How to Delete Instagram Messages [ Mass Delete All DMs]

How to Delete Instagram Messages Mass Delete All DMs

Learning how to delete Instagram messages seems to be a trending topic among successful businesses! I’m pretty sure that as an Instagram brand account, you receive tons of DMs every day. So, after a while, you’ll notice that your Instagram direct is flooded with messages and conversations you don’t need to keep but still fill up the place. That’s why finding a solution for how to delete all chats in Instagram direct section is a must.

Sending mass DM on Instagram can be an excellent strategy, but if you don’t know how to clear Instagram DMs, the long list of chats might even make you regret sending the messages. On the other hand, if you manage DM notifications, delete the old conversations, and filter your IG messages, you can perfectly reply to every message and build customer trust.

But how to delete all Instagram messages at once on your iPhone, Android, or Desktop? In the following, we’ll cover how to clear chat on Instagram and get rid of the old conversations, or even the spammy ones.

Plus, we’ll introduce DMpro, a highly reliable platform that will enable you to send bulk DMs to your followers, connect your DM to Email, and more. But more importantly, it will help you understand how to delete multiple Instagram messages.

So, stay in touch! 🙂 

How to Delete Instagram Messages?

As mentioned already, you can conveniently send automated DMs and use the opportunity to your advantage if you know how to delete all conversation in Instagram and manage your IG notifications. And you don’t have to worry about the process!

Although Instagram doesn’t enable you to mass DM on Instagram, you can hopefully understand how to delete your Instagram private messages using the official IG app. 

To delete your conversions and get rid of useless ones ASAP, Android users can follow these three steps: 

1. First open your direct messages from the icon in the top right corner. 

2. Tap and hold the conversation, and choose the ‘Delete’ button. 

how to delete instagram messages
delete a conversation on instagram

3. And finally, approve the deletion. 

To  learn how to delete Instagram messages on iPhone, just follow this instruction:

  • Swipe the conversation you want to delete to the left.
  • Then tap on the ‘Delete’ item. 

That’s it! Following these steps, you’ll become an expert on how to clear chat on Instagram. It was straightforward, right?

Now, if you are wondering how to delete messages on Instagram with Desktop, you have to follow these steps: 

  • Open your DM inbox and go to the intended conversation.
how to delete messages on instagram
how to clear chats on instagram
  • On the top right corner of the chat, click on the thread details icon. 
how to delete instagram messages
how to delete instagram messages
  • Here, simply click on ‘delete chat,’ and you’re done!
how to delete instagram messages
how to delete instagram messages

Congratulations, now you’re an expert on how to delete IG messages! Just keep in mind that if you ever delete an Instagram chat by accident, you can always refer to us to learn how to recover deleted Instagram messages

Now, let’s see how to delete selected messages on Instagram iPhone, Android, and PC. 

How to Mass Delete Instagram Messages on Business Accounts 

Well, if you have a business account, you are so lucky! Instagram allows you to select as many chats as you want and then by taking the right steps, you’ll know how to clear chat in Instagram direct.

Now, to  find out how to delete all Instagram messages on your business account, stay with us!

On your Android or iPhone device, take the following actions on your Android or iPhone device:

  • First, open your DM inbox and tap on the selecting icon in the top right corner of the screen.
how to delete messages on instagram
how to clear all instagram chats
  • Then, easily select as many conversations as you want and tap on the delete button. 
how to clear chats on instagram
how to clear chats on instagram app

This feature is really great and addresses our question of how to delete all Instagram DMs. But unfortunately, it’s not available either for non-business accounts or on the desktop. So, how can you remove your old conversations just with one click?

It’s really easy! Keep reading  to realize how to delete chats on Instagram with a private account or from Desktop using the best Instagram DM cleaner. 

DMPro: Best Instagram DM Cleaner

how to delete instagram messages on dmpro

This tool is more of a DM management tool than growth, yet there’s no denying that by sending multiple messages and knowing how to delete Instagram chats all at once, you can bring about growth. Now, let’s see how it works!

