Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Instagram Like A Pro [The Ultimate Guide in 2022]

Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

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If you want to know how to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram, keep reading this article. 

Here, you will learn what the Amazon associates program is and how to use it on Instagram. Moreover, you will learn some practical tips and tricks to begin your Instagram affiliate marketing in the right way, establishing yourself as a leading Amazon Influencer on Instagram. 

Therefore, if you are already on the road to becoming a social media influencer whose followers count on you, you can create amazon affiliate links, advertise products from, and earn money from every purchase your visitors make. 

However, all these possibilities can be a bit intimidating if you do not know where and how to start. That is why we provided this complete guide on how to do Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram like a pro to help you do it effectively. So, without further ado, let’s dig in. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing

One branch of marketing that can be conducted by influencers, bloggers, publishers, and content creators is Instagram affiliate marketing. It enables influencers to promote a particular brand, product, or service and receive a commission in return for any clicks or sales. 

Affiliate marketing has different forms from sharing a discount code or simply prompting the audience to visit the web page using a trackable link. This affiliate link can be added to the Instagram bio, story, and IGTV description and you can earn from the traffic you direct to that web page.

How Does Amazon Associates Program Work

How Does Amazon Associates Program Work?

The Amazon Associates program is the affiliate marketing program for Amazon. More precisely, Amazon’s affiliate program isn’t called ‘the Amazon affiliate program’. Instead, it is called Amazon Associates.

After Amazon affiliate login, you’ll find a special toolbar at the top of

Now, you have an amazon affiliate link to almost any product sold on Amazon. You can use amazon affiliate links on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, or other social media networks. 

When people click on the link, they get tracked and you can receive a small Amazon affiliate commission for any purchase they make. As the Amazon associates program operates on a commission basis, so you’ll earn a percentage of each sale.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, your account will be approved for 180 days. To keep your account open, you need to make at least one sale during this given period.

Why Becoming An Amazon Associate On Instagram

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is no easy task. But when you finally get to that point, you have many opportunities to make money. One huge opportunity is to become an Amazon affiliate.

In the US only, Amazon sellers sell roughly 4000 items per minute! A quick look at Amazon statistics will surprise you for sure. Since Amazon is a reputable retailer company all around the world, there are no worries or lack of trust. 

As a result, you can confidently share links with your followers. There is a variety of things you can promote on Amazon so just dive into it and enjoy up to 10% in affiliate fees by Amazon. Since Amazon is so huge, the associate program is massive accordingly. That is why many influencers like to take part.

Pros Of Becoming An Amazon Affiliate

Read about why Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram is beneficial for you. So, let’s start with the advantages of Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram:

✅Leading In Online Sales Of Physical Goods

Amazon sells almost anything thanks to an inventory of more than 350 million products. So if you’re in a highly specific niche, chances are Amazon has products to match. Not all the categories of physical goods grant you a 10% affiliate fee. But as there is a long list of categories, you can make sure that your link will lead to tons of sales, depending on how famous you are on Instagram.

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

✅Great Customer Converter

Amazon is such a differentiated convertor into customers among other online retailers. Taking a look at Amazon advertising stats tells you that the Amazon PPC conversion rate, which is a ratio of total conversions over total clicks, is about 10%. This is true while typical e-commerce companies hardly get their PPC over 2%.

 As a result, it can be said that Amazon has already proved to be an expert in turning its visitors into customers in comparison to any other online platform. So, you do not need to think about whether you are risking your time and reputation.

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

✅Upselling Opportunities

Another advantage is that when you direct a volume of traffic to Amazon, you can get a commission on whatever they buy within 24 hours limit. Among the billions of products available on Amazon, there might be several things that your followers find interesting to order. When people buy more on Amazon, it is both you and Amazon itself as beneficiaries. Yes, a pure win-win! So, Amazon has used its smart AI strategies and technologies to keep the buyers engaged and pursued to buy one more product. 

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

✅Amazon Affiliate Login Is Easy & Free

It won’t cost you a cent to set up an Amazon account and monetize your Instagram traffic. Additionally, to earn Amazon affiliate commissions, you don’t need to maintain a quota or pay a registration fee. 

Once Amazon approves your application to be an affiliate, you can advertise their goods right away.

Cons Of Becoming An Amazon Affiliate

As every flower has thorns too, Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Instagram has some disadvantages too. Here are the disadvantages of Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram:

❌Tough Associates Operating Agreement

Amazon has a difficult legal basis for its Associates Operating Agreement. It is 4,000 words long and is full of obscure terminology. Additionally, the formatting is terrible, with key information buried under a mountain of text. 

However,  you must read it carefully because there are severe consequences for the influencers in case of abuse. This is still understandable but the fact that they keep updating the agreement is hard to follow.

❌Low Commissions Sometimes

The percentage of affiliate fees differs among categories of products on Amazon. So, check first if you get as much as you expect, and then start Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram. 

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

Amazon affiliate commission rates seem quite small and differ depending on the product category. 

