Fixed: We Restrict Certain Activity on Instagram

How to Fix “We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram” Error

Many Instagram users have recently reported an issue with their normal activities on the application. For example, they’ve claimed that each time they try to like a post, the  ‘We restrict certain activity on Instagram’ or ‘Please try again later’ errors pop up. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community’ appears.

Imagine you’d like to like and comment on your friend’s post when you receive such an error! Isn’t it ironic and annoying that on a social medium, designed to help you communicate with your friends, you won’t be able to interact with them because your actions are limited on the platform?!

But what is this error? And what are the best ways to fix the “we restrict certain activity” Instagram error?

What Is ‘we Restrict Certain Activity on Instagram

As you have already noticed, there are a few glitches and bugs on IG. Yet although this platform tries to resolve each one with a new IG update, these glitches can be annoying.

For example, some users used to complain that they can’t post on Instagram, their follower count is wrong, or their video upload is stuck!

Yet recently, some Instagrammers have noticed they can’t follow people on IG or generally interact with posts. Sometimes, this problem is followed by an Instagram error: ‘we restrict certain activity.’

So if your number one question is: ‘Why does Instagram say we restrict certain activity to protect our community?’ then read on! 

In this article, we will give a detailed explanation of the matter and the existing solutions. Even if you are blocked because you may have used IG bots, you can have your account unblocked since we will explain that too. There are always ways to avoid Instagram limiting activity!

Why Is Instagram Restricting My Activity

If you get the error Please try again later; we restrict certain activity on Instagram every time you try to like a post, it means that Instagram has blocked you from some activities. You may also have an issue commenting on others’ posts, following other people, blocking accounts, and sharing posts.

In this section, we will give a brief explanation of the different reasons you may see the ‘we restrict certain activity on Instagram’ error.

1- Your Account Is Relatively New

If you have just created an account and you receive this on Instagram: ‘We restrict certain activity,’ it’s because you’re new! Perhaps, you haven’t included certain information, like your phone number. And now, Instagram believes you’re a bot!

Or perhaps, you have started liking and commenting on several posts upon your arrival. Doing so can raise red flags and compel Instagram to block your actions. 

So, if you’re a newcomer wondering ‘Why is Instagram restricting my activity?’, make sure you don’t raise any flags. And if you have, it’s water under the bridge! Just read on to find a fix!

2- We Restrict Certain Activity on Instagram As You Have Been Inactive 

If you’re at the other side of the extreme, we assure you Instagram has noticed it. That’s why you keep seeing Instagram’s ‘Try again later; we restrict certain activity’ error. 

So, try to be more active; if not for the sake of increasing your IG engagement rate or sharing with your friends, then for the sake of this error! But be careful not to go overboard. 

If after a long period of silence, you start engaging with several accounts, it might lead to getting shadowbanned. Maintain a balance and enjoy your experience without Instagram limiting your activity!

3- Users Reported Your IG Account SO We Restrict Certain Activity on Instagram

We restrict certain activity instagram
your followers might have reported your account

If you’ve shared inappropriate content or given your followers a reason to block and report you, this platform has noticed it. Practically, Instagram has sent you to your room to think about the bad things you’ve done to make sure you’d never repeat them again!

So, for your first step, just learn from your mistake and try not to trigger your audience. But now that it has happened, go to the solutions section to see what you can do to fix the error: ‘We restrict certain activity to protect our community on Instagram’ disappear!. 

4- Instagram Noticed Unusual Behavior

The reason for Instagram limiting your activity is mainly to stop spammers and bots. So if you get this message, it is because Instagram recognized your activities as spam.

Firstly, bear in mind that Instagram can easily misinterpret your actions. For example, you may have liked a lot of posts during a short period. Or you may have followed a lot of people and reached Instagram’s daily limits. As Instagram constantly looks for bot activities, human interactions can be mistaken with bots.

I’m sure that you, like many others, agreed to Instagram’s terms of use without actually reading it. But now, please check out Instagram’s terms of use and guidelines to make sure Instagram won’t restrict and ban you again.

5- You Used IG Bots  & We Restrict Certain Activity on Instagram

You asked, ‘I did none of the above so why is Instagram restricting my activity?’ And we have one answer left! Did you turn to bots for Instagram growth?!

Yes, Instagram bots promise and sometimes even deliver several followers, likes and comments. They seem like excellent tools that can help you grow, right?! Err, wrong! Just don’t use Instagram bots for any purpose.

Instagram bots are, more often than not, dangerous. They will get you fake, or at best, uninterested followers who aren’t humans or have zero interest in interacting with your content. Plus, they are big red flags for Instagram.

Instagram bots might not be illegal but IG is strictly against using automation. So, the moment you start using these bots, you risk being shadowbanned and receiving scary messages like this one: ‘We restrict certain activity on Instagram.’

But there is no need to freak out; there’s always a solution! In the next section, we will talk about the means and solutions to this problem. 

How to Fix the ‘We Restrict Certain Activity’ Instagram Error

We have explained the error itself. Now,  you probably understand the error ‘We restrict certain activity to protect our community on Instagram’ meaning. So, the question is how to fix it!

In this section, we will give you solutions related to the causes.

1- Stop Overdoing Activities

As we have explained, when you like too many posts or follow too many accounts for a short while, Instagram may think you are a bot. In this case,  for the ‘We restrict certain activity to protect our community on Instagram’ error, the solution is to wait for the error to be fixed by itself.

