How to Create Engaging Instagram Reels Content

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels have taken over the online video sharing world and its popularity increases by the day. Normal Instagram posts and stories are still common and popular. But accounts sharing reels have managed to gain much more attraction and get more engagement.

According to a report by Conviva that analyzed the progress in the engagement of different sports organizations over the course of 1 month, the NFL got 61% more engagement per reel than their traditional Instagram video. On the other hand, the MLB had 3.5 reels per team shared and got 13% more engagement.

Needless to say, the more reels you share, the more popularity and engagement you will get.

Instagram Reels

Do you want to get more traction on your Instagram account?  Then the first thing to do is understand how Instagram Reels work and set up yourself for success.

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level and generate more leads?

In this article, we’ll go through the best tips to create viral and engaging Instagram reels. From getting original ideas to standing out from the other Instagrammers and getting your content viral, we’ve got you covered.

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Start by Coming Up With a Concept for Your Instagram Reels Series

Coming up with an original concept and ideas for your reels is essential, especially for the number of popular Instagrammers nowadays.

Analyze your competitors, check what works, and make something unique but that is still related to what your audience wants.

In addition, it is important for you to know about the latest trends in order to make your own version of it and add your personality to it.

To conclude, create a weekly or monthly series with an original concept, make it original, educative, and entertaining, and make it go viral.

Create Authentic and Trending Content that Resonates with Your Audience

Creating trending content is what every influencer and Instagrammer wants, no surprise there. However, making Instagram reels that are in line with what you are famous for and what your followers follow you for is equally important.

For instance, if you are a travel Instagrammer, create reels showing the local attractions while providing information and showing your personality.

Another example would be if you are a digital marketer teaching entrepreneurs to elevate their companies. You will want to create informative, researched, and funny Instagram reels to be successful.

To sum this up, if you want to create content that your audience will like and that will get you viral, you should make it authentic and match it with your previous posts, stories, and IG videos.

Find a Way to Offer Instant Attraction – the More Intriguing the Better

Instagram reels are short and it is instrumental to give that instant attraction if you want to stand out.

But apart from finding ways to get viewer’s attention and keep your viewing retention, you will want to be intriguing. 

Give your viewers that curiosity from the first second, impress them, and keep them entertained until the end. This will boost engagement, make your Instagram reel viral, and eventually elevate your online business. 

A key to offering instant attraction is to use an eye-catching logo for your social media and post regularly. In fact, your audience will be much more interested in you and your content if you share Instagram reels several times per week rather than once a month.

To sum up, make your reels intriguing, appealing to viewers, review your analytics to see what works, and offer an instant attraction to all your followers to stand out.

Make Sure Your Content is Educational – Share Actionable Tips and Tricks Connected to Your Expertise

The secret to making a good and sharable Instagram reel is to educate your viewers, regardless of the audience and topic.

In fact, while an Instagram reel can be simple, the key to be successful is to educate your audience. Come up with facts, real-life examples, share your own experience, and be original.

Last but not least, make sure to give tips connected to your expertise. This is especially important if you’re creating B2B marketing videos. If you are an SEO specialist, create an Instagram reel related to searching for keywords, analyzing your competitors, or even rank your images online.

Repurpose Video Content from Other Platforms 

Coming up with unique ideas and creating an original Instagram reel, or video content in general, isn’t always easy. For this reason, repurposing your content across different platforms will make your time worth it even more.

Let’s take the example of a vertical short Facebook video. This video could be shared as an Instagram reel, on TikTok, or even on Twitter.

Other than that, and in addition to purely general higher organic traffic, you’ll also be able to turn your content into a social media ad and that is one of the best ways to get your online business to the next level.

According to the Global State of Digital Report 2020 by Hootsuite, marketers are able to reach up to 19% of the population aged over 13 on Instagram only. 

Instagram Reels

In addition, the same report revealed that 90% of global internet users aged 16 to 64 consume videos every month. This is much higher than any other content such as watching vlogs (53%) or listening to radio stations (47%).


Showcase Your Products in Real-Life Scenarios

As a business, creating content on social media can help increase your sales, get more leads, be a reference point for your customer support, and ultimately, showcase your products.

If the purpose of your social media profiles is the latter, you will want to come up with real-life scenarios. 

For instance, if you sell phone cases and covers, you will want to create an Instagram reel that will show someone dropping their phone and breaking it into pieces. This will show your viewers the importance of protecting their phones and choosing your product.

On the other hand, if your company offers time management software such as, you will need to show how stressful and challenging the lack of organization is.

No matter your field and the expertise you have, the content you create must showcase your products as well as how they will help your users on a daily basis.

Partner With the Right Influencers on Your Reels

Partnering with influencers is one of the best ways to get noticed on social media, gain more followers, and eventually make your Instagram reel become viral. 

Engaging with an influencer in the same or related field of yours is a great start, and his fanbase is certainly another factor. 

Instagram influencers can make you increase your audience pretty quickly. However, there’s a price to pay for it.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, hiring one can cost as low as $10 for a nano-influencer but over $10,000 per post on a mega-influencer grid and even millions of dollars for celebrities. 

Give Your Audience a Behind-the-scenes Look

Making an Instagram reel can be fun and the results can sometimes be impressive and very satisfying. For this reason, why not give a behind-the-scenes look to your audience?

Of course, your followers love you and your content for its purpose, your personality, and more. However, giving them the chance to feel closer to you and see what is actually going on set and how you create your reels is also a big part of the game to gain viewers.

To sum up, show your viewers your personality, the best on-stage moments, the failures, and even the projects you’re working on, boost their curiosity, and gain followers with your latest Instagram reel.

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Don’t Forget About Instagram Community Guidelines

One of the most important facts about Instagram and its reels is, of course, to follow the social media’s community guidelines.

Create unique content that only belongs to you, respects everyone (needless to say, that’ll help being followed online), doesn’t post nudes, and also, doesn’t glorify or promote self-injury.

Imagine working so hard to get a wide audience and to create a viral Instagram reel for it to be gone in no time for no respecting the platform’s guidelines.

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Final Thoughts on Instagram Reels

This was everything you needed to know to create original and appealing Instagram reels that will create more traction on your social media accounts.

From creating a unique and original concept to making it educative and showcasing your products to advertise your business in an entertaining way, sharing Instagram reels will help you get popular.

As mentioned in this article, the more Instagram reels you share, on top of your traditional photos and stories, the more engagement you’ll get.

To conclude, think about original content ideas related to your expertise, get to work with influencers, share your amazing reels as well as your failures, and get to the top of the game.

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