DMPro is a robust service, enabling you to:

  • Send many messages to followers and turn followers into customers,
  • Understand how to clear all chats on Instagram,
  • Receive and answer Instagram messages from the comfort of your Email inbox,
  • Set and send Instagram autoreply,

And more! It makes every process a lot easier! So, you won’t even need to learn how to delete Instagram messages at once because DMPro’s team will take care of it for you!

Start your journey on DMPro now and enjoy the process!

How to Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides?

Many asked, ‘How do you delete messages on Instagram in a way that the recipient can’t access it?’ Well, it has happened to all of us at least once! You send a message to someone, then you recognize that you have sent it to the wrong recipient. Or you just changed your mind. In such situations, you’re desperate to know how to delete messages on Instagram from both sides.

Hopefully, Instagram allows you to unsend your messages on Instagram and delete them for both sides. Doing so also helps those who are wondering how to delete individual messages on Instagram.

In effect, there’s no way to learn how to delete all messages on Instagram from both sides. But on Instagram, unsending a message is indeed possible.

To understand how to unsend messages on Instagram, follow the instructions. If you’re a mobile user:

  • Tap and hold the message you want to remove.
  • Then, hit the unsend button.
how to unsend messages on instagram
how to unsend messages on instagram

Also, on a PC, you just have to click on the three-dots icon on the left side of your sent message and then click on ‘unsend.’

unsend instagram messages
unsend Instagram messages

This way, the other recipient cannot read your message anymore. But using this feature, you can just delete messages you have sent one by one. That is, there’s no way you can understand how to delete Instagram messages fast if you only rely on the official app.

Actually, some people believe that if they block the other recipient, they’ll not access the messages. But this is not true! When you block someone on Instagram, they won’t see your profile, posts, and stories. Additionally, they cannot send you DMs. But they still have access to the previous conversations.

So, the only way to get rid of your sent messages is to go on Instagram and unsend them one by one! However, before taking the steps above, make sure that you won’t need the deleted Instagram messages later because you can’t access them.

How to Delete a Group Chat on Instagram

So far, you have mastered how to delete messages from Instagram. But what about group chats?! Together, let’s figure out how to delete an Instagram group chat; shall we?!

Deleting a group chat is totally similar to deleting a conversation on Instagram. The only difference is that if you are the group creator, you have two options:

  • Leave the chat, 
  • Or delete the chat.
how to clear group chats on instagram
delete group chats on Instagram

By understanding how to delete Instamessage of a group and leaving the chat, the group remains active, and other members can still hold conversations, but you won’t be a part of it anymore. But if you delete the chat, the group vanishes, and nobody can access it.

So, it’s up to you to decide which path you take for how to clear Instagram chat groups!

FAQ on How to Delete Instagram Messages

Granted we have covered all aspects of how to delete multiple messages on Instagram. But, it’s time to see what other common questions are out there!

Bear with us to find answers to all your questions related to how to delete messages on Instagram.

1- If You Delete a Conversation on Instagram, Does the Other Person Know?

It’s an excellent question indeed! If you know how to delete messages in Instagram, then the conversation becomes unavailable to you. But, the recipient of those messages will be able to access and read them, without ever finding out the action you took!

Yet, this gets more complicated if you deleted Instagram messages from both sides. That is, if you unsend an individual message, it becomes inaccessible to you and the recipient. 

However, if they have been online with their Instagram DM notifications turned on, they could read a part of the message from the notification. So, it depends on who you texted and if he was online and checking his phone at that exact moment. But if it was a risky message, delete it all the same!

If someone has unsent a message and you’re curious to read it, you can check out this article on how to read unsent messages on Instagram!

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that even if you know about unsending messages on Instagram, there’s no way to learn how to delete all chats on Instagram if you have a private account. Instead, you’ll need the help of DMPro!

2- What Happens When You Unsend a Message on Instagram?

Now that you’ve learned how to clear DMs on Instagram, you’d probably like to try it out. But what happens after you unsend or delete multiple Instagram messages?!

