Instagram DM Glitch: 8 Frequent Reasons and How to Fix It

Instagram DM Glitch: Frequent Reasons And How To Fix It

Instagram direct messages, aka DM, is the only one-to-one means of communication in the app. But isn’t it frustrating when Instagram messages are just not sending? Or when numerous errors happen like messages fail to send or there’s no notification for the new messages. These errors, or, as users call them, Instagram DM glitches can have some serious consequences, especially when you have a business and want to send automated DMs or even bulk messages on Instagram.

When it comes to the Instagram DM glitch today and how to fix it, you’ve got two options on the table: either try to solve them on the official Instagram app if possible or use an Instagram DM app to get around the bugs. 

In this article, we are trying to find out why Instagram messages are not sending and how you can prevent DM glitches on Instagram. We will also introduce DMpro as the best DM app you can use to successfully fix these malfunctions. So, buckle up and read this article to the end!

Common Errors That Occur When Instagram Messages Are Not Sending

Instagram features including direct messages are a bit limited even when they work well. For instance, there is no way for you to mass DM or even send automated DMs on the official app. Now imagine what a disaster it would be for you to experience an Instagram direct message glitch too!

Here are the most frequent errors that Instagram users have experienced:

  1. No notification when receiving new messages
  2. Received Instagram dm notification but no message
  3. Instagram stuck on sending messages
  4. Instagram DMs not working at all
  5. The Instagram direct message disappeared
  6. They can’t start a new message
  7. Instagram DM seen glitch
  8. Users can see the replies for their DM messages
  9. They can’t delete the message
  10. Instagram DM videos not playing 

Each of these problems can make it difficult for you to communicate with your friends or customers. Read the following to find out why my Instagram direct messages are not showing up in 2022! We’ll explain how you can fix these problems, and in the end, we’ll show you the ultimate solution for all of these problems.

8 Reasons Why Instagram Messages Not Sending And How To Fix DM Glitch?   

Here are the most common reasons why Instagram messages are not sending or, aka, dm glitch happens.

Reasons for Instagram messages not sending
Instagram Messages Not Sending (8 Reasons)

1- Your Network Connection Is Weak

The first reason why Instagram messages are not sent is your internet connection. Better check your connection and preferably use a Wi-Fi connection to avoid any problem.

If you’re already connected to Wi-Fi and are facing an Instagram DM bug, then try switching to your mobile data and refresh your inbox.

2- Your App Cache Is Full

Sometimes, Instagram won’t send your messages on DM because your phone is filled up with cache. So, to prevent an Instagram DM glitch, try to clear up your cache. 

  1. Open the Settings of your phone.
  2. Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page.
  3. Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.
  4. Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing.
  5. Tap the Clear cache button.

Another easy way to empty your cache is to simply tap and hold the application’s icon and then, tap on ‘App info’. Next, tap on ‘Storage’, and ‘Clear data’. Now, you can delete your cache and fix your IG dm bug.

How to clear cache
How to Clear Cache

Indeed, these steps may vary on different devices, but the overall route is the same.

3- You Need To Update Your Instagram

Lots of times, your Instagram won’t perform well because the app is outdated. Go to your Google Play or Apple Store and make sure your Instagram is updated.  

4- Make Sure The Receiver Actually Has An Active Account

People deactivate their Instagram for many reasons. If you encounter an Instagram DM glitch, just tab on the receiver profile and check if the account is active. 

5- The Receiver Might Have Blocked You

I know it hurts but Instagram might not send your messages because you are blocked by the receiver! 

At this point, you might think you’re faced with an Instagram DM seen glitch because you don’t receive the seen receipt for days even though your chat buddy is online. Well, not exactly!

Generally, when you’re blocked by someone on Instagram, you can’t find their profile to send a direct message to them. In case you’ve chatted with them before, you can see your chat history and DM them, yet they’ll never receive them. 

6- Instagram Is Updating The Direct Messages

Another reason why Instagram is not sending messages can be the fact that the Instagram DM developer team is working on the app or some bugs. So, if you and other users have the same problem, it’s probably due to technical maintenance.   

7- The Receiver Is Not Following You

You may have seen some DMs turn to message requests and you can check them in a separate part of your DM. This happens mainly because the receiver is not following the sender. So, you may want to check out this one too.

If you checked all of these options and still come across an Instagram DM glitch, better to contact Instagram support. They will help you ASAP. 

8- You Need to Relaunch Your Instagram App 

Sometimes, the issue is not as complicated as you might think. By relaunching the app, you give Instagram the opportunity to refresh, and that alone can fix certain issues. 

