Interested In Checking Instagram Followers? Do Fake Follower Check

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What a mindset change in IG users! There were times when Instagrammers were looking for buying followers in hope of growing on Instagram. You could have spent 10 bucks and BAMMM, you have 1000 followers! Now users are after checking Instagram followers of their own and others. What brought them here? They noticed there is not art in paying for literally a number! If you also are on the same page with these users and wanna do the fake follower check, you are in the right place.

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Why Checking Instagram Followers?

Checking followers on Instagram is more of an important issue than just feeding your curiosity!  As mentioned very briefly in the introduction, there are two sides to checking Instagram followers. One is the fake follower check of other Instagram users. And the other is checking your own Instagram followers. Now let’s read why you should do that at all.

In the first case, you should be checking Instagram followers of other accounts to;

  • See how much your rivals are behind or ahead of you
  • Find the best Instagram influencers to sponsor
  • Measure someone’s honesty

You just read why checking Instagram followers of others makes sense, now let’s read why you should check yours.

The first reason is to curate your reputation. Remember if you can detect others with a fake follower check tool on Instagram, others can do the same. 

The next reason is to fee your sponsors correctly if you want to make money on Instagram as an influencer. Because the fee is based upon your followers and your engagement rate. 

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Let’s imagine your sponsors don’t even check your fake followers. If you fee them higher than what you should and your sponsors don’t come up with the expected ROI, they no longer refer to you and you lose your source of income.

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How To Do Instagram Fake Follower Check Without A Tool?

Fake Instagram followers have many factors in common and it is not hard at all to detect one. Wondering how to spot fake followers? Here are the common factors!

Many Followers, Little Followers

Numbers are odd in fake accounts. Normally the number of followers and followings don’t add up.

Instagram user with -100 followers and +2700 followings
The maximum number of users you can follow on Instagram is 7500 and fake accounts try to use the full potential

Little Or No Engagement Rate

Normally fake accounts do not post that commonly. And if they do, it is just to pretend to be real. But still, the number of likes and views give away their true nature.

Checking Fake Followers by Checking Weird Profile Photo

Usually, the profile photo is empty or copied pictures. In some cases, they are photos of things like flowers, cars, etc.

Weird Username With No Real Name Included

It is true that Instagrammers are allowed not to use their real name. But the real name is still visible on the profile. If it is not visible, it means something isn’t right!

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Crappy Comments to Check Instagram Followers Quality

Fake accounts are reluctant to engage back, but if they are asked to engage to naturalize the situation, they leave irrelevant, repetitive, or spammy comments.

Now you read the common signs of fake followers. But It takes forever checking followers on Instagram, don’t you agree? Here is When AiGrow IG Audit comes to save the day.

AiGrow IG Audit: Fake Follower Check Tool Instagram

One of the best IG Audit tools that detect bot and fake followers is AiGrow. Other than Instagram fake follower check for your own account, it helps you find the best Instagram influencer for featuring your brand.

If you are after a fake follower check Instagram free tool, AiGrow is free to use.

This is how you work with it. You enter the username without @ and wait for it to analyze the account. The last thing you do read the analysis and tap on “next”. To know how it exactly works, click here.

How To Get Rid Of Instagram Fake Followers?

With or without the fake followers check tool Instagram, you detected your fake followers. Now what? How you can remove fake followers?

That is easy. Suffice it to block and then unblock the fake accounts. They no longer are your followers.

Grow Your Followers With AiGrow

You should know that the only way to escalate your followers in a short time is not through buying fake followers. A professional Instagram manager can do the same as well. 

AiGrow is a company that hires only professional Instagram specialists who know how to grow your followers considerably!

Instagram managers of AiGrow do not buy fake followers, but they increase your followers by setting strategy, content creation, organic growth activities, etc.

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The money you pay your manager won’t be in vain since they guarantee a certain number of followers depending upon your niche [normally 3000-5000 followers]

They also provide you with a free trial which you can read about here. Receive the trial and then check your followers with IG Audit you trust. You’ll see they are not fake.

Final Review On Checking Instagram Followers

It is pleasing to see how users have passed from buying fake followers and to checking Instagram followers. If you run a business on Instagram, you should be doing fake followers for your account and others’.

The reason for checking followers on Instagram of your account is to first curate your reputation and second fee your sponsors. And you should do Instagram fake follower check for others’ accounts to find the best influencer and also monitor your rivals.

Instagram fake accounts are easy to detect. The common signs are incompatibility in numbers. They are also bad at getting engagement and engagement back. If that takes your time, AiGrow IG Audit can help.

Once your spot fake followers of your account, you can block-unblock the users to get rid of them.