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| On
January 31, 2021

Instagram DM Glitch: 7 Frequent Reasons and How to Fix it

By Rezvan

Instagram direct messages, or as we call it shortly DM, is the only one-to-one means of communication in the app. But isn’t it frustrating when Instagram messages are just not sending? Or when numerous errors happen like messages fail to send or there’s no notification for the new messages. These errors, or, as users call them, Instagram DM glitches can have some serious consequences, especially when you have a business and want to send automated DMs or even bulk messages on Instagram.

In this article, we are trying to find out why Instagram messages are not sending and how you can prevent DM glitches on Instagram. So, buckle up and read this article to the end!

Common Errors That Occurs When Instagram Messages Are Not Sending

Here are the most frequent errors that Instagram users have experienced:

  1. No notification when receiving new messages
  2. Received Instagram dm notification but no message
  3. Instagram stuck on sending messages
  4. The Instagram direct message disappeared
  5. They can’t start a new message
  6. Users can see the replies for their DM messages
  7. They can’t delete the messages

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Each of these problems can make it difficult for you to communicate with your friends or customers. Read the following to find out why my Instagram direct messages are not showing up in 2021! We’ll explain how you can fix these problems, and at the end, we’ll show you the ultimate solution for all of these problems.

7 Reasons Why Instagram Messages Not Sending and How to Fix DM Glitch?

Here are the most common reasons why Instagram messages are not sending or, aka, dm glitch happens.

1- Your Network Connection Is Weak

The first reason why Instagram messages are not sending is your internet connection. Better check your connection and preferably use a Wi-Fi connection to avoid any problem.

2- Your App Cash is Full

Sometimes, Instagram won’t send your messages on DM because your phone is filled up with cash. So, to prevent Instagram DM glitch, try to clear up your cash. 

  1. Open the Settings of your phone.
  2. Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page.
  3. Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.
  4. Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing.
  5. Tap the Clear cache button.

3- You Need to Update Your Instagram

Lots of times, your Instagram won’t perform well because the app is outdated. Go to your Google Play or Apple Store and make sure your Instagram is updated.  

4- Make Sure the Receiver is Actually Have an Active Account

People deactivate their Instagram for many reasons. If you encounter an Instagram DM glitch, just tab on the receiver profile and check if the account is active. 

5- The Receiver Might Have Blocked You

I know it hurts but Instagram might not send your messages because you are blocked by the receiver!

6- Instagram is Updating The Direct Messages

Another reason why Instagram is not sending messages can be the fact that the Instagram DM developer team is working on the app or some bugs. So, if you and other users have the same problem, it’s probably due to technical maintenance.   

7- The Receiver Is Not Following You

You may have seen some DMs turn to message requests and you can check them in a separate part of your DM. This happens mainly because the receiver is not following the sender. So, you may want to check out this one too.

If you checked all of these options and still come across an Instagram DM glitch, better to contact Instagram support. They will help you ASAP. 

How To Prevent Instagram DM Glitch?

Instagram can be really unpredictable. So, to prevent encountering such problems, you need to be an Instagram guru. Well, the problem is, not everyone has the interest or time to become an Instagram expert. So, what should you do? The best answer to this is to get help from an Instagram expert. Someone who knows all the Insta stuff and can prevent any type of DM glitch. 

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AiGrow: A Better Way To Grow on Instagram

AiGrow is a much easier way to manage Instagram DMs and prevents Instagram glitches and problems such as not sending messages. Using this tool, you can access your messages online, without worrying about the various errors and glitches that will happen on the app.

As you are using your Instagram DM on your PC, there are much more options available to you. 

AiGrow offers a comprehensive set of DM tools such as sending bulk DMs, Auto Reply, and DM to email. 

To learn more about the AiGrow and its services, use its free trial and read this article.

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Final Words on Instagram DM Glitch

Instagram DM glitch can be really frustrating. To avoid these problems, you have to trust someone that his/her specialist is Instagram. You can find these experts by using services like AiGrow. 

This post was last modified on January 11, 2022 20:03


I’m Rezvan, a freelance copywriter at SocialPros, where I mainly write about Instagram marketing. I’m a Potterhead, resistant to caffeine overdose, and love listening to songs I’ve never heard before.

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