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How to Find Influencers on Instagram

December 5, 2017

Influencer marketing has become a significant element of the digital marketing strategy. Utilizing sponsored content, brands can employ creative social media Influencers to create brand awareness campaigns on Instagram and grow key customer connections. But an important question for most Instagram marketers is “how to find influencers on Instagram”?

With customer trust turning to viva-voce marketing and advice, firms invest in niche influencers to grow their brand.

This article is a reliable guide detailing how to reach out to influencers for your brand and strengthen relationships that benefit both you and your influencers.

How to Find Influencers on Instagram

Instagram Influencers have taken all over Instagram playing a vital role in Instagram marketing. 

In the following, you will read about essential items that help you find Instagram Influencers.

Focus on Micro-Influencers

The future is for Micro-influencers (1.000-1.500 followers). There are so many active influencers out there.

Actually, they are not celebrities or world-famous people, but they have managed to gain a certain number of loyal followers around them.

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Keep an Eye on Listings by Popular Magazines and Journals

Google the keywords related to your brand and see what comes up. For instance, you can search for “Best Fashion Influencers on Instagram” if you are a fashion designer.

Monitor Your Competitors to Find Influencers on Instagram

Be aware of what they are up to, which Influencer they partner with, and promote their brand. You can get a lot of helpful information by following them.

Also, if an influencer tags or mentions them in a post, it is best to note that information.

Cast around Influencers via Hashtags

Hashtags are essential to any promotional or branded content. Therefore, brainstorm top hashtags relevant to your industry or location and begin there. Applying the best Instagram Hashtags serve as a brilliant way to find Instagram Influencers. As much as niche your hashtag is, the less digging you will need to do for related accounts.

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Monitor Your Followers to Find Influencers on Instagram

In fact, one of the best spots to find influencers on Instagram is your existing followers, fans, and consumers.

For instance, consider followers who frequently engage with your content on Instagram. 

Watch your tags and mentions to ensure that you’re not dropping out on partnering with influencers who already know you and your brand voice.

Making relations with existing brand reps is a smart move. Besides, they might be eager to collaborate with you without much of a price tag.

Connect with Influencers Through Agencies

If the idea of pinpointing and poking out to influencers looks like a pain in the neck, right? Here is a better suggestion for you. Expert social media agencies can do the drag for you. 

Working with an agency helps you find Instagram influencers if you’re on a zero-hour or want to scale your influence campaigns instantly. 

Utilize a Dedicated Influencer Marketing Platform

The inflation of influencer marketing has resulted in various influencer marketing platforms that enable brands to connect with influencers directly. 

How to Find Influencers on Instagram

How to Find Influencers on Instagram for Your Brand

To find Influencers for your brand, concentrate on top Instagram niches that really work and what your industry demands precisely. 

Here is a guide to help you vividly find Instagram influencers for your brand.  

Check Their Bio Details

Typically, they make a perfect Instagram profile and bio with details to indicate that they’re open to collaborating with brands.

For instance, some influencers might highlight brand ties in their bio. Likewise, they’ll have a bio link or Linktree to make it easier to get in touch through DM groups.

Also, they know your niche and relish trust as an expert or a thought leader in that specific field.

Assess Their Followers Amount and Engagement Rate

Influencers gain engagement from their followers. Posting is excellent, but what if no one takes a move? Getting high engagement implies that the Influencer is the right person who can set off action among the audience.

There is no particular number to aim for, but anything in the ballpark of 10% is considered great engagement. The engagement rate is a sign of what influencers and their audience are worth. 

Basically, it determines how much audiences interact with a post. Factors that indicate influence engagement are user comments, likes, shares, and the number of followers.

To measure an influencer’s engagement rate, add the likes to comments from all of the profile’s posts, and divide the result by the followers’ number. Then, once again, divide it by the number of posts per post average.

Delve into Their Content

As you research to find influencers on Instagram, you need to understand whether their posts are an appropriate match for your brand and their posts are the right types of content.

Moreover, check if their photos and videos suit your brand aesthetic. Most importantly, notice if their captions are thoughtful, engaging, and follow your brand voice.

Look through Their Comments

It is essential to find an Influencer who takes the time to reply to their comments and cares about their audience engagement. Ignoring the comments is a big mistake of Influencers who want to make interactions with their followers.

Go over Their Non-branded Contents

Take the time also to inspect an influencer’s non-branded content. This grants you a better insight into who they are and what they might work with.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform

Here are some platforms that help you find Instagram Influencers for your brand.

Ainfluencer – Helps to Find Influencers on Instagram

Ainfluencer lets you search through a vast database and select the right Instagram influencers for your brand. 

Below you will read about this app: 

Post a Free Marketplace Ad

You can upload sample images or video, captions, and your campaign details. Then, your Ad will be posted to the marketplace where thousands of qualified influencers can make an offer.

Explore and Invite Targeted Influencers

You could search or let an AI engine find influencers for you. After that, invite one or more to collaborate on your Ad.

Using Smart Workflow Chat with Influencers

Once a connection is made with an influencer, you can use the chat system and approval workflow to lock the deal down.

Manage Payments and Verify the Post

Ainfluence automated system monitors the campaign for peace of mind and will hold funds until the post has been published according to your deal with the influencer.


AiGrow’s automated DM feature helps speed up the most time-consuming part of influencer marketing, poking out to all influencers individually.

Customize your DMs based on who you’re reaching out to (new followers, old followers, followers of your competitors, and any custom list of specific users), hit start, and let AiGrow reach out to potential influencers for you. 

Final Thoughts on How to Find Influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing enables brands to find, contact, and work with creative influencers in an entirely consistent process. Consequently, you can build and promote your brand and fly off the chart. To sum up, finding a charismatic Instagram Influencer helps you get instant results according to your niche.

This post was last modified on October 12, 2021 02:44


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