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Best Instagram Account Manager: Safe & Organic Growth in 2020

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Many users desire to get real active followers. Because an Instagram active follower brings you more engagement, more engagement attracts more attention. And in the world of business, attention equals revenue. If you are too busy with your own business and don’t have enough time to run your Instagram account professionally, then don’t worry! Just hire an Instagram account manager, pay them a little monthly. And make your profit double. So, if you want to know more why an Instagram manager is necessary for 2020, you can read our previous articles.

The point is, who is that Instagram account manager to help you double up your revenue? Is a bot enough to boost your engagement? Or you need a real expert to do that for you? How can you trust them and give your Instagram account to them?

So, first, we are going to outline 10 Instagram account managers that you can trust for the best organic growth for your Instagram. Then, we’ll review all the managing methods, tools, services, automation, apps. And even personal Instagram account managers. You might not even have heard about some of them, but they still work in 2020.

Choose Your Ideal Instagram Account Manager Here:

  1. AiGrow (Instagram Management Service + App)
  2. Social Sensei (Social Media Management Service)
  3. IGMANAGER (Instagram Account Management Service in UK)
  4. SocialCaptain (Instagram Automation Bot)
  5. Ektor (Instagram Desktop Automation Software)
  6. Ingramer (Instagram Automation Bot)
  7. Vasily Kichigin (FreeLancer – Fiverr ID: Vasily17)
  8. Hakim (FreeLancer – Fiverr ID: mrhalloumi)
  9. Daniel (FreeLancer – Fiverr ID: thlonebookaneer)
  10. Instamanager (Instagram Growth Agency in California)

But how can they exactly help you in boosting your Instagram growth? Let’s check them one by one.

1) AiGrow – All in One – Safe and Smart Instagram Account Manager Service

If you are looking for a managed Instagram growth, AiGrow can be a great choice for you. Actually, this amazing growth tool has a complete package of features that helps you turn into an intellectual Instagrammer. Using this tool you can also:

And more than this. But here, we want to focus on the growth tool which hires an amazing Instagram account manager for you. Yes! This is not a bot. And you’ll never get shadowbanned. So, let’s find out more about it.

As you may know, Instagram has set some strict limitations to prevent bots from having activities on Instagram. So, using bots and fake followers may not work anymore, especially in 2020. In this case, AiGrow’s plans are combinations of human Instagram experts and auxiliary Instagram tools that drive the best organic engagement to your page. No Bots. Not Buying Followers. No Frauds. No Fake Numbers. And No misleading Stats about your engagement. A real deal indeed!

What guarantees your organic growth is that AiGrow’s team doesn’t have any pre-arranged followers. Completely reverse, they attract a lot of active followers by designing and publishing high-quality content on your account. In this way, they use the latest Instagram solutions to achieve the best results.

The Exciting Part about AiGrow’s Instagram Account Managers

The best part with AiGrow is that it’s not only about managing your Instagram account for one month, for example. We’ve found feedbacks are crucial to AiGrow. So, this platform tries to build an Instagram page with the highest quality, continuous growth, and exponential engagement. Therefore, against other Instagram account managers, you don’t need to worry about finishing AiGrow’s managing period. Your organic growth will continue with only $7 per month!

How Does It Work?

An amazing thing about AiGrow is that it is really easy to work with. All you have to do is to sign up for free. Then, follow these steps:

After starting your growth, you will get a list of Instagram users, like the one you can see below,  who will potentially become your follower, and customers.

After tapping on the “Next” button, you will be sent to the upgrade page and have to choose a plan for your growth. Then, the professional Instagram account managers will start their work in attracting people to your Instagram account. Also, take a look at the following video to know how to exactly work with it:

By the way, there are different plans on AiGrow for upgrading! Which one you must purchase? Let’s see!

Suggested Growth Plan Using AiGrow

As you see, there are about 4 professional packages on AiGrow that can help you to hire your Instagram account manager. But which one is better? Well, we suggest you purchase the “Pro-Managed Special” package. Why?

Using this package, you will hire a professional Instagram account manager that ensures you to get more than 300 followers for you during a month. Also, this package contains a page design and optimization pack. So, using it, professional AiGrow designers create daily posts for your account and make it look catchier.

Additionally, in comparison to the “Pro Managed” package, you will save about 30$ per month and you will have an unlimited number of post schedules, reposts, and other features. So, go ahead and sign up for free right now.

AiGrow Pricing

Here you can see an overview of the different packages of AiGrow, their features, and the prices. So, choose the best one for your needs and start free.

Also, note that all the VIP and Pro-managed packages provide “page design and optimization”. Hence, you don’t have to worry about what to post on Instagram anymore.

