Engagement Boost Reviews 2023 [Is It Really Going To Change Your Instagram Growth Strategy?]

In today’s dynamic social media environment, Instagram is a powerful tool for individual and professional development. It’s no surprise that platforms like Engagement Boost have sprung up, each promising to skyrocket your Instagram profile’s visibility and activity.

However, in a market flooded with such claims, the questions remain: Does Engagement Boost truly deliver on its promises, or is Engagement Boost legit? And what can we learn from the negative Engagementboost.com review that has cropped up?

In this Engagement Boost review, we embark on a journey to uncover whether Engagement Boost is a legitimate Instagram growth service or a potential scam, providing you with the insights you need to make an informed decision about its efficacy and trustworthiness.

Engagement Boost Review

Engagement Boost is an Instagram growth tool that can help users increase their follower count. They claim not to use automation or bots in their process and pledge to deliver between 1,000 and 10,000 new followers monthly.

Engagementboost.com reviews
Engagementboost.com reviews

Furthermore, besides claiming to grow Instagram followers organically, Engagement Boost provides options to generate likes and comments for your photos, videos, and reels.

It’s worth noting, however, that the veracity of their claims remains uncertain due to many negative Engagement Boost reviews. Some individuals have reported encountering activities that could be classified as Engagement Boost scams or spam, potentially leading to account suspensions.

Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution, read Engagement Boost reviews, and conduct thorough research before considering using it.

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Engagement Boost Service and Pricing

While Engagement Boost offers some appealing features, such as targeting users by niche, similar users, and location to attract potentially interested followers, it’s important to note that they provide only a single option for their services, limiting user choice.

Boost Engagement pricing and services
Boost Engagement pricing and services

Furthermore, their pricing may be relatively high compared to alternative services like AiGrow, which offer a broader range of features and provide more competitive pricing options.

AiGrow’s versatility in features and pricing plans makes it a more flexible and cost-effective choice for those seeking comprehensive Instagram growth and management solutions.

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Engagement Boost Prose and Cons

Here is a table outlining the pros and cons of EngagementBoost services:

Safe websiteSpamming
Legitimate servicesRisk of account suspension
Visible pricingNegative reviews
Limited service offerings
Lack of organic growth tools
No Powerful targeting options

Engagement Boost’s primary drawback becomes evident when it offers only a single Instagram management service, leaving users with no choice for tailoring their social media management needs.

In contrast, services like AiGrow provide diverse plans encompassing various functionalities, including DM marketing, unfollowing, ghost follower removal, and content creation, allowing users to select and customize their Instagram management experience according to their specific requirements and preferences.

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Engagement Boost Instagram Reviews: What People Think About Their Service?

Users have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with this service due to its relentless spamming practices, which have persisted for several years despite multiple attempts to unsubscribe.

engagement boost
www.engagementboost.com review

It’s important to note that these users never willingly subscribed to this service in the first place. The company’s persistent spamming even continued after a failed attempt to engage with them to boost their Instagram engagement.

engagement boost
Engagement Boost reviews

Not only was the company’s response sluggish, but they also declined to refund a debit for a subscription service that was never utilized. Subsequent responses from the company have been consistently inaccurate and seem to follow a standard template.

Engagement Boost reviews

These negative experiences and the lack of responsiveness to user concerns highlight a significant issue with the company’s approach to customer satisfaction. Their practices have left users with a sense of mistrust and frustration.

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Engagement Boost Review: Drawbacks and Their Real Face

Amid the promise of Instagram growth and engagement, the truth behind Engagement Boost’s operations appears to be far from reassuring, as numerous accounts from users paint a troubling picture of their experiences. Here are some drawbacks of Engagement Boost Instagram:

Dubious Requests for Access

The first red flag emerges with Engagement Boost’s demand for full access to users’ Instagram accounts and the insistence on disabling two-factor authentication (2FA). This breach of personal security is enough to make anybody wonder about their motives.

Lackluster Communication

The second cause of concern is their lack of communication. It takes Engagement Boost an astonishing 24 hours to respond to emails, leaving clients in the dark.

Even more puzzling, it’s suggested that only one individual within the company holds the power to cancel accounts, raising eyebrows about the legitimacy of their setup.

Cancellation Nightmares

The nightmare doesn’t end there. Users who attempt to cancel their accounts find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of inefficiency.

Customers are left in limbo and frustrated when they do not get cancellation confirmations after repeated requests, leading some to resort to extreme actions like deactivating their credit cards.

Identity Theft

Adding to the mystery, users have reported strange occurrences involving the supposed “account managers.” When looking closely at profile photographs, it is clear that these purported administrators have utilized stock images from places like Shutterstock, leading to suspicions about the integrity of the people hiding behind the screens.

