Increase Instagram Followers Quickly and Effortlessly in 2023

Increase Instagram Followers Quickly and Effortlessly in 2023

Social media is a challenging world. With new businesses entering this world every day, the competition has become tougher than ever, especially when wanting to increase Instagram followers

Most businesses want to get more Instagram followers quickly because it’s the number of followers that can attract others to follow their accounts. So, they need to have a minimum number of followers and then start their Instagram marketing. 

What is the solution? You may have heard about buying Instagram followers. Is it really a good method?

Read this article to find out how you can increase Instagram followers by buying them. 

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Instagram Followers 

Undoubtedly, your followers are the most important assets you have on your online market. They can become your advertiser by sharing your content. 

Therefore, the main plan of every business on platforms like Instagram is to attract other users and increase Instagram followers. But why is it that much essential? 

#1 Having More Followers Create Trust in Newcomers

Assume that you have run an ad or a campaign and attracted part of Instagram users. They come to your Instagram account, check your posts and followers! 

Then, a large number of these users leave your page if they see only a few people have followed you. On the other hand, it is more probable if they see you have lots of followers. 

They may feel you are a trusted brand and that these people have followed you. Therefore, more followers bring more trust. 

#2 More Followers Mean More Potential Customers

The main reason for all brand’s online presence is to make more customers. The more people know about you and your products, the more sales you will have. Therefore, increasing Instagram followers can bring more money to your company. 

#3 It Can Build Brand Awareness

Increasing your followers has a direct impact on expanding your reach and enhancing brand awareness campaigns. However, achieving this requires the creation of captivating and innovative content.

Merely amassing millions of followers is insufficient; the outcome largely depends on the quality of your content and your level of Instagram engagement.

Now that we know about the benefits of increasing Instagram followers, how can we make trust, which is the first thing that can help us increase Instagram followers? Is it really useful if we buy followers in the first place? Let’s see how this method can help increase Instagram followers.

Is It Good to Buy Followers for Instagram? 

You should note that although buying Instagram followers is one of the quickest methods to increase Instagram followers, it comes with some challenges including:

#1 The Problem with Fake Users 

The primary obstacle which may prevent you from buying Instagram followers is the risk of acquiring fake users who are detectable by Instagram. 

Well, it gets worse if you find out that most companies who offer Instagram growth via buying followers will give you a large number of followers in one day who are fake or created by robots. 

Although you will be happy with that, it won’t last long because Instagram can discover these accounts and will delete them. Even if they don’t ban your account for not following their regulations, you may lose all the followers you gained in one day! 

So, everything starts in the first place! And you have spent money, but the result only lasted a few days.

What Is the Solution? 

Is there any way to avoid fake users? Definitely yes. You can still buy and increase Instagram followers without crossing Instagram rules and regulations. 

First, you should find a trusted Instagram growth service, like You to Subs. According to what they claim, none of the followers they give you are fake because they guarantee the authenticity of each follower. But how is it possible?

Let’s see how this platform works. 

you to subs homepage
You To Subs Homepage

Like every other platform, you should sign up on this website. But you can either be the customer (who wants to increase Instagram followers) or a user (who wants to follow those customers). 

As users are paid for following and liking different posts, they see it as a job. So they can sit on their couch at home and gain money. On the other hand, the brand and companies get what they want: organic followers. What a great plan for both!

However, you may not get millions of followers in one day, which is not logical; it offers different plans to customers to decide how many followers they want each day. Think of a logical number to make this trick as transparent as you can. 

#2 Not Being Organic 

As previously mentioned, organic followers contribute to the authenticity of your Instagram account, as they consist of real users who genuinely engage with your posts and participate in conversations. 

While acquiring a substantial number of organic followers within a short period can be challenging, purchasing followers who remain inactive on your account will prove ineffective. 

Hence, it is crucial to cultivate a following of active, genuine users on Instagram who actively view and interact with your posts.

How To Get Instagram Organic Followers Quickly? 

We talked about the disadvantages of buying fake users and resolved the problem by introducing a trusted Instagram growth platform. Now, we are going to resolve the second challenge again with the same platform.

What do organic users do? They explore Instagram, view Reels, tap on the like button, or leave a comment. These actions show that users are real. Most of the time, you can gain organic users organically! Which means different marketing strategies such as campaigns, ads, or influencer marketing. They will see your ad and may find you interesting to follow.

Is it possible to achieve such engagement by purchasing Instagram followers? The answer is yes. Since the users you buy on You to Subs platform are real people, they can take action too. 

However, you can select the plan that has this feature. By doing so, you can not only collect a significant number of followers but also benefit from their ability to leave comments, like your posts, and even view your stories. 

This enables a more comprehensive level of engagement and interaction with your content.

You To Subs Pricing Page
You To Subs Pricing Page

What will be the result? When you run advertisements or campaigns, people will perceive your account as active and credible. However, it is crucial to remember that ultimately, it is your content that will leave an impression on new users. Try to be engaging and creative to avoid losing newcomers.

Should I Purchase Followers? 

The choice of purchasing Instagram followers relies upon your objectives and personal preferences. It is crucial to thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages, ensuring that you only engage with trustworthy providers such as You to Sub.

However, note that you should not forget other methods of Instagram growth, including: 

#1 Creating Engaging Content

You talk to your audience through the content you create. The more engaging it is, the more followers it can bring. You may lose followers if you don’t have interesting content. Therefore, always think about the content before buying followers because you don’t want to invest in something that may fail.

#2 Using Hashtags

Don’t forget hashtags. You make yourself discoverable to more people. Read about how to use hashtags and where to find trending ones. Trends can bring more views to your posts.

#3 Participating with Influencers

There is something you should know about influencers, most of the time, they know more about Instagram than you. Well, it’s their job! 

Since they have many followers, you can introduce your brand and product through them. However, you may still need a minimum number of followers to make this plan bring you a more effective result.

#4 Optimizing Your Instagram Account

What your audience on your Instagram account sees can affect the action they take. Your account should be organized and decluttered so it will be clear to others what you do. Choose a profile picture that can define your business, and don’t forget how noteworthy your Instagram bio is.


Although buying Instagram followers carries various risks and potential drawbacks, choosing a credible platform can help you overcome the risks it may bring. Don’t underestimate the power of having organic followers on Instagram. It can impact your whole business.

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