You and the recipient will only see the messages that were not unsent.


In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s not uncommon to send a message and immediately regret it. Thankfully, Instagram has a handy feature called ‘Unsend Message’ that allows you to retract a message you’ve sent, giving you a chance to rectify any mistakes or delete messages you no longer want in a conversation.

Having the ability to unsend a message on Instagram can be a useful feature, giving you the chance to rectify any accidental messages or mistakes. Take advantage of this feature whenever you need to correct or retract a message on Instagram.


1. Does unsending a message on Instagram delete it?

Yes, unsending a message on Instagram will dit delete it from the conversation permanently and from both sides of the conversation.

2. Can I unsend a message on Instagram after the recipient has viewed it?

Yes, you can unsend a message even after the recipient has viewed it. However, they may have already seen the message before you had the chance to remove it.

3. Can the recipient see if you unsend a message on Instagram?

No, the recipient won’t be notified if you unsend a message on Instagram. However, they may receive a notification and see the message disappear from the conversation.

4. Can you unsend a message on Instagram from a computer?

Yes, the ability to unsend messages on Instagram is available on both the mobile app and the web version.

5. Is there a time limit for unsending a message on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not impose a time limit for unsending messages. You can unsend a message at any time, regardless of when it was sent.