How To Prevent Instagram DM Glitch?

Instagram can be really unpredictable. So, to prevent encountering such problems, you need to be an Instagram guru. Well, the problem is, that not everyone has the interest or time to become an Instagram expert. So, what should you do? The best answer to this is to get help from an Instagram expert. Someone who knows all the Insta stuff and can prevent any type of DM glitch. 

How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch Using DMpro

How to fix Instagram DM glitch using DMpro
How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch Using DMpro

According to Downdetector, 49% of glitch reports by users were indicators of some problems with the Instagram application. Apparently, Instagram support team hasn’t been of much help either. 

As a business owner on Instagram, you can’t wait forever for IG to fix these issues because you have customers waiting for your replies, and potential customers to reach out to. Therefore, you need an instant solution to keep your Instagram DM marketing going! The solution is called DMpro

Basically, this is the only platform out there that is solely focused on Instagram direct messages. Not only does it help you out with overcoming an Instagram message glitch, but also it helps you go beyond the abilities Instagram DM provides you with! 

Using this wonderful IG tool, you can mass DM your potential followers and convert them to paying customers, preset a text for auto-replies, link IG DMs to your email, have multiple links in your bio without having to worry about getting shadow banned or action blocked, and many more! 

So, sign up on DMpro RIGHT NOW to DM like a pro and fix the glitch in Instagram DM today! 

AiGrow: A Better Way To Grow On Instagram 

How to Fix Instagram DM Glitch Using AiGrow

Here’s yet another tool you can use to put an end to these issues. AiGrow is a much easier way to manage Instagram DMs and prevents Instagram glitches and problems such as not sending messages. Using this tool, you can access your messages online, without worrying about the various errors and glitches that will happen on the app.

As you are using your Instagram DM on your PC, there are much more options available to you. 

AiGrow offers a comprehensive set of DM tools such as sending bulk DMs, Auto Reply, and DM to email. 

To learn more about the AiGrow and its services read this AiGrow review.

However, you should keep in mind that AiGrow is more of a growth tool, so if you’re only looking for a tool to help you with your Instagram direct messages, DMpro would be a more suitable option. 

FAQs on Instagram DM Glitch in 2022

You’re here because something’s bothering you about your IG DMs. We know. Not being able to send or receive IG DMs is such an annoying thing to go through these days. 

In this article, we tried to provide you with a thorough guide on some Instagram message glitch you might be facing these days, and how to fix them. Now, let’s check out some of your most frequently asked questions. 

Shall we?!

#1 Why Are All My Instagram DMs Gone?

There are various reasons why your Instagram DMs have disappeared all of a sudden:

  1. Your e-pal has blocked you: If someone blocks you on Instagram, you’d probably stop seeing your chat thread after a while. This is due to Instagram’s privacy policy. 
  1. The messages were sent in vanish mode: When you engage in conversations in vanish mode, your messages will disappear after a while. That’s why they’re called disappearing Instagram messages, after all!
  1. Instagram direct message glitch: Recently, a lot of users have reported that they can no longer see their chat threads. This glitch started in early July and is still not fixed for many. In order to fix this problem, either reach out to Instagram’s support team and wait for them to fix it or use DMpro; the best app for IG DMs to get your job done!
  1. Your chat buddy has deactivated their account on Instagram: Another reason why your DMs have disappeared is that your friend has deleted or deactivated their Instagram account. In this case, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

#2 Why Is My Instagram Direct Message Video Not Playing?

If you have a problem playing your DM videos, here are 6 possible reasons for you to consider:

  1. The owner has deleted the video.
  2. The video is not available in your region. 
  3. Your internet connection is poor. 
  4. Your cache is full. 
  5. Instagram servers are down. 
  6. Your device/app needs to be relaunched.

#3 Why Don’t I See Instagram DM Reactions?

If you can’t see IG reactions in your DMs, chances are this feature has not yet been activated in your region or your account. Usually, it takes time for some features to be activated on all IG accounts. 

Until then, try the only efficient DM tool on the market: DMpro

Final Words On Instagram DM Glitch

With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram has become the number one platform for people who wish to expand their business online. 

Instagram DM glitch can be really frustrating, especially when your income depends on it. Consulting Instagram’s support team can be helpful, but they seem not to be responsive at the time these errors occur! Therefore, you need the hand of an expert who specializes in Instagram.

So, if you’re wondering ‘why are my Instagram DMs glitching?’, feel free to take advantage of DMpro’s experts. Or rather, use DMpro to prevent facing any problems in your DM marketing EVER AGAIN!