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Categories: Instagram Marketing

Instagram Micro Influencers: A Key Part of Your Social Strategy

Micro-influencers have found their way into mainstream marketing in recent years. As the market has developed, many of the largest Instagram influencers have become incredibly difficult to work with. The increase in demand for their services has led to a mix of blockers to access including agents, rising costs and generally being difficult to pin down.

This has led to the rise of the Instagram micro-influencer. These types of influencers offer many of the benefits of their larger friends but are significantly easier to communicate and work with.

Although picking a bunch of Instagram micro-influencers and getting them to promote your product will likely bring some small benefits to your brand, the real value is in integrating these types of influencers into your full social media strategy.

Let’s find out why and how shall we?

Here you are going to read about:

Expert Insight

Gathering customer feedback should already be a key part of your social media strategy. Knowing what your customer thinks, likes, dislikes and wants is a great way to ensure you continue to serve them rather than serve yourself.

Micro-influencers offer a super-charged, hyper-focused set of individuals who can provide you with some of the most valuable brand, product and service feedback possible. Where a regular customer may purchase a product and use it without any real thought, Instagram micro-influencers are more likely to provide a deeper thought process and more detailed feedback.


Because it is their job. Take for example you are a coffee brand. Your regular customer probably drinks it because it tastes nice and it gives them that caffeine kick they need to see them through the day. An influencer will likely go much deeper, analysing the flavours and the branding of the product, they may even go deeper and assess your brand values and how that fits into the market.

Instagram micro-influencers often build their following by becoming a trusted advisor in their niche. To reach this position they must become experts in understanding what is offered in that niche.

As brands, we like to think we know our customers. In fact, many of us make it our professional life work to discover and serve our customer needs. But the unfortunate fact is that due to many other business needs, we often don’t get that deep into what customers really want.

Instagram micro-influencers build their entire careers around understanding their audience needs and serving the content that meets it. By working with influencers when developing your social media strategy, it allows you to gain insight into what content truly resonates with your audience.

Not only will this increase your social success, but it cuts a significant amount of testing time out of your social media content strategy….letting you get ahead of the game right from the get-go.


A large part of any social media strategy is deciding how you will reach an audience that is not currently part of your own. This is already accepted as one of the biggest benefits of working with Instagram micro-influencers, allowing you to get your brand, product or service in front of their audience.

Although micro-influencers have a smaller reach than larger Instagram influencers, by working with a small team of expert content creators you can seriously amplify your social media messaging.

From experience, we have also found that micro-influencers tend to have a high rate of engagement when compared to their follower count, meaning secondary reach can be significant when working with them.


Trust. When it boils down to it, this is what influencer marketing is all about. Look at it this way…

Of course, your business thinks that what your business offers is the best thing since sliced bread. But consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low. We just don’t trust what businesses tell us about themselves any more.

Instagram micro-influencers act as a middle man/woman who has built up the trust of their audience. Of course, this isn’t always the case, as many influencers abuse their influence for financial gain as soon as it is possible.

It is the brand’s job to choose influencers who align with their brand values and to audit them to ensure there is authenticity throughout their content. For example, if an influencer is promoting other brands that either don’t fit with their niche or compete against each other, this could be an indication that the influencer has lost their authenticity.

Studying comment on sponsored posts is also a good way to understand whether influencers followers are really buying into the advice that the influencer is offering.

Clearly, Instagram micro-influencers are a great tool for taking your social media strategy to the next level. By taking a holistic approach to applying influencer marketing you can leverage many more benefits than just reach.

About the author

Owain Williams is the founder of MAKE IT MANA an influencer, content and social marketing agency based in the UK. Owain is a thought leader in the influencer marketing space with extensive experience in speaking and writing about the topic. His agency works with a variety of businesses, helping them set strategies and execute powerful influencer marketing campaigns.

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