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3 Instagram Management Services Worth Paying For

December 17, 2020

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If you have ever searched for Instagram growth services, you have definitely noticed that some of these services offer you a dedicated Instagram account manager who professionally manages your account and helps you win the marketplace. In this article, we will find the best Instagram management service, compare its features to the competitors, and help you come up with the best choice possible. Let’s get started. 

1- AiGrow: Professional Instagram Management Service

One of the best Instagram management services that are worth trying is AiGrow. Being a complete package of Instagram management tools such as post and story scheduler, monitoring app, DM automation tools, and growth services, AiGrow helps you with every aspect of your Instagram account management. 

Instagram management services

Using this amazing service, you’ll also hire a professional team composed of a dedicated Instagram account manager who manually keeps track of your accounts and plans to grow your followers organically, a seasoned designer that will create and publish highly converting posts on your accounts, and a support team that’ll help you with in-app issues 24/7. So, the time and energy you have to spend on your Instagram account(s) will be drastically decreased, and you’ll have enough time to focus on improving your products and services. 

How AiGrow Works?

Well, as mentioned above, by using AiGrow, you are actually hiring an Instagram account manager. After signing up on the platform and adding your Instagram accounts, you define your target audience personas. For this, you have to choose niche-related hashtags, your target locations that result in more local followers, and influencer accounts active in your business category. 

After defining these personas, the AI engine starts creating a list of potential followers. These accounts are the ones who are interested in your industry. So, turning them into followers and then into customers is going to be really easy. 

When the list of prospective followers gets ready, your Instagram account manager starts working. They’ll like 1-2 posts of your potential followers, follow-unfollow them, or send them direct messages and inform them about your business and account. Additionally, since these managers are real marketing experts, you’ll never get shadowbanned because of the Instagram daily limits. Plus, the professional designers will create engaging posts for your Instagram account. Your dedicated account manager will share them at the best time possible, which results in higher engagement rates. So, your business will be in the right hands, and you can make sure that you’re using the right Instagram management services. 

By the way, to know more about this amazing service, its features, and pricing, click here and read the complete AiGrow review

2- Digital Marketing Agency: Instagram Management & Advertising Services

Another Instagram management service worth paying for is the Digital Marketing Agency or Degom Global Instagram services. Using this package of Instagram account management services, you will get services like: 

However, Degom Global services are not offering any Instagram schedulers, monitoring apps, or other management tools essential for your business. What you get using this set of services is an account manager who plans to grow your account on behalf of you and nothing more. 

Apart from all these, this agency will help you with more business goals. For instance, they have: 

  • Search engine marketing services,
  • SEO services,
  • Web design services,
  • B2B Sales,
  • And social media marketing services.

However, unfortunately, they have not shared their packages and prices on their website. To know more about the services, you have to schedule a free consultation. 

3- Fiverr: Hire a Personal Instagram Account Manager

As you may already know, Fiverr is a platform for freelancers following different industries. Each freelancer is offering a variety of services to its clients. If you are looking for a personal Instagram account manager with some specific characteristics, Fiverr might be the best choice for you. However, since there’s no direct control over the service, prices, and activities, trying to get Instagram management services from Fiverr managers may waste your time and money. 

To have an exact idea of what I’m talking about, take a look at the following image: 

Fiverr Instagram managers

As you see, one starts its services from $5 while the other starts at $200. In this case, you’ll definitely get perplexed, and opting for the best Instagram account manager offering what you exactly need would be an arduous task. Additionally, users have reported that some of these account managers use fake followers and bots to grow their businesses. So, we suggest you use Instagram account management services instead of hiring freelancers who cannot guarantee real and instant results at all. 

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FAQs about Account Managers

When we talk about Instagram account managers, some questions may come to your mind. Hare, we’ll answer the most frequent ones:

#1 Is it Legal to Use Instagram Management Services?

Well, it depends on the type of services you are using. When hiring an account manager, you pay someone to grow your business and manage your account, and this part is totally legal. However, some of these managers use bots and fake followers to grow your account. In this case, Instagram identifies you as a spam account, and you may lose your page. So, before purchasing any services, make sure that they’re offering organic growth. 

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#2 How Can I Become an Instagram Account Manager?

Being a professional account manager is not that easy. You always have to keep yourself updated about the latest Instagram marketing strategies. Additionally, since many successful managers are out there, you have to offer something new and valuable at lower prices to get your first clients. However, platforms like Fiverr may be great places for you to start.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Instagram account management services do save a great deal of time for you. Recruiting one of the services mentioned here, you’ll get the chance to concentrate on other tasks. Hence, you’ll improve your marketing strategies and win the marketplace in a short period. So, read the article, compare the services, and make the best choice for your needs. Also, feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions.

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