But, the amazon affiliate program offers several advantages as well. You earn a referral fee for everything people buy, no matter what it is. And there is no need to say how easy it is to buy a few extra items on Amazon! 

For instance, Kate (i.e., an Amazon associate) recently made a $240 commission after someone bought an $8,000 metal detector. And her site has nothing to do with metal detectors! 

Also, according to Hubspot, you can earn, on average, from $100 to $20,000 from the Amazon associates program, based on how many referrals you generate.

So, keep your hope alive. There is the possibility of earning good money with the Amazon affiliate program✌️.  

❌Cutting Amazon Affiliate commissions They Pay

Amazon has a history of reducing the commissions they pay. The company has massively cut the commission rates twice! Here is the most recent set of cuts for Amazon affiliates: 

❌Lacking Some Products 

Though Amazon has a lot of sales products, it still lacks some digital programs which make it inferior in this case to other markets like Clickbank

❌Pricing Problems 

Products on Amazon are constantly changing in price. So Amazon requires affiliates to use its API to access pricing data. It requires refreshing every 24 hours and causes caching issues on websites and apps. What is worse? There’s a good chance it’ll cause you to breach Amazon’s terms of service at some point unknowingly.

Things To Avoid As An Amazon Associate On Instagram

Amazon has guidelines for associates to follow. Failure to comply with Amazon affiliate requirements may result in disqualification and removal from the program. The majority of these rules and requirements for Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram are in place to ensure ethical promotion and prevent associates from manipulating the system. Here are some of the major ones to keep in mind:

?1. Avoid Emails & Pop-Up Ads To Promote Affiliate Links.

As outlined in the Associates Operating Agreement (Associates Program Policies), ‘You will not engage in any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities in any offline manner, including by using any of our or our affiliates’ trademarks or logos (including any Amazon Mark), any Program Content, or any Special Link in connection with email, offline promotion or in any offline manner (e.g., in any printed material, ebook, mailing, or attachment to an email, or other documents, or any oral solicitation).’

So, in short, avoid using Amazon affiliate links in your offline promotions, eBooks, or email.

?2. Avoid Using Star Ratings And Customer Reviews Unless They Are Obtained Directly Through The Product Advertising API.

According to Associates Program Policies, ‘You will not display or otherwise use any of our customer reviews or star ratings, in part or whole, on your Site unless you have obtained a link to that customer review or star rating through PA API and you comply with the requirements for PA API described in the License.”

?3. Avoid Using Amazon Images.

According to Associates Program Policies, “You will not display on your Site or otherwise use, any Program Content to advertise or promote any products that are offered on any site that is not an Amazon Site (e.g., products offered by other retailers). You will not display on your Site or otherwise use any data, images, text, or other information or content you may obtain from us that relates to Excluded Products.”

?4. Avoid Using Amazon Prices Because They Are Constantly Changing.

According to Associates Program Policies, “Product prices and availability may vary from time to time. Because prices for and availability of Products that you have listed on your site may change, your site may only show prices and availability if: (a) we serve the link in which that price and availability data are displayed, or (b) you obtain product pricing and availability data via PA API and you comply with the requirements regarding the use of PA API in the License.”

?5. Avoid Not Disclosing Your Affiliation.

So, sign up first on Amazon or you have to wave goodbye to your commission. You should also identify yourself as an Amazon affiliate on your Instagram profile.

You must clearly state that you are an Amazon associate to comply with FTC regulations. You can include words such as ‘paid link’ next to your affiliate links, or you can use a hashtag like #ad or #paidpromotion on Instagram to disclose you are an Amazon affiliate. 

?6. Avoid Ignoring Amazon Affiliate Policy.

Read it carefully and comply with it.

?7. Avoid Making  False or Deceptive Claims In your Recommendations.

The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers from unfair or deceptive advertising and marketing practices that raise health and safety concerns. You should review FTC Guidelines and other applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines to ensure that the claims made about your products are fully compliant.  

7 Pro Tips for Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Now that we have known about affiliate marketing and Amazon Associate Program, it is time to get back to the main subject. Here you will read about Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Instagram. Therefore, keep reading to learn the basics of Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram if you wish to achieve impressive results.

#1: Add An Amazon Affiliate Link To Your Bio

You can refer your followers to your bio in the caption of your post(s) and ask them to check it for online shopping through Amazon. But what if you already have a link in your bio to your website and you do not want to remove it – because Instagram does not allow for more than one link in your bio? Well, here is a great solution by the AI intellectuals! 

As you sign up on AiGrow for free, you can explore the many Instagram tools it provides you with. One of its great features is Myurls. Using Bio-Link, you can add more than one link to your bio. But how? Myurls is your treasury of links! Watch this short video for a better understanding of how it works:

#2: Use Swipe Up (See More) Feature

Another place on Instagram to leave an affiliate link is Instagram Story. Stories are a popular feature of Instagram where users share everything several times a day. As an influencer, you first have to get high engagement on your stories (and account generally) and in the next step, you can think of sharing an affiliate link on your story. The swipe Up feature is not available for accounts with less than 10k followers. So, you should have a large audience and engagement to use this feature. However, other accounts can still access Swipe Up feature even with less than 10k followers. But we recommend that you try to grow your Instagram story views organically and then use this feature. 

