How To Get Real Instagram Followers Instantly & Organically?

How To Get Real Instagram Followers

Increasing Instagram followers is a goal everyone has when they are using this social media platform. There are many options to ensure that you are getting organic followers. Here, I’m going to walk you through some amazing tips to get real Instagram followers, both organically and instantly. Stay tuned and find the fastest way to grow on Instagram. 

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How to Get Real Instagram Followers Organically? 

First, I want to show you the best way to get real followers organically, without using any third-party apps. 

#1 Update Yourself about Instagram Algorithm

Instagram tries to come up with new features, tools, and algorithms frequently. To get real followers on Instagram, it is essential to keep yourself updated about the new Instagram algorithm. This will help you better define your marketing goals and know how to manage your account in order to get the best possible results in a short period of time. 

For instance, one of the algorithms that’ll help you in getting more organic followers is that Instagram suggests similar accounts to Instagrammers. So, make sure to allow Instagram to suggest you as a similar account. Then, sit back and let people discover your account by interacting with similar ones. 

#2 Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate

To get real Instagram followers organically, you need to increase your Instagram engagement rate. The more engagement you receive on Instagram, the more chance you have to be seen by people who are not following you. 

Additionally, boosting your Instagram engagement rate, you have the opportunity to appear on Instagram explore page and get more impressions. 

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#3 Avoid Using Bots and Fake Followers Apps

Although bots and fake followers grow your Instagram account at the first sight, they reduce your reputation after a period of time and affect your engagement rate. Having legitimate followers always has more revenue than having fake followers. 

So, you should not only avoid using bots to buy and get fake followers but also try to find and clean ghost followers to keep your account’s ROI higher. 

#4 Schedule Your Posts to be Shared at the Best Time Possible

Depending on your business category, your location, and also your audiences’ locations, your post visibility changes. This means you need to find the best time to post on Instagram based on information from your own account to get the best results. To do so, you can use Instagram analytics tools such as Instagram insights which are available for business accounts. This feature enables you to analyze your performance at different times of the week and day. 

best time to post on Instagram
Use insights and find the best time to post

By the way, a problem you may face is not being able to post at the best time possible. In this case, I recommend you schedule your Instagram posts and stories and avoid missing the chance to get the most impressions. 

#5 Use Best Instagram Followers Hashtags

Hashtags are great to get real Instagram followers organically and for free. Actually, hashtags play the role of a keyword for your post. Using them, you optimize your posts for Instagram search engines and help them crawl your posts and show them to people who are looking for similar content. 

Following the best Instagram hashtags hacks and adding the most relevant and descriptive hashtags to your posts, you can get more Instagram views from real people and grow organically. 

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How to Get Followers on Instagram Instantly?

Now, you know how to get real Instagram followers organically, without buying fake ones and using any bots. However, this may take a great deal of time and needs you to be consistent and active all the time. So, I highly recommend you to try the following platform to get followers on Instagram instantly. 

AiGrow: Best Growth Service for Real Instagram Followers

Looking for a platform by which you can get real Instagram followers both organically and instantly? AiGrow is here to help!

AiGrow: Get real Instagram followers

Being one of the most complete Instagram management packages out there, AiGrow enables you to turn into a professional Instagram marketer and make your dreams come true. The tools and services offered by this intriguing management service can be divided into three main categories: 

  • Management Tools

These include an Instagram scheduler, repost app, monitoring tools, DM management tool, all-in-one bio link tool, and a social calendar. 

  • Engagement Tools

Using AiGrow’s engagement tools you have the opportunity to send automated DM replies and boost your engagement rate, host and automate giveaway contests and get followers on Instagram instantly. 

  • The Organic Growth Service

The growth service is the part that helps you get 300+ followers per month. Using this growth service, you can attract targeted followers on Instagram, and get real Instagram followers instantly. It’s worth mentioning that using this service, you hire a dedicated Instagram account manager who manually manages your account and interacts with your potential followers. 

For more information about the plans offered by AiGrow, take a look at the following image. Here, you see the prices, features, and services you can use to grow on Instagram organically. 

AiGrow plans and packages
AiGrow plans and packages

Sign up for free right now, test the platform using the 7-days free trial, and then purchase the package that best meets your needs. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, in order to get more sales and grow your business on Instagram, you have to work hard and get more active audiences. Here, we talked about some simple tips and apps that have a huge impact on your performance and help you get real Instagram followers instantly and organically. Check them out and let us know how it worked! 🙂

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