Can’t Comment On Instagram? Here’s How To Fix It?

a frustrated guy who can't comment on Instagram

You can’t comment on Instagram? You must be living a nightmare especially if you have a business on your account!

If you can’t comment on Instagram it means you miss out to collect leads for any type of conversion, build connections, make friends, get engagement, etc. So it is vital to fix the problem as soon as possible!

In this article, I explained the possible reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram, and how you can fix it.

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Can’t Comment On Instagram Posts 

We assume Instagram values comments more than likes and Instagram comments have a better influence on the ER. However, it is hard to get users to comment.

Leaving comments is one of the ways you can get users to comment back.  When you can’t comment on Instagram, it means you’re missing out on this opportunity.

There are several possible reasons for this problem. To fix it, first, you should find the cause. These are the possible ones.

You Are Blocked From Commenting On Instagram

You can’t comment on Instagram most likely because you are blocked from commenting! But you may wonder why am I blocked from commenting on Instagram at all? These are the actions that may end up getting blocked. 

You Have Violated Instagram Limits

Instagram has some limits in terms of commenting! When you violate them, first Instagram sends you a pre-ban message to warn you. If you ignore it, your actions get limited for 14 days during which you can’t comment on Instagram. If don’t change the path, you are blocked forever.

  • There have to give a 350-second break between each comment
  • You shouldn’t comment more than 5 times an hour
  • The number of daily comments should not exceed 30

Moreover, the number of daily limits should not exceed 500.

For further information, read “Know And Beat Instagram Daily Limits.”

You Acted Likes Bots

It is more than obvious that Instagram does not appreciate bots. If you act suspiciously, for instance, you like comments you comment the same time over and over again, or you use more than 30 hashtags, you are blocked from commenting on Instagram.

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You Used Words You Can’t Comment On Instagram

Someone blocked on Instagram for a good reason. If you used curse words or encourage self-harm, for instance, you get blocked. And of course, you are not allowed to bully! 

Other than that, Instagram claims to filter certain words and phrases to help people follow the Instagram Community Guidelines. You use them and next thing you know, you are blocked from commenting!

How To Get Unblocked From Commenting On Instagram?

I am afraid there is no way to get unblocked if you are blocked for the good reason in the first place!

If you are blocked short-term, you should just wait 2 weeks to get unblocked from commenting on Instagram.

You Are Victims Of Instagram Glitch

Perhaps you can’t comment on Instagram because of its bugs! If this is the case, fortunately, there are ways to fix the problem.

  • Turn off and on your cellphone
  • Check your network
  • Log out and in Instagram
  • Comment via another device, PC for instance
  • Clear Instagram cache
  • Update your app

In more than 95% of the time, the glitch goes away. If it doesn’t, report the problem to Instagram.

Comments On This Post Have Been Limited

To fight against cyberbullying and harassment on the Internet, Instagram provided owners of public and business accounts with a feature that enables them to limit comments on their posts.

limit Instagram comments
There are three filters to limits users who can comment under your Instagram posts

If the IG owner filters you out, you can’t comment under his/her posts and a message shows up saying “Comments on this post have been limited.

Can’t Comment On Instagram Story

If you can’t comment on the Instagram story, it means the IG owner limits the people who can reply to the story.

Instagram owners limit users who can reply to their stories
Instagram owners limit users who can reply to their stories

Can’t Comment On Instagram Live

You can’t comment on the Instagram lives of certain users simply because they hide comments on Instagram live. Once again, there is nothing you can do.

Can’t See Instagram Comments! 

There are two sides to this phrase;

  1. I can’t see Instagram comments of my own
  2. I can’t see Instagram comments of other users

Let’s discuss each separately.

Why My Comments Not Showing On Instagram?

If you comment and they are invisible to everyone, but you, it means Instagram is crashing. Do the cliche (turn off & on, Log out & in, etc)

If it didn’t work, report the problem.

Why Can’t I See Instagram Comments Of Other Users?

You can’t see Instagram comments of other users because for these possible reasons;

  • Delay. You can’t see comments of other users right away. It takes a couple of minutes to see the comments of others.
  • That user has deleted his/her accounts after commenting.
  • The intended user has deleted his/her Instagram comments.
  • That user deactivated his/her Instagram account.
  • That user has blocked you! If someone blocks you on Instagram, you are not able to see his/her Instagram comments.

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Why I Can’t See Instagram Comments Of The Explore Page?

This is also one of the common problems users ask about, while the solution is as easy as A B C.

If you can see Instagram comments of every user, but no comment under Instagram posts of the explore page is because you haven’t opened it yet! 

To see the comments on posts on the explore page, you need to tap on the comment icon. Taadaaaa 🙂


The advantages of commenting are numerous, and it is a huge deal if you can’t comment on Instagram especially if you have an Instagram business account.

Reasons normally are block action, bugs, and the limits some IG accounts exert. 

If you are blocked from commenting on Instagram for the right reason temporarily, you should wait two weeks. Instagram bugs normally solve with updates and turning off & on. If it doesn’t, report the problem.

I hope this article was able to help you out 😉