Instagram Video Upload Stuck + 3 Ways to Fix it

Learn how to fix the Instagram video upload stuck issue.

Are you having trouble uploading a video on Instagram because it gets stuck? It definitely sucks to be in that situation. Especially if you’ve prepared a professional video and already picked the best time to post it on Instagram. We both know how effective that video could be in boosting your Instagram engagement rate and helping you attract new IG followers and delight the ones you already have. So what can you do to fix this Instagram video upload stuck issue?

Let’s break the bad news first. It’s impossible to delete the video while uploading, which is extremely frustrating for most users. And the good news is you can easily fix the Instagram video upload stuck in 3 simple ways. No matter the video format, the 3 ways you’ll learn in this blog are the right solutions to fixing the Instagram video upload issue. So let’s jump right in to find out what they are.

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Instagram Video Upload Gets Stuck? Here Is Why

Instagram video uploading bugs and interruptions are common among users. The issue usually has multiple reasons. And to solve it, firstly, it is crucial to troubleshooting. In this section, we are going to explain briefly the reasons that may have caused such trouble. In the next section, we will focus on ways to fix specific errors.
The Instagram video upload may get stuck for the reasons below. 

#1 Your Video Is Too Long

Instagram videos often follow a particular rule. You can not post videos longer than one minute and shorter than three seconds. However, if you try this, you may end up with an Instagram video upload stuck. So please pay attention to the length of the video before posting it on your IG feed.

#2 There Is a Problem With Your Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is poor, you may have trouble uploading videos and photos on your feed and stories. There is a simple method to test if this is the case. If you upload videos on Instagram from your desktop, you can check your internet status from the path below on your Windows.

Start  button > Settings  > Network & Internet > Status.

Otherwise, if you are using your phone, you can test your internet connection using the SpeedTest Master application, available on IOS and Android.

#3 The Account Or The Content Is Banned

If you upload improper content on Instagram, your video will not make it to your feed. So, It is always important to be sure you are aware of Instagram terms and policies. This way, you can be sure that you are not outraging Instagram rules. It is crucial to pay attention to this issue, as violating terms does not cost an upload stuck. Once you try, you are in danger of having your account banned.
It is also worth noting that you won’t perform certain activities on Instagram if your account is already banned. In this case, you need to wait for the banal to wear off naturally. We recommend you do a quick Instagram shadowban test.

#4 Fundamental Reasons for Instagram Video Upload Getting Stuck

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you may also have trouble uploading videos for the causes below.

  • There is a technical issue going on with the Instagram application itself. In this incident, you only have to wait.
  • Your phone’s software is not compatible with your IG application version. 
  • Your Cache is not clear.

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How to Fix the Instagram Video Upload Stuck Issue

Now that we noted a few of the most common reasons for Instagram video upload getting stuck, it is time to mention a few solutions. The solutions that we will say from now on are usually applicable if it is not violating the rules. When facing an internet connection or application error, you can generally take basic steps to avoid them. But you always have to expect much more problematic issues. In the following, we will explain all the different ways to fix the Instagram video uploading issues as straightforward as possible.

Instagram Video Upload Stuck? Start with the Basics.

Errors such as uploading issues do not have complicated reasons in most cases. That is why we recommend you try the typical solutions before trying anything more complex. There is a great chance that you succeed through the first actions. Here we list a few different steps you can take to fix the problem.

#1 Clear Your Cache 

If your application’s cache is not clear, you will face issues with the application sooner or later. So, take the first step by clearing the application’s cache on your phone. You can take the following steps to do so.

  • If you are using Android, Clean your app data on Settings > Apps > Instagram > Clear data.
  • Using an iPhone, you can clean your app data on iPhone’s Settings > General > Storage and iCloud usage. Find the Instagram application and click on the Remove and data document.

This way, Instagram stops using the cache data, and you can instantly fix all your cache-related problems.

#2 Close The Application

Sometimes closing and manually reopening the application can lead to the result of fixing problems. If you still have uploading issues, we highly recommend you to force close the Instagram application.
To close your Instagram manually on your iPhone, follow the path below

iPhone’s Setting > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram > Offload App

To close your Instagram’s application on your Android, follow the path below

Settings > Applications > Instagram > Force Stop

After you took the preceding steps, reopen the application, and you will face an error message. Close the warning and retry uploading the video with the previous remarks in your mind.

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#3 Post Instagram Videos From AiSchedul

In some cases, you may find it hard to use Instagram on your phone to upload videos. For example, you want to post a long video file as a carousel post, and you do not want to crop the file roughly. Or you may have trouble with your phone software, and you haven’t got enough time to fix it.  In this case, the best way is to get help from a professional third-party assistant.

AiSchedul is a free third-party Instagram manager who can help you immensely with your social management issues. You can use AiSchedul to avoid your videos getting stuck in the middle of the way. In the following, we will teach you how you can use this application to post videos most easily from your desktop. 

  1. Create a free account using your email address.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account.
  3. Choose your account from your Dashboard. 
  4. From the POSTS AND SCHEDULING tab, click on the Schedule button and choose Feed.
  5. Drag and drop your video file from your PC.
  6. Click on Submit.

    Instagram video upload stuck
    Use AiSchedul to post videos on your feed.

Please note that if your video is too long, the AiSchedul will cut your file automatically before posting it to your IG feed.

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Final Words

You may face that your Instagram videos are getting stuck in the middle of the way for many reasons. Most of the time, the solution is as easy as connecting and disconnecting yourself from the application. However, there are times you can not troubleshoot so quickly. That is why we recommended you use the AiSchedul as a third-party assistant. Using AiSchedul, you will be able to upload videos without further disruptions. Besides, AiSchedul’s excellent support team is always available if you face any issue. Feel free to contact them if you still had problems scheduling or uploading posts.