How To Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2024?

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

How To Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2024?

Ever scrolled through Instagram and suddenly couldn’t see someone’s posts or find their profile? Wondering if you’ve been blocked? In this guide, I’ll explore simple signs to help you figure out how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Whether someone blocks you or deactivates/deletes their Instagram accounts, their profile will no longer be visible to you. In such cases, you may wonder how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram or deleted/deactivated the account.

Actually, Instagram doesn’t send notifications when someone blocks, unfollows, restricts, or mutes you. So, when you suddenly can’t see someone’s posts, activities, or comments, it’s not immediately clear what happened.

If you’re confused about the differences between Instagram features like restrictions, blocking, and removing, I fully understand. And because of that, I’m here to teach you how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram!

But first, let’s see how to see who blocked you on Instagram.

What Happens If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

When someone blocks you on Instagram:

  • The number of followers and following of the user in question becomes invisible.
  • All your interactions (likes and comments) on the photo and video posts of that Instagram user will be deleted.
  • You won’t be able to tag or mention them in posts or comments.
  • You’ll be removed from their list of followers, and you’ll stop following them.
  • Their profile won’t show up when you search for it.
  • They won’t see your comments, tags, or likes anymore.

Instagram doesn’t provide a list of people who have blocked you, but you can infer if someone has blocked you if you notice any of the above signs. However, it’s easy to confuse being blocked with being restricted or when an Instagram account is deleted.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Ever wondered how to see who blocked you on Instagram? You might notice you haven’t seen someone’s stories or posts for a while. Then, when you search for their username, you get a message saying: “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” 

How to know someone blocked you on Instagram
How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram

If you’re an Instagram user constantly sending spammy messages, tagging others in irrelevant posts, or leaving inappropriate comments on their content, they’ve probably blocked you or are going to do so in the near future.

Navigating social media can sometimes feel like a puzzle, especially when you’re left wondering why someone’s presence has suddenly disappeared from your Instagram feed. Figuring out if you’ve been blocked or if the person has simply deleted or deactivated their account can be tricky.

When someone blocks you on Instagram, it’s like they’ve become a ghost to you on the platform. You won’t see their profile, posts, or even comments on mutual friends’ content. This can make it tough to confirm a block, but there are clues you can look for to solve this social media mystery.

If you wonder how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram without any tool, read the following sections.

1. Search for the User on Instagram

Everyone typically begins by searching for the username they suspect has blocked them. If you can still find their profile, view their photos, and see their follower and following counts when you search for their name, it’s likely they haven’t blocked you.

How to know who blocked me on Instagram
How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

But if you can’t find their username, they might have blocked you, deleted their account, or changed their username.

2. Check Your Own Profile for Any Clues About Them

When someone blocks you on Instagram, all interactions, including likes and comments between you and the user who blocked you, will be hidden.

However, if you remember where you mentioned them or if you sent them a direct message before, you can locate their user profiles, tap on them, and access their accounts.

You can also visit the suspect’s best friend’s profile and find any tags, mentions, comments, or other interactions related to them. Then, simply tap on these to navigate to their profile. If you share an Instagram group with the user, you can also find their profile there. 

So, try to tap on their profiles if possible.; if they have a private account and you haven’t followed them, you will see the message ‘This account is private,’ indicating they haven’t blocked you. 

However, if their profile was set to public and you see nothing in the grid area where posts should be, or if the follower and following numbers are displayed as 0 or are not displayed at all, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked on Instagram by them. 

3. Use a Browser to Look up Their Unique URL

As you know, every user on Instagram has a unique profile URL, which follows the format If you know the user’s exact username, simply enter it after the “/” in the ‘username’ field.

To check, paste the URL into your browser. If the profile appears as usual, it means they haven’t blocked you.

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram
How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

However, if you get the “Sorry, this page isn’t available” message, they may have blocked you. Other scenarios include the account being deleted or the user changing their username.

4. Use Another Instagram Account or Device

A reliable method to confirm if you’ve been blocked is to create a second Instagram account on your mobile device. From there, search for the name of the suspected account.

As mentioned before, a blocked account cannot view photos, Instagram bios, or follower/following counts. By comparing what you see using each of your Instagram accounts, you can determine if you’ve been blocked.

5. Check Shared Instagram Group Chats

Check group messages that you both have in common to see if the suspect person has deactivated or deleted their account. You can see the other person’s profile in the list of chat members if you’re in a group chat with them.

If you can still see them as group participants but not elsewhere and can’t access their profile, they have blocked you.

6. Mention the Suspect Account

You cannot mention someone who has blocked you on Instagram. To put it another way, you can’t find their name to tag them in posts. So, if you try to mention them and can’t find their names when you insert the @ symbol, they may have blocked you.

There are still other options, like deactivating or deleting their account.

7. Follow Them Again

Check to see if you can follow the person and if you can see their profile. If you are blocked, you will be unable to follow them. A quick tap on the ‘Follow’ button will not work; you will see it but cannot press it.
Note that they will not be notified that you attempted to follow them again.

