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March 11, 2020

How to Host Giveaways on Your Instagram Accounts

By Mpro

Hosting an Instagram accounts giveaway can help you grow your Instagram organically and also achieve your business goals in a short period of time! But how do they work? And how to run them effectively and efficiently? Keep reading to find out! 

Host Giveaways On Instagram

Running Instagram giveaways is really easy if you know what to exactly do! Actually, the most important step you must take is to make sure that you know all the tips about each step you must take to host a successful giveaway on your Instagram accounts. Then brainstorm ideas, evaluate them, and determine the tasks you have to do and the time each of them takes to know if it is okay to run a giveaway or not! 

But first, let’s see what you have to do in order to host an Instagram giveaway and what are some important tips and hacks you must know about each step!

#1 Set a Goal For Your Instagram Giveaway

Before going to run an Instagram giveaway contest on Instagram, you have to define your goal. Actually, by setting a goal, you will be able to tailor a specific strategy and at the end of the giveaway see if you have been successful on it or not! 

But what goals can you set for an Instagram accounts giveaway? That totally depends on you! For instance, you may aim for:

  • A great increment in your Instagram engagement rate
  • Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter followers growth
  • More Email subscriptions
  • Website traffic

or whatever else from a giveaway contest. But, make sure that your goal is achievable! Yeah, giveaways help you with the mentioned goals for sure! But it is not magic! Meaning that if you have 10 followers right now, gaining 1 million followers after 2 or 3 days of an Instagram giveaway contest is impossible and irrational! So, set an accessible goal! 🙂

#2 Choose the Prize For Your Contest

Now that you have determined your goal, depending on the goal itself, the amount of money you can pay for it, and also your target audience, select your prize! Definitely, the more valuable the prize, the more attractions you get! But, don’t try to set a prize like an iPad just to gain attractions for a temporary period of time! Remember that your goal is to gain attraction for the rest of your business life. So, choose something that your target market needs! 

What does it mean? 

Well, take a look at the recent Instagram accounts giveaway held by @loveyourmelon:

Actually, this account is selling clothes like sweaters, headbands, blankets, and stuff like this. Now, look at their prizes! Yeah, its a package of their own products! But how can it help them to gain more permanent followers? Yeah! Right! Everyone loves iPads and iPhones. But when someone follows your contest with prizes chosen from your products, they are more likely to be interested in your products and services and hence, they will follow you even after the contest ends! 

So, choose your prizes intellectually and also of significant value to warrant the level of participation.

#3 Determine the Entering Rules

Now, you have to define some rules depending on your goal to let people enter your Instagram accounts giveaway! What does it mean and what rules should you set for your contest? 

Let’s learn this one with a simple example. Imagine that you want to gain blog traffic from your contest! In this case, you can ask people to go to your blog, insert a comment below your post(s) and share their URL with their friends!

This is just an example and you are not forced to set these rules. It really needs your creativity. But remember that it must help you to unlock your goal! So, keep the rules simple and straight to the goal!

In this example from @cuddleandkind, entrants must follow their account, like the post, and tag a friend in the comments of the post. These three steps are easy to follow and worth the effort to win the prize. And also, for an extra chance to win, users must enter their Facebook page:

However, note that it’s better to limit the entry requirements into three or four steps to make it easy for people to participate and also pick the winner!

#4 Set a Time Limit for The Instagram Accounts Giveaway

This step is simple and straightforward. You just need to set an appropriate period of time for your Instagram accounts giveaway. Just keep it balanced! Not too short, and also not too long! Why? 

Actually, you must have a long giveaway if you know that your prize is valued and guess that many people will enter! In this case, you have enough time for promoting your giveaway. But, note that if you keep the period too long, your giveaway might lose steam and people may forget to enter after postponing it! 

Moreover, a short giveaway works better if your prize is small and your goal is not that big. And also make sure not to run contests to boost your engagement rate every week. Because it obviously loses its excitement!

Here you can see that @witchcasketuk has set a 10-days long giveaway, which seems to be a good length to achieve what they want:

#5 Use the Best Relevant HashTags

Unquestionably, hashtags help your posts gain attractions and increase visibility on Instagram. But before using hashtags, make sure to choose the ones that are related to the campaign, the theme of your content, your products and services service, your business and the prize(s). 

In this example from @animalpak you can see that they have used hashtags that are related to the prizes, their products, and also some that are unique for their account:

Also, to make sure that you are using hashtags with the most viewers, try to use a hashtag search tool like AiSchedul that we talk about later in this article!

#6 Consider a Brand Partnership

Actually, Instagram accounts giveaway can be more successful when new brands partner together. What does it mean? For instance, imagine that your market produces and sells cake ingredients! In this case, you can ask for help from a bakery page! That bakery brand might post a recipe, and then mention some specific products of your brand in the ingredients section! In this case, both partners will get benefits from the giveaway and if your brand is an inchoate one, this will literally help you to grow!

In this way, you can ask influencers, celebrities, and big brandings for partnership. But, do not over-optimize it

What does it mean? Actually, some pages fall into Instagram loop giveaways that about 20-30 are having a partnership! Yeah! This will gain followers for all the participants in a short time! But after the contest ends, people will find themselves following so many accounts that are not interested in and unfollow them ASAP! So, keep it simple and fruitful!

#7 Promote Your Instagram Giveaway

Once you have set your goal, chosen the prize(s), entry criteria, potential partners, best hashtags and the contest length, you are ready to launch and promote your Instagram accounts giveaway! And also, note that people are more active on Instagram at some specific times! So, remember to post at the best time possible!

Additionally, share announcements everywhere you can! Share them on your stories regularly, post them on the feed, and also share some amazing ones on other social media accounts of yours! 

Automate your Instagram Accounts Giveaways

Well! Now, you completely know how to hold host giveaways on Instagram and you may wonder if it really worths it or not! Yes! It does take a great deal of time! But that must not pull you back! You can simply automate almost all the steps mentioned above? How? Stay tuned! 🙂


To automate an Instagram accounts giveaway you can use AiSchedul. AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform letting you schedule content, repost, create all-in-one links and also automate Instagram giveaway contests. 

Actually, using AiSchedul’s “Post and Reward” feature, you can:

  • Generate captions containing your entering criteria and automate the 3rd step,
  • Find the best and most relevant hashtags using its hashtag search tool and save time on the 5th step,
  • Share posts simultaneously on all the partner accounts and have a better partnership,
  • Schedule giveaway posts and stories to be shared on Instagram account(s) automatically and deal with time-consuming considerations on the 7th step,
  • And also track users’ actions and pick the winner automatically and DM them to inform their win!

So, it can really help you to manage your giveaway better and get better results in a shorter time. Hence, take a look at it and try it for free right now! Moreover, to know how to automate the process using this amazing tool, click here and follow the step by step instructions. Also, take a look at the following video for more information:


To wrap it up, Instagram accounts giveaway can really help you to get more attractions, for your Instagram and also other social media accounts you manage! But before trying to host a giveaway contest, read the article, know how it works and try to automate it using AiSchedul to save a great deal of time! Also, if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to leave us a comment! 🙂

This post was last modified on November 12, 2020 18:14


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