Free Trial Turned Nightmare

The allure of a free trial often draws users in, but EngagementBoost seems to use it as a bait-and-switch tactic.

Clients hoping for more exposure and interaction instead paid a steep $99 and expressed dissatisfaction. Some people have even claimed their Instagram accounts were hacked and deleted when they tried to contest the accusations.

Persistent Spamming

To add insult to injury, Engagement Boost’s spamming tactics have left a trail of frustrated users. Even after unsubscribing, many report receiving incessant emails, a testament to a company that seemingly cares little about honoring requests.

Broken Promises

Finally, the heart of the issue lies in broken promises. One user claims to have gained a mere 1.3k followers after over a year of subscription despite kind but ultimately fruitless support from the team.

What Is the Best EngagementBoost Alternative?

Considering the mixed reputation of Engagement Boost with negative reviews and customer dissatisfaction, it’s wise to explore a more reliable and versatile alternative.

One such alternative that has garnered attention for its robust Instagram services is AiGrow. AiGrow offers many features and packages to increase your Instagram followers and engagement.

AiGrow is committed to providing manual growth and dedicated account managers, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach to boosting Instagram engagement and followers. Remarkably, they offer these services for as little as $1 a day, making them accessible to many users.

AiGrow’s real human account managers, combined with diverse plans encompassing DM marketing, unfollowing, ghost follower removal, and content creation, offer a comprehensive solution for Instagram management.

This versatility and affordability make AiGrow a strong contender as the best alternative to Engagement Boost for those looking to optimize their Instagram presence and achieve tangible results.

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AiGrow Services

Here’s a breakdown of each service offered by AiGrow:

Managed Growth

AiGrow’s Managed Growth service includes a 14-day money-back guarantee and the flexibility to cancel anytime. It provides users with a dedicated growth team that conducts a live Instagram marketing strategy and onboarding meeting.

This service focuses on organic and real follower growth through various targeting options such as top Instagram hashtags, competitors, locations, and gender targeting. Users receive analytical reports to track their progress.

Managed DMs (65% OFF with code GRAB65)

With Managed DMs, users get a dedicated account manager, live onboarding meetings, and smart targeting options, including influencers, hashtags, locations, competitors, and custom accounts.

AiGrow manually sends over 50 customized messages daily, rotating through three custom messages. Guaranteed DM delivery, scorecards, daily reports, and support via WhatsApp and email make this service highly effective for direct message marketing.

Managed Advanced

This service comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and offers cancellation at any time. Users benefit from a dedicated growth team, live strategy and onboarding meetings, and organic and real follower growth using various targeting methods.

AiGrow provides analytical reports, scorecards, and growth hacks to enhance Instagram’s presence. Additionally, users gain access to premium features like direct message marketing, Instagram scheduling, giveaway picking, bio link customization, and advanced influencer and brand promotion.

Mass Unfollow Plans

The Mass Unfollow Plans allow users to unfollow up to 3,000 followers. It has a dedicated account manager; WhatsApp contact information is required for Instagram connection and verification.

Email support ensures users have a safe and secure experience, and priority 24×7 support is available.

Content Creation Plans

AiGrow’s Content Creation Plans offer various features, including content design templates for feeds and stories (up to 4x), a content plan calendar, fully customized content creation, post galleries, a dedicated account manager, and priority 24×7 support. These plans help users maintain an engaging and visually appealing Instagram presence.

These services cater to different aspects of Instagram growth, engagement, and content management, allowing users to choose the ones that best suit their needs for a comprehensive Instagram management experience.


Engagement Boost, while offering attractive features like targeted follower acquisition and a dedicated account management team, has faced a mixed reputation characterized by negative reviews and user dissatisfaction.

Users have expressed concerns about Instagram spamming and potential account suspension following their services. Moreover, EngagementBoost provides only a single service option, limiting user choice.

Considering these drawbacks and the availability of more versatile and cost-effective alternatives such as AiGrow, users seeking comprehensive Instagram growth and management solutions may find it prudent to explore other options that better align with their needs and expectations.


Q1: Does Engagement Boost Have an Instagram Growth Free Trial?

Yes, Engagement Boost does offer a 7-day free trial for Instagram growth. This trial period allows users to experience their services and assess their effectiveness before committing to a paid subscription.

Q2: Is Engagement Boost Legit?

Engagement Boost is indeed a legitimate company that delivers the services it advertises. However, it’s essential to note that the quality of their services may not always meet the high standards mentioned in reviews. Users have reported mixed experiences, with some expressing dissatisfaction with the results and potential spamming issues.