Get Free Instagram Views from Real, Interested People (One Tool)

Get Free Instagram Views from Real, Interested People (One Tool)

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AiGrow is the only tool you need to get free Instagram views on your videos.

Here’s why: whereas a lot of tools rely on annoying exchange systems to give you free Instagram views, AiGrow instead uses organic growth to get the attention of relevant people, drive them back to your Instagram page, get them to view your videos, and potentially even convert them to followers.

This way, unlike Like-for-Like exchange platforms, you get Views from real people in your community who are actually interested in you.

Why you need to get Instagram Views from real people

You probably want to get more Instagram views for one of the following reasons:

  • Build social proof
  • Leads to more followers
  • Looks good to advertisers

Build social proof

Videos with lots of views communicate to people that you are someone who creates content worth watching.

The easiest way to maintain a consistent level of Views on your videos and its associated social proof is to get real people to keep coming back to watch your videos.

Exchange services and one-time free Instagram view services aren’t going to generate real people watching and returning to your videos.

Most of the time, these services generate Views from fake, inactive, or generally uninterested Instagram users.

Leads to more followers

The more people that view your videos, the more people are likely to start following you.

However, like the point above, you need real people watching your videos in the first place for them to decide to follow you.

Looks good to advertisers

10,000 views on your video looks good at first glance to businesses wanting to hire you to advertise their products.

However, fake views don’t lead to any other kind of engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.)

If you consistently get 10,000 views on your videos but no other signs that your viewers are actually interested in what you’re posting, such as Likes or comments, then that’s a good sign to advertisers that your viewers 1) don’t care enough about what you’re posting to engage further, or 2) aren’t real people.

Either one of these signs is enough to make advertisers look elsewhere.

With these three points in mind, learn how you can use AiGrow to start getting free Instagram from real people in 3 easy steps:

1) Search and add hashtags your target audience is using on Instagram to AiGrow (learn how to find these hashtags by watching the GIF below, or reading this article)

beating the Instagram algorithm with hashtags

You can follow the steps outlined above and copy the hashtags you find into AiGrow, or you can use AiGrow’s built-in hashtag research tool to find the right hashtags from right within AiGrow.

aigrow hashtag search

Just search a keyword related to your Instagram page and AiGrow will then show you the most popular hashtags related to your search.

You can then click each hashtag you want and easily add them to your targeting with one click (you can add up to 30 hashtags, 20 locations, and 10 competitor accounts in your targeting).

AiGrow targeting

2) Choose how you want to engage with people (Like, Follow, Comment, and/or DM)

AiGrow features

You can adjust the speed of your activity depending on the age and size of your Instagram account (Slow/Normal for newer, smaller accounts, and Fast for older, bigger accounts).

3) Hit “Start Growth”

In addition to hashtags, you can also target Instagram users based on:

  • location
  • follower of competitor
  • list of usernames

AiGrow will then begin automatically Liking, Following, DMing, and Commenting on posts of people who fit your targeting.

A good percentage of these people will then see your engagement, check out your Instagram page as a result, and ultimately View your posts and follow your page.


There are a million tools you can use to get free Instagram Views, but the majority of the views you get from these tools are from fake, inactive, or generally uninterested Instagram users.

These tools also often require you to manually request your free Instagram Views on a daily or weekly basis. This means that if you are away from your computer, or simply don’t want to have to manually generate your Instagram Views every day, your won’t get your Views.

If you consistently get a certain number of Views on your videos as a result of these services and all of a sudden drop in Views as a result of not using them anymore, then that can be a very obvious indicator that you’re Views are fake.

To avoid all of this, use a tool like AiGrow.

After turning it on, AiGrow will continue automatically driving real people to your videos without any more work on your part. Even after closing your browser and turning off your computer, AiGrow will continue to work.

Plus, you are driving real, interested people back to your Instagram page instead of buying Views from fake, inactive, or uninterested Instagram users. These people are not only likely to View your videos, but they are also likely to leave Likes and comments on your videos and follow your page as well.

Ready to start getting free Instagram views from real people who actually want to see your videos? Click the button below to start your AiGrow 5-day free trial!


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