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April 12, 2020

Best Way to Search Instagram Comments by Username

By Mpro

Tracking Instagram comments and replying to them is not easy using the official mobile app! Especially if you are receiving loads of them every day! Also, you cannot search for comments in the app and this is one of the worst things you may face as an Instagram business account holder! So, what can you do to search Instagram comments by User? Well, that’s what we explain here! So, keep on reading and find a way to track comments by users!

Why Do you Need to Search Instagram Comments by User at all?

As an Instagram business account manager, there are lots of things to do and care about! For instance, you must send requests to the potential customer, filter follow requests, respond to comments, calculate your Instagram engagement rate to track your success rate, and so on! So, among this much hassle, it’s natural to miss some Instagram comments and lose the chance to reply to them!

So, to avoid missing comments and do your best to grow on Instagram, you have to know a way to filter and search Instagram comments by user and track actions to know how to perform more efficiently! Unfortunately, there is not a direct way to do so and there are not any apps to help you filter all the comments and find all the ones shared by a person. However, you can find comments below one specific post using the tricks we mention here! So, stay tuned.

Search Instagram Comments by User

In the following sections, you can see some simple ways that can help you search for comments by a user and track Instagram user actions to perform better!

Instagram Web

Definitely, the best free tool to search for Instagram comments is the official Instagram web version! Actually, when you open Instagram on desktop, you can easily search for comments using the Windows/mac finder! You can easily do it by taping on “ctrl” + “F” and then typing the username or even the keyword you want!

Note: you have to load all the emails first and then search for the @username

Also, it lets you reply to the comments faster and better, because you can use your professional keyboard for it! But how can you do it to find the comments of a user? 

Well, open the Instagram website on your pc or mobile phone. Then open the post you want to check for the comment, no matter if it’s your own post or others! And then, load all the comments! 

Note that you have to load all the comments because the pc finder can only show you the words that appear on the page! And also, remember that Instagram only shows the 120 latest comments!

After loading all the comments, tap “ctrl+F” on Windows, and “cmnd+F” on mac to access the finder.

Then, enter the username or the word you want in the finder and press “Enter”

That’s it! Your search results will be highlighted and you can find what you want among them!

Search Instagram Comments by User via Google

Another way to search for comments by username is to use Google. Actually, every time you want to search for something on a public platform, you can do it with Google. You just need to type the search term and the platform you want to search in the search box as shown below:

search Instagram comments by user

However, note that Google won’t index all posts available on Instagram. It finds profiles from time to time if they might be important for their search results. So, this way, you cannot find all the comments.

How to View Past Instagram Comments?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram comments and I want to give a quick answer to it. Well, you cannot see your past Instagram comments on Instagram, unless you open all the accounts you have commented for and see all the posts to view your past activities. 

However, if you download your Instagram data, you have the opportunity to search Instagram comments by date. But how? Well, open your profile on Instagram app and tap on the three lines icon on the top right side of the screen. 

Instagram Settings

Then, tap on “Settings”.

Copy Instagram Captions

Now, from the list you see, tap on the “Security” item.

Instagram Security Settings

And now, tap on the “Download Data” item.

Download Instagram data

Finally, you will be asked for your email. Check if the email is the one you want to receive data from and then, tap on “Request Download”.

Download Instagram data

Now, you have to open your email inbox and open the file sent from Instagram. This file contains all your activities on this app. Download the file and open it. Actually, it contains numerous folders. To see your past comments, you have to open the “Comments” folder and then, you will be able to see all the comments you have written on Instagram. Also, you can see for whom you have commented and when the post has been shared. So, go ahead and search comments by user of yours in this way.

How to Hide and Filter Instagram Comments?

One of the other frequently asked questions about Instagram comments is about hiding comments. Well, we have two ways to hide Instagram comments; 1) on all posts by limiting some users, words, etc, and 2) hiding all comments for a post. In the following, we discuss each one in detail. 

How to Hide and Filter Instagram Comments by User or Specific Words?

Sometimes, you just don’t want to see any offensive comments, comments from a special user, or comments containing some specific words. In this case, you have to open the settings and then tap on the “Privacy” item.

Instagram comments

Then, tap on “Comments”.

search Instagram comments by user

Now, block some users from commenting, or add special words to filter your comments as you want. 

filter and search Instagram comments by user

Done! You can also filter your comments in a way to just receive comments from some specific users. In this case, it will be way easier to search Instagram comments by user.

How to Hide Instagram Comments for a Post?

Well, this is really easy to do. If you want to share a new post on Instagram and don’t want to receive any comments on it, after uploading the content you want, tap on “Advanced Settings”.

advanced settings

Now, just turn off the commenting.

search Instagram comments by user

But what if you have already shared your post? Can you still turn off and hide the comments? Yes! Just go to the wanted post and tap on the three dots icon on the top right side of the screen. 

hide comments

Now, simply turn off the comments!

search Instagram comments by user

That’s it! 🙂

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you want to track, filter, and search Instagram comments by user, you don’t have any direct and easy ways. You can just search for comments below each post and collect information using the mentioned tricks. 

This post was last modified on March 17, 2021 11:26


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