It won’t be there forever.

However, if you feel that it has been a while since you are blocked, you’d better contact the Instagram support team. You can do this by taking the following steps. 

  1. First, try to like a post.
  2. When the Instagram ‘we restrict certain activity to protect our community’ error popped up, tap the ‘tell us’ button.
  3. Complete the required information form.
  4. Now, wait for a few days. 

In this case, the issue will be fixed if there has been a mistake. 

2- Fill Out Your Information

If you’re new on IG, a quick ‘We restrict certain activity on Instagram’ fix is to complete your profile. Add your phone number to ensure Instagram that you’re a human and not a bot!

To enter your phone number, follow this path:

  • Open your Instagram profile feed.
  • Then, tap on the three horizontal lines and pick ‘Settings’ then choose ‘Account.’
we restrict certain activity on instagram error
Open ‘Account’ : Fix We restrict instagram error on Instagram
  • Next, select ‘Personal Information.’
we restrict certain activity instagram error
Go to Personal information
  • Now you can enter your email address, phone number, or include your gender and birthday if you feel like it!
enter number to make we restrict certain activity instagram error disappear
enter your phone number

And don’t worry; your phone number will remain private and visible to you alone! 

If the ‘We restrict certain activity on Instagram’ vanishes, then you know you’ve been successful!

3- Stop Using Bots to Fix Instagram’s ‘We Restrict Certain Activity’ Error

If ‘try again later; we restrict certain activity’ Instagram error appears to you because you’ve been using bots, then the answer is clear! Your issue is not because of your activities and the solutions above won’t work.

Do not rely on the bot provider’s claims that the bot is safe and undetectable. The best solution is always to stop using it right away. After stopping the bot, the error will be fixed in few days. 

However, many Instagrammers and business owners are becoming dependent on Instagram tools and robots to grow their accounts. Due to Instagram’s new updates, this is not advisable. But what can we do to grow without receiving the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error?

In the following, we will introduce a third-party application, which helps you grow followers organically, so it is entirely safe and natural. 

Use AiGrow to Grow your Account 

AiGrow is a third-party application that you can use easily. Its many features make it an excellent alternative to all Instagram bots. It will provide you with statistical data on your accounts’ growth.

Plus, it will give you facilities by which you can increase your followers organically via hashtags and using Instagram algorithms wisely.Not to mention that a professional team of Instagram managers will be there to manage everything manually.

AiGrow is the best alternative for anyone who has felt the necessity to grow their account. Using AiGrow, you can also manage your DMs, which greatly helps maintain your followers and manage your interactions. 

prevent 'we restrict activity' instagram error
AiGrow’s DM tool

Signing up on AiGrow is absolutely free. And the prices are extremely budget-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the expenses.

Take the following steps to have AiGrow as your social media assistant and to never see the ugly ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram tagging.

  1. Sign-up to AiGrow for free using your Email.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account via AiGrow.
  3. On your dashboard, find your account and click on the ‘Manage’ button.
AiGrow growth tool
Manage growth on AiGrow and don’t use bots

It is all so simple! After taking the following steps, the user-friendly interface of AiGrow will show you anything you need to grow your account, but this time organically and thus undetectable.

As mentioned earlier, using AiGrow, you don’t have to worry about the ‘we restrict certain activity’ Instagram error. Besides, AiGrow’s great supporting team is always there to help you with any issues and questions you may face. 

You can also check out a complete review of AiGrow and find out more about the tool.

So, sign up in AiGrow for free and get immediate access to safe growth!

4- Reinstall the Instagram App

Have you noticed how dads restart laptops and computers to solve every issue?! In all fairness, sometimes it works!! Now, removing and reinstalling applications have the same function. 🙂

If nothing else could fix the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error, it’s time to remove the application and install it again. It should resolve the issue!

5- The Last ‘We Restrict Certain Activity’ Instagram Solution

If none of the solutions above did work for you, we highly recommend you take the following steps as a last resort. They all have been reported to be useful. 

FAQ on ‘We Restrict Certain Activity’ Instagram Solution

So far, we have answered most of your questions regarding this annoying error. But let’s see what else you’ve asked!

1- I received the ‘We restrict certain activity’ on Instagram, how long does it take?

‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error can last for one day or it can stretch to a whole week. No one can tell for sure! But what we know for certain is that this error is temporary and will likely disappear after 48 hours. 

Plus, by using the solutions above, you can make this period shorter. So, read the article again, find out why you’ve been action blocked, and use the proper solution.

2- When does Instagram say we restrict certain activity?

We have already mentioned why you might have the action block problem. But generally what’s the story behind it? In short, we get action limit based on how often we act against Instagram policy and so, Instagram, to protect our community, bans us for a time.

The ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error often occurs because of using automated bots, being overly active/inactive, being reported, or spamming other accounts. So if you make sure you abide by the rules, then you won’t have the ‘action blocked’ problem!

Final Words

Instagram blocks users from certain activities if they are detected as spammers. That’s why you get the ‘we restrict certain activity’ Instagram error. If they have made a mistake due to recent natural activities, there is no need to worry since the problem will go away after a few days on its own accord.

In case you are actually using a bot, you better stop it right away. You can place your account into an Instagram account management service like AiGrow, and rest assured that your account won’t experience such errors again.