#3: Use Coupon Codes

As said before, Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram is not limited to using affiliate links. Another technique is using coupon codes. So, when you introduce the product, you just have to add your Amazon promotional code to your engaging caption or add it to your picture via designing tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. You can also add the code to your bio if you do not already have a link over there. 

#4: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is an indirect way of leading your audience towards your Amazon affiliate link. Apart from your current followers, you should bring other users into the process. By using relevant hashtags, you open channels to the audience out there. Remember to have Instagram hashtag tips in mind or use hashtag apps to step away from wrong hashtags. You can use 10 hashtags per story and 30 hashtags per post. The more the engagement of your page is, the higher the chance of the success of your Amazon affiliate marketing.

Searching for multiple hashtags might not be easy for everyone. With AiSchedul, you can search for multiple hashtags in addition to a lot of other promotional tools it provides you with. All you need to do after logging into your Instagram account is to go to the ‘SCHEDULER’ section and upload the picture you want to post. Type your caption and the next box is where you should enter your hashtags. The red button of ‘Search Hashtag’ above the box allows you to type your keyword and offers you 30 hashtags in the same category.

But remember to type different keywords to get different hashtags. Because using all 30 offers of one keyword makes it impossible to add other hashtag categories.

Multiple Hashtags

#5: Use Mention Feature

Mention other accounts that are in any way related to your affiliate post or story. Make careful research about who to tag because you do not want to ruin your work by spamming. Not only does it give credit to your content, but also you show them that you need to grow your post or story view. So, perhaps some of the accounts you have mentioned share your content, which will win you a lot of followers if you have a follower-absorbing page. You can always look for creative accounts on Instagram and get ideas for your account. 

#6: Run Contests 

You can turn your post planning into a contest and get many returns from your followers. People love prizes and gifts and that is why hosting Instagram giveaways and contests is so popular. So, by creating an opportunity that ensures them that they can win something by mentioning at least one of their friends under your post, for instance, you can get a lot of Instagram engagement and reach within a few hours. This would lead to more clicks on your Amazon affiliate link or more use of your coupon code. 

#7: Use Highlights 

Save your Amazon-related affiliate marketing stories in the Instagram story highlight. So, if any new follower joins you, they would check your highlight. Moreover, if your current followers ever needed to get back to your stories even after the time limit, they can find them in the highlight section. In addition, it is a credit to your page too so that others will know that you had a collaboration with Amazon at some point(s) in time.

Story Highlights

FAQs on Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

If you are interested in Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram, you may have a lot of questions. Here, we answer some key questions you may have in mind.

Q1. How to Make Money On Instagram with Amazon Affiliate Marketing? 

In addition to following all the pro tips mentioned above, the trick to making a lot of money on Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram is to recommend the right products to the right people.  

Thus, you’d better define your Instagram niche and recommend only those amazon products that are relevant to your niche and content. 

Moreover, you should do your best to create consistent and high-quality content. You’d better use engaging content ideas for your Instagram marketing account and share them at the best time on Instagram to get more engagement and traffic.  

Q2. Is Amazon Associates Still Profitable In 2022?

Yes. There are a significant number of affiliate marketers making money with the Amazon affiliate marketing program. For instance, let’s consider Artur.

? Just remember that there is no get quick-rich scheme with Amazon associates. But, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can make great money.

 Q3. How and When Do Amazon Associates Get Paid? 

Amazon associates receive their funds in their bank accounts. Alternatively, they can also choose to receive an Amazon gift card or a check through the mail.

Moreover, Amazon associates get paid monthly; For instance, you’ll get paid at the end of March for the commission you earned in January.

Q4. How Many Followers Do You Need To Become a Part of the Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon associates are required to have at least 500 engaged followers and a public business account. 

So, if you wonder how to become an Amazon influencer, the first step is to get more followers on Instagram

AiGrow is the best followers app that you can employ to grow your engaged and targeted followers organically and safely. 

So, If you want to grow your Instagram followers, click here

Q5. What Percent Do You Get As Amazon Associate?

The percentage you get as an Amazon affiliate will depend on the product category. For example, shoes, handbags, and accessories will get you a 4% commission, while Amazon games will get you a 20% commission rate. 

Conclusion on Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Before thinking about effective Instagram marketing as an Amazon affiliate, it is wise to first grow your Instagram account. 

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram growth services for gaining targeted and engaged followers organically and safely. So, if you do not have enough time to grow your Instagram account on your own,  give AiGrow a try now and see its guaranteed results.

However, if you are already well-established, follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines for successful Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram. Hopefully, this guide will help you get started.

Remember that Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram can convert a passion into passive income. So if you are willing to become an amazon influencer on Instagram, choose your niche, produce consistently valuable content, keep your followers engaged and satisfied, and include contextual Amazon affiliate links. 

It is now your turn to take advantage of Amazon affiliate marketing on Instagram to increase your revenue over time.

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