7 Proven Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

7 Proven Instagram Marketing Strategies for Businesses

The three main goals of any business are to satisfy the current consumer base, expand that market, and make a profit doing it. While some businesses tend to meet this endeavor, most fall short due to poor marketing strategies.

Instagram in particular, is a platform where small businesses convert into big brands. Ever since it revolutionized its algorithms small, medium and big enterprises have been able to further their reach through proven Instagram marketing strategies.

While it’s not easy to compete against 1.6 billion active users for viewer attention, these tactics will help you carve out your own audience, as you target the wider niche.

Here are the seven most effective strategies known to do this.

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Prioritize a Business over Personal Account

If you’ve been promoting your business through a personal account, you know how hard it can be to reach the masses. A good business account positions you as a professional in the industry and help you pull in the numbers as well.

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With a business profile, you can also create shoppable posts; add links to your Instagram stories with 10K followers, and auto-publish.

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To open an Instagram marketing account, simply follow the immediate steps:

  • Create a Facebook page profile for the business (if none currently exists)
  • Connect Instagram to that Facebook Page
  • Set up your business account

Be sure to set your Instagram profile public and optimize up your Facebook page as well.

Optimizing your Business Profile

Part of your marketing strategy should include optimizing your profile for more viewers. The images, content, video, and bio should all be SEO-tuned for easier locating. Use common keywords, popular hashtags, and phrases to boost the visibility of your business profile on the search box.

By scheduling posts as well, you add an aesthetic value to your profile, and people become interested to stay longer. Boost the general appeal of your page by picking a suitable color scheme, maintaining good lighting, and being consistent with your posts.

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Incorporate Video and Stories

While relying on print and image to educate, engage, and inform your business audience, it doesn’t hurt to add some video content and Instagram stories as well. In 2020 video alone, saw businesses boost their conversion metrics by 80%.

Creating meaningful and effective video content is however not an easy thing, use these tips to become a pro

Utilize the Initial Seconds

During your first five seconds into the video strive to be as interesting and effective as possible to avoid boring the audience. It is at this time that your viewership glues in and determines whether they’re interested or not.

Watch the Length

A long, dragging video is always boring and tedious to the eye. The average attention span of human beings to video is 60 seconds and as such, your clips should exceed this mark.

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Exercise Great Timing

Although Instagram is an all-through open platform, interaction can sometimes be minimal. During certain hours of the day, for example, your target audience might be away on duty or just can’t access their phones at the time.

Studying the behavior and pattern of your primary targets helps you to know when to post and at what specific time. Using general Instagram timings, you have more interactive sessions with your customers where you may, for example, answer their burning questions.

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Use free tools from Instagram

Through free Instagram tools, you get insights into engagement data, impressions, and follower demographics. You learn about your audience’s age, gender, and even location by viewing the statistics Instagram provides.

Keep track of your most interactive posts and build from them by tracking user engagement with certain content.

Partner with Industry Influencers

Influencers appear on almost all feeds due to their extensive reach. Part of your Instagram marketing strategy should include partnering with such people to gain access to a wider platform.

Placing your products or services in front of huge online crowds will most likely result in an influx of demands or interest in your business.

Do an Audit of your Instagram

The best marketing strategies are only as effective when the results are meaningful. Do a thorough check of your profile, from the content to the keywords and hashtags. Take note of the most effective strategies by doing an audit of your page like making sure your logo is visible, and use this information to build a better platform.

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Final Thoughts

Even the most followed profiles on Instagram rely on Instagram marketing strategies like timing, profile optimization, videos and stories, and free tools to make their efforts worthwhile. Apply these simple tactics today and watch your business grow.

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