2) Social Sensei

Social Sensei management solutions are not only for Instagrammers but also provide the growth services of Facebook users and automation of Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. Actually, Social Sensei management plans are based on consultations that can help you grow your business online.

Their Instagram experts help you around the quality of content and how to choose the appropriate hashtags. So, in the beginning, Social Sensei provide you with social media strategy. Then, a dedicated account manager who controls all your account activities will be assigned to you. Social Sensei is very similar to AiGrow, so far. It means that you can trust their Instagram account manager and let them build your Instagram brand awareness.

The Exciting Part about Social Sensei

The team of Social Sensei not only manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts manually but also they have automation plans for YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest growth.

Disadvantages of Using Social Sensei as an Instagram Account Manager

Similar to AiGrow, Social Sensei UI design is not very good. But the main problem with Social Sensei is that when you are done with the main plan, Social Sensei doesn’t offer any cheaper program B. So, there is no guarantee that your growth will continue. Also, if you are too busy with your own business and don’t have enough time for lengthy consultations, we don’t offer Social Sensei. Another disadvantage of Social Sensei is that their plans are too expensive and seems not affordable for typical users.

How It Works & Suggested Plan Using Social Sensei

After signing up, you can schedule a call. Then, their team will contact you to set up an initial consultation. When their consultant is done with understanding your brand or requirements, you will be assigned to an Instagram account manager.

So, if you want Social Sensei to manage your Instagram account, you can start with a consultation that costs your $95. And then their $1995 professional plan could be the right choice. Bear in mind that AiGrow offers the same product at a much lower price.

Social Sensei Pricing


IGMANAGER is a social media management company that tries to increase your followers as many as possible. The main location of IGMANAGER’s activity is in the UK; however, they believe they can help you gain potential customers all over the world.

Similar to the two above management service, IGMANAGER is not a bot and do not work like automation programs, on the contrary, a dedicated manager will do everything. They will do hashtag research, content research, daily follow for follow, graphic design, and timed posts to maximize the results.

Is IGMANAGER The Best Instagram Management Agency in the UK?

We can not say that this is the best. But probably they will provide you with one of the best management services in the UK. Bear in mind that there many companies around the world that offer better service and their platform can target your audience or posts in your favorite location. So, in this case, there is no need to hire an Instagram account manager who already lives in your country.


4) SocialCaptain

If you are looking for an uncomplicated Instagram growth bot to manage your IG account, SocialCaptain is there for you. Basically, SocialCaptain is an Instagram growth bot. If your goal is just increasing the number of your followers or getting more likes this bot can help you by automating these activities. The biggest problem with Instagram bots like SocialCaptaing is that Instagram algorithm is always one step ahead of them.

Therefore, you have to be careful when you are using growth bots. Leaving irrelevant comments or using follow unfollow method too much can increase the risk of being banned by Instagram. So, before hiring an Instagram growth bot, it would be better if you be aware of the latest Instagram limits.

SocialCaptain Pricing

5) Ektor

Ektor is AI-based desktop software, according to its website. Like SocialCaptain, Ektor is an Instagram growth manager. But the difference is that Ektor is Instagram growth software. It means that you have to download and install it on your Mac or Windows.

Ektor has some interesting features including AI face recognition and app-emulation. But it doesn’t mean that a human is running your IG account. Bear in mind that the most powerful weapon that you have on Instagram is your content. So, the first step is to hire a professional Instagram content creator. Then using bots or whatever else. We are going to explain more in the section about Instagram management services.

Ultimately, what we get here is that Instagram manager bots never act like a real human, even the safest ones like Ektor. Another problem with Ektor is that there is no trial or free download. Then, you have to pay and register on the first step of starting it.

Ektor Pricing

6) Ingramer

According to Ingramer’s website, their bot is a powerful Instagram growth assistant which can bring you real followers and likes by its pro targeting filters. Some of the most interesting filters they use are gender and language filters. It means this bot can target hashtags, locations, and your audience based on your language and gender you want.

Ingramer is a smart Instagram growth bot that watches Instagram stories, likes feed and comments on posts automatically. So yeah, everything seems smart about this bot.

But the truth is that all of these smart activities can not bring you, real followers. So, if you just care about numbers this bot seems one of the smartest. But if you care about numbers and real engagement which can bring you a great amount of money you need something more. Something like an Instagram management and automation, both. That’s the thing that works in the real world. Read the next section to understand more.

Ingramer Pricing

7) Vasily Kichigin (Instagram Freelancer from the United States)

The 3 following Instagram account managers are freelancers that help you manage your account in a more professional way. However, taking them as a manager might be at risk. BTW, here, we have the best 3 of them.