8. Ask a Friend to Check the Suspect

You could also ask a mutual friend to check the user’s profile to see if the suspect is active or not. If your friend can access their profile, see their photos, and the followers and following information (public or private), but you can’t, then it’s obvious that you’ve been blocked.

If you don’t mind telling your friend that someone blocked you on Instagram, this is the best and clearest method!

How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram
How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

9. Check Your DMs

Check your direct messages with the person. If they’ve blocked you, when you attempt to view their profile by tapping on ‘Profile’, you won’t be able to see it. Instead, you’ll likely encounter a message indicating that you can’t access their profile. 

Additionally, within the chat, their name will appear as ‘Instagram User’ rather than their actual username or display name. This indicates that they’ve either blocked you or deactivated their account.

How to Block Someone that Blocked You?

There’s a clever workaround to block someone on Instagram even if they already blocked you. Here’s how:

1. Unearthing the Profile: Since a direct search won’t work, you need to find their username through another method. Here are two options:

   – Comment Caper:  

     – Go to a post on your profile. 

     – In the comments, start typing their username (preceded by the “@” symbol).

     – Even though Instagram might tell you the comment can’t be posted, the username will likely appear highlighted in blue. 

     – Tap on the highlighted username. This should lead you to their profile, even though you’re blocked.

   – DM Digging (if applicable): 

     – If you had a direct message conversation with them before they blocked you, you can still access that thread in your inbox (though you won’t receive new messages).

     – Open the direct message thread.

     – In the top right corner, there should be an exclamation mark icon. Tap it.

     – This might give you the option to block them.

2. The Block Button: Once you’re on their profile (using either method above), look for the three dots (…) in the top right corner. 

3. Mission Block:  A menu will appear. Tap on “Block”. This will block them on your end, even though they already blocked you.

How to block someone who blocked you
How to block someone who blocked you

Final Words on How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram 

In conclusion, understanding how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram can save you from the confusion and frustration of social media interactions. While Instagram keeps such actions private to protect user privacy, the signs are there if you look closely. 

Whether it’s the sudden disappearance of a profile or the inability to engage with a user’s content, these indicators can help you deduce if you’ve been blocked. Remember, being blocked on Instagram is not the end of the world. It’s simply a signal to respect boundaries and focus on the positive connections that enrich your social media experience.

FAQs on How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Before coming to the end of this article, let’s explore some of your frequently asked questions on the topic.

Q1: Can You Request to Follow Someone on Instagram If They Have Blocked You?

You can’t request to follow someone who has blocked you on Instagram because tapping on the following request won’t work. So, using this method can give you a clue on how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram!

Q2: Will the Person Who Blocked Me Receive Text Messages I Sent While My Account Was Blocked?

If you’ve been blocked by someone, any text messages you sent during that time would not have been received by the person who blocked you. When you unblock someone or if they unblock you, the messages sent while the block was in place do not get delivered retroactively. However, any new messages sent after the unblocking will be received as normal

Q3: Can I See Someone’s Profile Picture After They Block Me?

As I previously mentioned, you can access their profile from old comments or your DMs but not from searches. You can see the profile picture of the person who blocked you when you come across old DMs, but you won’t be able to see their posts, stories, or even Instagram bios.

Q4: What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Instagram?

Being blocked on Instagram cuts you off from interacting with that person’s account in a few ways:

Disappearing Act: Their profile vanishes from your search results. You won’t be able to see their posts, stories, or any updates they share. 

Tagging into the Void: You can still tag their username in comments or posts, but it won’t show up on their activity feed.

Instagram doesn’t explicitly tell you if someone blocked you. However, these signs can be a good indication.

If you’re unsure whether they deactivated their account or blocked you, there are a couple of things to try:

Check for them in a mutual friend’s group chat. If they appear there but not on your own search, it’s more likely they blocked you.  

Q5: What Does It Look Like When Someone Blocks You on Instagram?

Instagram keeps things silent when someone blocks you, but there are clues to sniff out. If you go searching for their profile and it’s nowhere to be found, that’s a red flag. Trying to visit their profile through a saved link or from a comment might also lead to dead ends, with error messages like “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” On top of that, their posts and stories between you two will vanish from your Instagram world.  

Q6. Can You See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

Instagram does not provide a feature that notifies users when they’ve been blocked by someone. However, you can infer that you’ve been blocked if you notice certain signs, such as being unable to view the person’s profile, posts, or stories, or if your messages to them go unanswered.

Q7: How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram Message or Story?

To determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram messages or stories:

1. Check if your direct messages to them are not delivered.

2. See if you can’t view their Instagram stories.

3. Attempt to visit their profile; if it’s not accessible or shows “User Not Found,” it could indicate a block.

4. If their profile doesn’t appear in search results when you look for their username, it’s another sign of being blocked

These indicators suggest you may have been blocked, but they’re not conclusive evidence.

Q8: If You Block Someone on Instagram Can They Still See Your Messages?

No, if you block someone on Instagram, they cannot see your messages. The block prevents them from viewing your profile, posts, and any messages you send. However, they can still see the messages sent before the block was in place. Blocking is designed to stop all contact on the platform.

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