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How Travel Bloggers Make Money on Instagram in 2021

November 15, 2019

Until only a few years ago, you needed to work for months or even years to afford travel expenses. But did it ever occur to you to make money through your journey? Quite fanciful, huh? If you are keen on the idea, this article will teach you how to do so on your Instagram account.


Who are travel bloggers?

Travel blogging has risen interest on Instagram in recent years and has become a source of income for some people. But before even getting to this point, you need to know who travel bloggers are? Travel bloggers are adventurers who visit places and publish every little thing happening during their journey and let their followers know about different locations, cultures, gastronomy, people, religions mixing their insight. In other words, travel bloggers allow followers to experience what they do and see the world through their perspective.

How travel bloggers make money from Instagram?

Travel bloggers who drive traffic into their Instagram account are considered influencers and will be sponsored by brands and people. Why? Because those who want to influence their brand, shop or product refer to travel bloggers to prompt their marketing through the well-liked Instagram account. This is how travel bloggers make money on Instagram.

Why not all travel bloggers make money through their Instagram account?

The answer is simple. They simply fail to drive real followers into their pages and also engage them. The key factor to drive traffic into your account and engage them is to provide them with attractive content so that’s what you need to work on. The content of your page must be unique, personal and engaging. Try to keep yourself updated with new strategies of content making relating travel blogging. It is okay to write essays to explain your journey but, a one minute video or some vivid pictures are a lot more engaging. If you are clueless about the content of your Instagram, keep reading because you’re about to learn cool things today.

13 Tips for Travel Bloggers to Make Money from Instagram

1. Change your status from private to public.

It might sound too simplistic, but the result is magnificent. To do that you must go to setting, tap account privacy and finally turn off the private account bottom.

2. Switch to a business account

since it enables you to analyze your business platform using propitious tools. (Why and how to switch to a business account?)

3. Be Consistent with posting

A key to success is not to let your followers forget about you. So it’s very important to be consistent in posting. You may forget to post, or you may be busy during your day and not able to post at the best time of the day.

To get a better result from your posts, you can use an Instagram scheduler (like AiGrow) to help you schedule your posts days, weeks or even months ahead of time.

4.Join Engagement PODs

Make sure to take advantage of engagement pods to increase your engagement rate. New updates on the Instagram algorithm indicate that the number of likes and comments you get on your posts is really important. The more engagement you receive on your posts, the higher your chances of appearing on the explore page.

Engagement pods are groups of people who join together to help each other grow. AiGrow has some automated engagement pods which is the best way to increase your engagement rate. All you need to do is to sign-up on AiGrow (free) and join the engagement pods related to your niche (Travel). Then after, you will get hundreds of likes/comments from your pod members each time you post to your Instagram page. You don’t need to take any actions since the pods are all automated.

AiGrow has 16 PODs for travelles with +2000 memebers each. this means thousands of likes/coments each time you post on Instagram.

5.Get to know your audience before you start making content on Instagram

Having a brief look at data of their followers, a pattern is extracted which you must bring under consideration before making content relating to travel blogging on Instagram:

  • Gender: Between 59% to 88% of followers of the mentioned travel bloggers are females
  • Location: They are mostly located in the US, the UK, and Canada
  • Audience age: They are mostly between 17-24 years old

6.Find yourself a memorable username

It should transfer the goal of your Instagram page. Username of your page must be singular then Don’t copy username of another famous page because it might push more traffic to your page in a short time, but it prevents you to rock your business in the long term. Here are some examples:

7. Be picky about your profile picture

An eye-catching profile photo can attract the attention of users. Again it has to transfer the idea of your page. Choose a lucid relatable photo. 

8.Provide your audience with a brief yet inviting bio

You can compose the purpose of your page with at most 2 hashtags or a contemplative sentence or your current location. Followers tend to know about your personal life so it’s okay to put flag emoji to show your personality or ring emoji in case your married. Here you can see some examples:

9. Be fresh

If you wanna be an influencer, post at the very least 2 times a week. Find out the time when your audience is most active and then publish your post at peak time. 

10.Quality matters

Buy yourself a good camera. The good news for those of you who can’t afford a professional camera is that the cameras of cellphones are getting better day after day and with a little editing, you can boost the number of likes.

11. Take care of the visual aesthetic

A welcoming overlook of your page can drag users to your page. Here you can see 10 stunning photos regarding theme on Instagram:

12. Be authentic

People feel more comfortable in an authentic environment. Be yourself. Don’t exaggerate about a product or service just because you are sponsored. Be cool and express your genuine opinion.

