Instagram Follower Count Is Wrong! But Why?

Instagram follower glitches happen for various reasons and in different ways! One is when your Instagram follower count is wrong and you don’t know why this happens and how to stop it!

Remember this! When Instagram keeps crashing, first, you need to find the cause. After that fix the problem accordingly!

In this article, I let you know of all the possible reasons why your Instagram follower count is wrong and how to stop that. So don’t go anywhere!

Instagram Bugs

Bugs are the first thing we blame when Instagram follower count is wrong! Although this is not the case most of the time, we can not deny the fact that Instagram bugs caused serious problems in the past and harmed many businesses.

So far, Instagram bugs showed up in 2 different ways. Look which one is your case;

  • You lose a very considerable number of followers and followings in one night.
  • The number of your followers is different from the number your followers see.

Let’s dig a bit more and see what the story is, shall we?

Instagram Bugs Cost You Many Followers & Followings Overnight

At the end of 2019, many users lost thousands and in some cases even millions of their followers and followings overnight! You can imagine how many businesses were harmed and to what extent!

Some users assumed Instagram was only deleting bots and fake accounts till Instagram owned up to the bug and promised to solve the problem. Within two days, the problem was solved.

How To Fix It?

If this is your case, it means history repeated itself!!!

Now all you can do is to report the problem. You can either tweet about the glitch and mention Instagram the way many celebrities and users did, or you can report on Instagram itself.

To report to Instagram that your Instagram follower count is wrong, you should;
  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the three lines on the top right
  • Tap Setting
  • Report the problem and let them know that your Instagram follower count is wrong.

While reporting, make sure to include every detail necessary such as the device you use and even its kind (Apple, Samsung, etc) 

Once you’ve reported the problem, wait till Instagram guys fix it.

Instagram Bugs Caused Incompatibility Of Follower Numbers In Different Profiles

The other kind of bug happens when the number of follower count doesn’t add up in your account and your followers’ accounts. This one is less serious than the previous one because normally this mishap is a matter of two or three followers, not more!

When the follower count doesn’t add up, you can either let go (since it is two re three followers) or follow the given instruction;

  1. First, check your network and restart your cellphone
  2. Sign out and in. Many said that the problem solved after that. I insist on that.
  3. If the first and second steps didn’t work, report the problem

The Followers Number Frozen

It’s been months that the follower count stuck on the same number and it doesn’t go up or down! 

How To Fix It?

Once again find the cause, then fix the problem. Before you jump up to report on Instagram, visit your IG via browser to see if the number is stuck there too!

If the follower count via browser shows the same number, just report Instagram and include the details!

If the browser shows the correct number, it means the follower count is wrong on the app. In this case, you should follow the instructions respectively.

  1. Sign out
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Make sure of the network
  4. Sign in
  5. Update the app
  6. Now check if the Instagram follower count is wrong

If it still is the same, report on Instagram and let them know of all ways you tried to fix the problem.

The Instagram Follower Count Fluctuates Radically

Mostly there is not a bug or malfunctioning on Instagram follower number. Normally the number fluctuates due to two reasons. 

  1. Random users and bots follow you on Instagram in hopes of getting you to follow them back! No matter if you do or not, they unfollow you eventually! The bad news is that there is no way to stop these users and bots. So just let go!
  2. You are using the wrong hashtags so you get lots of followers for those hashtags. But then they unfollow you because they learn that your account doesn’t provide them with the feed they desire. So they unfollow you. Make sure to find the top hashtags in your own niche, because if you don’t stick to your niche users might report you and you get shadowbanned!

In both cases, you might assume that the Instagram follower count is wrong while it is not!

Instagram Follower Count Is Wrong? Refer To A Specialist!

Instagram and its bugs come in different ways and forms each year. One time the Instagram follower count is wrong, the other time the follow button gets stuck and next year another glitch will pop up! 

It is kinda hard to keep yourself updated with ways to fix the problems when Instagram is down. You should be spending that time to improve the other areas of your business.

What I suggest is to hire a specialist Instagram manager who can deal with all sorts of bugs and problems regarding Instagram. So that nothing worries you or jeopardize your career!

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