Gain Blog Traffic from Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Gain Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media websites worldwide, and people use it for different purposes. Definitely, using Instagram as an eCommerce platform is one of the main goals of joining it. So, companies and brandings use it to gain more customers and grow their business. Undoubtedly, besides having an account on Instagram, companies and agencies have blogs and websites to introduce their products in detail, let people view similar products, and purchase the products online. However, gaining followers for blogs is way harder than for Instagram. So, connecting Instagram to your blog or vice versa can help you through this issue. In this article, we want to discuss how to gain traffic to your blog from Instagram and also its benefits. So, if you are concerned about your Shopify, Esty or personal blog CTR, keep reading!

How can Instagram Help You Gain Traffic to Your Blog?

Blog Traffic from Instagram

Actually, right now, Instagram has 500 million active users per day and is one of the world’s most crowded social media websites. Hence, it is a good place to share your ideas, products, and services and attract more people.  Also, since 2015 that Instagram introduced the business account feature, it has become a huge e-commerce platform. Actually, it has been reported that about 60% of Instagram users use this platform to discover new products. So, it is really possible to gain blog traffic from Instagram. 

But why and how does it help you? Actually, you can gain traffic from Instagram because:

  • Instagram has millions of active users,
  • When your Instagram engagement rate increases, your post will be shown on the explore section and more people can see it,
  • You can add links to feed, stories, and Instagram bio and this will help you to increase your blog CTR (Click-Through Rate),
  • Contents on Instagram are images and videos and they have visual charm, so attracting people can be easier using them,

And so many other reasons. But now, let’s find how to gain traffic to your blog from Instagram!

How to Gain Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram?

Luckily, there are five ways to gain traffic to your blog from Instagram. In the following, we are going to introduce them and explain how to use each one in detail. So, keep reading if you are concerned about your blog traffic. 

#1 Gain Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram Bio Link 

blog traffic from instagram links

Instagram allows users to share clickable links on the bio. However, there are some strict limitations that don’t allow you to share more than one link on your bio. So what can you do to solve this problem?

Fortunately, there are some third-party apps that help you through this issue. One of the best apps you can use is MyURLs.Bio by AiGrow which is an amazing all-in-one link creator. Using this app, which is totally safe and free, you can put all the links you want to share in a single link and share it on your Instagram bio. Moreover, you can add widgets, buttons, and photos to the links you are sharing to find what they need easier. So, sign up for free and give it a try and gain traffic to your blog from Instagram. In addition, take a look at the video below to know how does it exactly work.

#2 Gain Traffic by Linking Instagram Feed to Blog URLs


Also, you can add links to Instagram feed to gain more blog traffic. Unluckily, Instagram doesn’t allow users to add links to posts shared on feed. However, there are third-parties that solve this problem. Actually, also helps you with this issue. You can schedule and share posts that contain links using the AiGrow Instagram management tool and redirect people to the related page for each post. 

#3 Gain Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram Stories


Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to insert links on posts shared on feed using the official app. However, there is an ability to insert links on Instagram stories. Instagram stories are temporary posts that disappear automatically after 24 hours and have features more than posts shared on feed. Actually, you can share polls, ask questions, insert links and etc on stories. 

So, you can simply share products you want on stories and add swipe-up links related to the purchase or info page on your blog. In this way, you can easily gain traffic to your blog from Instagram stories. However, Instagram officially allows users with 10k+ followers to insert links, but you can also ditch the problem and share links without having 10000 followers.

#4 Gain Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram IGTV Videos

blog traffic from IGTV links

Another way to gain traffic to your blog from Instagram is to add links to your IGTV videos description. As you may know, Instagram doesn’t allow users to share videos with more than 60-seconds long. However, IGTV is one of the Instagram features that let you share long videos up to even 60-minutes. Moreover, IGTV videos can have descriptions containing links, the video purpose and other information you need to share! Fortunately, the links shared on the IGTV descriptions are clickable. Hence, you can increase your blog CTR using it!

#5 Share Blog Links via Direct Messages


One of the other good features of Instagram to share links relating to your blog on Instagram is to send the links through direct messages to people. Luckily, Instagram messenger lets you share clickable links that have a short description of the link. But is it okay to send people links without them wanting it? 

Of course not! This will also make your business in danger and people may unfollow you because of sending junks! So how can you send messages without being annoying? Actually, you can run Instagram giveaways that ask users to send DMs and ask for some information about products. Then, you can simply share the product URL on your blog. So, sending blog links can be another way to gain traffic to your blog from Instagram. 


In a nutshell, you can easily gain traffic to your blog from Instagram. To do so, you just need to share links on your stories, IGTV videos, bio, posts, DMs and all other places on Instagram! However, the most effective way is to add links to each post you share on Instagram and make your followers interact with them. By the way, since the official Instagram app doesn’t let you add links to posts, you need to use some third-parties like MyURLs.Bio which is safe and free. So, jump to their website and give it a try!

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