13.Involve your followers from time to time

If they feel like its a 2-sided contact, they engage more.

Learn from top 10 Travel Bloggers on Instagram

  • Murad Osmann:

 He is lucky enough to explore the world with his wife. His content aside, he owes his fame and popularity (4.1M followers) to his creativity of posing in front of the camera. I’m sure you’ve seen one the photos with a girl followed by a photographer holding her hand. That’s how much an influencer Osmann is. Do you think you can come up with an idea as penetrating as this?

  • Jack Morris:

 His girlfriend and he follow the same goal and that is to travel all around and share their experiences on Instagram followers (2.7m). His photos and videos vary from nature to pilgrims, from cultural events to romantic photos of kissing her girlfriend with the breathtaking backgrounds.

  • Lauren Bullen:

 Although she is Morris’ girlfriend (see above) and they visit the same places, her page differs from her boyfriend’s a little in content matters and that is you can see some casual photos of her among all those travelling related photos. 2.1m people follow her.

  • Tara Whiteman:

 The Australian travel blogger who owns1.3m followers inspires to track her path from Iceland to Dubai, India to Newyork and so on.

  • Chelsea Yamase:

She was born in Hawaii and her major focus is on photos consisted of seaside or sea activities and could convince 824000 people to follow her. Here you see some striking photos of her:

  • Belen Hostalet:

 A Spanish travel blogger who visited some parts of the world and that resulted in spectacular shots that got 802000 pairs of eyes gazed at her account. Analyzing her Instagram account, we can say her major focus was on sightseeing rather than nature. 

  • Jannik Obenhoff:

 The 19-year-old german travel Instagrammer (770000 followers) started following his passion at a very young age; when he was 13. He is more of a nature person and his Instagram page includes stunning nature photos of Europe. His 4-year experience in photography makes you believe that the earth has a paradise to offer to those who have ears to listen to his calling. He rarely uploads photos of animals, the pilgrims, and the roads. 

  • Kiersten Rich or Kiki:

She inspires her 566000 followers (so far) to pack their bags and visit all these must-see places. The noteworthy fact about her is that she looks pretty trendy in her photos although she is an always-traveller. She also suggests her followers try gastronomy of the target place. Her photos include whatever can be seen on the ground or below the sea. 

  • Christine Tran:

 However photos and videos of nature are visitable, we can not consider her as a nature explorer. Her Instagram account is filled with pleasing photos regarding sightseeing and some casual photos in between.

  • Sam Evans:

  This Australian travel blogger uploads photos for his 187000 fans that can come handy in the world of science. However documental photos aside, his feed includes some photos such as romantic photos with beautiful scenery including the moment he showed the ring to his girl, skiing in the snowy mountain, his happy moments and so on. He is more likely to be considered as an occasional traveller.

Here are 5 ways to get paid on Instagram as a Travel Blogger:

1.Undertake sponsored campaigns on Instagram and make money

Create sponsored campaigns with tourism boards on your Instagram account such as:

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Travel insurance providers
  • Rental car companies

2.Create sponsored posts

You may prompt some products which are related to tourism industries and travelling. 

3.Cooperate with brands whose products come handy in travelling

If you are a fan of a brand relating to tourism-hiking shoes for instance- it is okay to prompt this brand.

4. Activate affiliate marketing on Instagram:

The only thing you need to do is to put a link in your bio. When your audiences buy a product or receive service through that link, you will be paid a percentage as commission. Be aware that your followers trust you so introduce them products or services which you truly love and appreciate.

5. Share your memory through ebooks

As a traveller, you had some memorable moments. those who made your eyes wet out of joy or sadness. If the content of your page is attractive enough, some of your followers will buy it.

How much money do travel bloggers make on Instagram?

It’s a tricky question to answer since there are various factors that can result in income. But it can escalate to 50000 dollars per month if you use all your potentials. Let’s have a brief look at top earners in the industry.

A study provided by BuzzBingo show that travel bloggers are making more than $10K per each sponsored post.

Wealthies travel bloggers on Instagram

Property of



To sum it up, this is the golden era of smartphones and almost everyone has Instagram on their fingertips. So it is a perfect opportunity for those of you who love to explore the world and run a business. It’s your time to both follow your passions and make living through your passion so make a platform and start your journey today!

This post was last modified on January 14, 2021 19:14


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