Fiverr ID: Vasily17

8) Hakim (Instagram Freelancer from Morocco)

Fiverr ID: mrhalloumi

9) Daniel (Instagram Freelancer from Canada)

Fiverr ID: thlonebookaneer

10) Instamanager

Basically, Instamanager is an agency located in California. This Instagram growth agency has some personal Instagram account managers that not only help their customers to attract new followers but also try to increase their leads and sales.

Instamanager’s team consists of social media managers, digital marketers experts, and a few developers to be up to date with the latest changes in the Instagram algorithm. Once you are signing a contract with Instamanager, your goal should not be only attracting new followers. Because this agency can give you more from your Instagram account.

The exciting part about Instamanager

Instamanager has a professional team that not only guide you through the content creation to get your target audience but also help you through the verification process badge.

Disadvantage of Instamanager

The signup process is not very easy and you have to answer a lot of questions before signing up. After filling out a submit questionnaire, they decide to call you or not which is not professional.

Instamanager Pricing

Instamanager offers two packages to its clients that are coming below:

Instagram Managing Methods for safe and organic growth of your IGs

Basically, everyone thinks that there are two main strategies to manage your Instagram accounts.

In the first method, people hire Instagram account managers, tell them their goals, pay them, and wait for the results.

The second strategy is that users try to manage their Instagram accounts on their own. In this approach, they use various Instagram tools, ideas or even innovative designs to optimize their Instagram account and grow manually.

But there is a third way to manage your Instagram account as well and get the best results. In this method, Instagram users get a VIP managed Instagram program which is a mixture of both methods. We’ll talk about all the methods in the following.

All strategies have the potential to become a hassle for Instagram users. For example, if you don’t employ skilled social media managers, you may not achieve your goals. Even worse, if you hire a swindler instead of an Instagram manager you will lose your account or maybe it will be banned. Also, while some of the Instagram tools may not work, using some scam bots can shadowban your account or even ban it forever.

So, this is why here we are going to introduce the latest reliable methods, tools, or even skilled individuals that can get an Instagram account over 100K real followers and the highest rate of engagement.

Instagram Account Management Services – Combination of Experts, Apps, and Bots

There are some management services in the marketplace, not only provide you useful Instagram tools but also offer a team of Instagram specialists to manage your account professionally. While some of these Instagram account management services are combinations of bots and specialists, others have managed Instagram plans including extra functional features. Not only a great experienced team of humans will grow your followers and drive massive engagement to your Instagram account, but also you have the ability to control special events on your Instagram account on your own.

For example, if you want to run a giveaway contest on your IG account during your growing days, some of these management services help you do both in the best possible way.

Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Management Services


  • Massive follower growth by a Dedicated Account Manager (over 30 hours/month)
  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking
  • Over 90% of active followers
  • AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research
  • A preliminary guidance
  • Target audience
  • More real views, likes, and comments on each post
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Scheduling Posts & Stories
  • Extra Instagram tool kits to help you be active in some ways
  • Better support team (24×7)
  • Safe & secure


  • Need an initial consultation
  • Short Trials
  • Expensive packages (Also more profitable)

Hiring Personal Instagram Managers to Run Your Account

If you just take a look at fiverr, you will see a lot of people offering online Instagram management services. But how can you trust them and give them your Instagram account and money?

Basically, fiverr offers freelance services. But when you pay, fiverr will keep your money until the freelancer does your work. So, you don’t have to be worried about your money. And finally, if you are not satisfied with the job you can request a refund.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Instagram Manager


  • A dedicated manager will work on your account every day
  • All the actions will be done manually by the freelancer
  • Ability to target audience in your location of interest
  • Better consulting at the beginning
  • More Engaged audience
  • Daily results and good support


  • Medium level of your account security
  • Expensive packages in some cases
  • Not very trustworthy – (re-selling Bot services, sometimes)
  • Some are not very good at English or graphic design

Instagram Account Manager Apps & Bots

Instagram Bots, also known as Instagram automation growth services, are going to automate activities on your Instagram account. There are different types of Bot in the marketplace. Some of them can just help you automate interactions by liking Instagram posts. Some are just created for following or unfollowing. But there are a few ones that can do all the activities like a real person.

These types of IG Bots are also called Instagram account manager Bots. These complicated Bots are created to automate all of your Instagram account’s interactions including follow, unfollow, likes, comments, and DMs. Moreover, some of them are going to able you schedule your posts and stories.

Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Manager Bots


  • Faster follower number growth
  • Targeted audience
  • More views, likes, and comments on each post (faster engagement growth)
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Scheduling Posts & Stories
  • Save more time
  • No guidance to start a new Instagram account


  • Less real engaged audience (more Bot followers)
  • Less engagement with private Instagram users
  • Shadowban and action block risks
  • Irrelevant comments in some cases (for example meaningless “awesome!”)