Instagram unsending means that the message becomes inaccessible to all who have joined that conversation. So, whether it’s a group chat or a private one, the message is removed for all parties. And according to Instagram, your unsent messages won’t appear on your data download file either. 

Yet, as mentioned previously, you need to be careful! It is true that when you unsend a message on Instagram, it vanishes from the conversation. However, if that person was in your chat at that exact moment or received the push notification from the message, they could have read it or some parts of it!

Our best recommendation is to check the recipient and the content twice or even three times if it contains sensitive information!

And on Instagram, deleting all or multiple messages is possible as explained. But you need to ensure that you won’t exceed Instagram limits.

3- Why Can’t I Delete Messages on Instagram?

You already know how to delete Instagram chats but you need to consider Instagram limitations as well! As explained above, Instagram doesn’t let you select individual messages and remove them only for yourself. 

That is, you can unsend a message which makes it unavailable to the recipient as well. Or, you can delete the entire chat on Instagram. And selecting multiple Instagram chats to delete is also impossible for private account owners!

To go around all these limitations and find out how to permanently delete Instagram messages and chats, you can always count on the amazing DMPro.

4- What Is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Remember how we discussed that the future of Instagram is exceptionally bright for creators and business pages?! Well, Instagram keeps proving us right by providing new features! One of them is the vanish mode. It’s a relatively new feature that first came out in 2021 and is now available to those who run an Instagram business profile

With the vanish mode, you don’t need to worry about how to delete Instagram messages because it enables you to send disappearing DMs. That is, when you turn the vanish mode on, you can send images, videos, and messages that will automatically disappear when you leave the chat. Besides, if you take a screenshot, the other person can also see!

vanish mode on instagram
vanish mode on instagram

So, you can have a temporary chat that Instagram will automatically erase when you leave it. If you want a chat where you can permanently delete the DMs you’ve sent, why not try the vanish mode?! 

5- What Growth Tool Can Also Facilitate How to Delete All Chats in Instagram Direct?

Instagram is aware of the power of DMs and keeps adding features to make our job easier. However, we still face limitations in this section! For instance, we still don’t know how to read messages without being seen or mass delete messages! 

One of the best apps you can use to get rid of such limitations and delete all Instagram messages at once is AiGrow. Luckily, AiGrow is more than just a dm cleaner app that helps you bulk delete messages.

AiGrow is a safe management and growth service with several features, all leading your page to organic Instagram growth. One of its most prominent packages is the DM tool,  helping you to: 

  • Manage Instagram DM notifications,
  • Send automated Instagram DMs,
  • Read messages without leaving the read receipt,
  • Send messages from Desktop,
  • Monitor Instagram messages

And much more than this. But for now, let’s just look at it as a professional DM cleaner to understand how to delete all DMs on Instagram

As seen in the previous sections, there’s no way you can find out how to delete received Instagram messages all at once. Especially on a PC, you are even not allowed to delete your messages one by one. But there’s no need to worry! 

Using AiGrow, you are competent to select as many chats as you want and delete them all at once. This way, you simply know how to delete messages on Instagram with iPhone, Android, and even PC. Just note that this way, the conversations will be deleted just for you so that you can easier manage your DMs.

So, get immediate access to AiGrow now and enjoy this complete package of DM growth tools!

Now, if you want to delete Instagram messages from both sides, jump right into the next section. 

Final Thoughts on How to Delete Instagram Messages

To wrap it up, deleting Instagram messages, especially the unnecessary ones helps you better manage your conversations and reply to all the new and important DMs faster and better.

In this article, I showed you how to delete Instagram messages on an iPhone, Android phone, or even a PC. To conclude, it’s important to mention that deleting all chats in Instagram direct is only possible for business accounts. That is, if you have a private page, there’s no way to understand how to delete all Instagram chats. And you’ll need efficient tools like AiGrow and DMPro!

So, read this article meticulously to fully realize how to clear all chat in Instagram, and leave us a comment if you have any questions 😉