Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram? Ways to Fix It in 2024

Why Can not Follow People on Instagram! How to Fix?

If you are an Instagram marketer and you have tried to get followers using the follow-for-follow strategy, you may have faced an error indicating that you are not allowed to follow people on Instagram. But you may wonder, ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?

In the following article, I’ll discuss all the reasons for this issue and then, teach you how to fix the ‘can’t follow on Instagram’ error. So, just keep on reading!

Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram and How to Fix It

To troubleshoot the issue of not being able to follow people on Instagram, first, you have to find the cause of it.

Here are 5 major reasons for this error:

Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?
Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?

1- Technical Reasons Won’t Let You Follow People on Instagram

One possible reason for ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?’ is that you may have technical issues, such as:

  • Poor internet connection;
  • Out-dated Instagram version; 
  • Full Instagram cache; 
  • And Instagram bugs or follower glitches;
  • Instagram servers are down and;
  • Using the same account on multiple devices;

In this case, you can solve the ‘can’t follow on Instagram’ problem by following these steps. 

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure you receive strong network signals. 
  2. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, switch to a data connection, and vice versa. 
  3. Check your Instagram app and make sure you are using the latest version. 
  4. If none of the above solutions worked, restart your phone to empty some space.
  5. Uninstall and re-install the Instagram app to clear your Instagram cache
  6. And finally, try to follow people on Instagram desktop or other devices to check if this is an Instagram glitch or not.
  7.  Try logging out and logging back in to fix any bugs on Instagram.
  8. Be patient until Instagram fixes its server issues.
  9. Sign out of your account on all other devices and only use one device.

Usually, trying these tips solves your problem. But in case you are still confused about why I can’t follow on Instagram, jump into the next paragraph!

2- Using Unreliable Third-Party Apps That Use Automation

Still wondering, ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?’ Using external apps that automate Instagram actions can also violate its policies and limit your following. Instagram can check your activity, block these apps, and stop you from following more accounts. 

3- Can’t Follow on Instagram? Instagram Follow Limits Exceeded

The most common reason why you can’t follow anyone on Instagram is that you have exceeded Instagram’s action limits and got shadowbanned. This happens when you do too many actions in 3 situations:

#1 Instagram Follow Limits

Instagram has a new policy: You can only follow up to 7,500 users. This helps prevent spam on the platform.

So, if you can’t follow accounts right now and have 7500 followers and try to follow a few more, you’ll get shadowbanned and you’ll receive the “can’t follow people on Instagram” error. 

#2 Multiple Users are Using an Account Simultaneously

Another reason for getting shadowbanned and wondering, ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?’ is that other users are accessing your account simultaneously and attempting to follow people too.

Following too many users on Instagram or doing other abnormal activities like using the same account on multiple devices can cause you to be banned or shadowbanned. 

You may see errors like ‘We restrict certain activity to protect our community’ and be unable to do anything for a while. 

These errors can also be due to technical issues. So, don’t worry if you can’t follow someone on Instagram and see such errors. For more info, check out our blog on the ‘We restrict certain activity to protect our community’ error here.

#3 Followed Many Accounts in a Short Time 

The final and most common reason for reaching Instagram follow limits is that you have followed too many accounts in a very brief period. This happens because: 

  1. You used an Instagram follow bot and Instagram figured it out;
  2. You are a new user and instead of following people gradually, followed many accounts in a  short time (300-400 users in 1-2 hours);
  3. Or, you might be using the follow-for-follow strategy, following 300-400 users daily and unfollowing them in bulk each day.

So, to solve the issue of Instagram follow limits, you need to apply different methods depending on the specific reason.

4– You Can’t Follow People Who Blocked You on Instagram

Another reason why you can’t follow anyone on Instagram is that they have blocked you. Instagram does this to protect the privacy of its users and prevent them from leaving the platform. If someone blocks you, you won’t be able to follow them.

When someone blocks you, you can press the follow button, but after 1-2 seconds, you won’t see any changes and by pressing the follow button over and over again, nothing happens. 

In this case, there’s not much you can do! Just check if someone has blocked you, and in case you know them in person, ask for the reason and solve this problem. Also, if you run a business on Instagram, don’t act like a spammer or you’ll get blocked by other users.

5- Using a VPN

Can’t follow someone on Instagram but you’re not blocked? VPNs can be another reason. Using a VPN means that you are connecting to the internet through a different location than your actual one. 

This can be a problem for following people on Instagram, because Instagram may detect that you are switching locations frequently and inconsistently. This can make Instagram think that you are a bot, a fake account that follows people automatically. 

Therefore, Instagram may limit your ability to follow people if you use a VPN, to protect its community and platform.

Finally, if you ever wonder, ‘Why won’t Instagram let me follow people?’, look for the potential causes and solutions. In the following section, we’ll show you how to handle these common problems.

Instagram Won’t Let Me Follow Due to the Follow Limits! How Should I Fix It

Can’t follow anyone on Instagram? In the previous sections, I told you how to fix the “not being able to follow” error for the first reason and they were straightforward. But with Instagram action limits, it’s a bit complicated. Here’s a complete guide on how to avoid exceeding Instagram follow limits. 

#1 Use a Reliable Instagram Management Tool Like AiGrow

If you are looking for a reliable and effective way to grow your Instagram account, you should try AiGrow.

AiGrow is a marketing management service that targets users on Instagram who are interested in your content. 

AiGrow homepage
AiGrow Homepage

Unlike other services that use bots or fake followers, AiGrow uses a team of human Instagram experts, creators, and influencers who will drive real people to your page. They will research optimal hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts to find the right audience for you. 

They will also help you with content creation, scheduling, direct messaging, and giveaways. AiGrow is 100% safe and compliant with Instagram’s policies, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned or shadowbanned by Instagram. 

AiGrow cares about following limits and other limitations defined by Instagram and uses no automation. AiGrow is the #1 Instagram growth service that offers everything you need to grow your account organically and authentically.

#2 How to Fix Instagram New Follow Limits

As mentioned above, Instagram won’t let you follow more than 7500 people on Instagram. In this case, the only thing you can do is to unfollow users that you least interacted with and free some space for new followings. 

Instagram itself helps you with finding the “least interacted with” users. Open your profile, tap on your following, and find them out:

Instagram least interacted with
why can’t I follow people on Instagram

To bulk-unfollow these users, you can use Instagram unfollow apps as well

#3 Fixing Multiple Users Simultaneously Accessing an Account

If you run a business account, you may need multiple admins to handle DMs, comments, and posts. However, I advise you to avoid this practice, or at least not to use the same account simultaneously. You may want to plan your time or hire an Instagram account manager to avoid this problem.

But if you haven’t shared your login information with anyone else, check your Instagram login activity and terminate other sessions if needed. 

#4 What to Do When You Have Followed Too Many Accounts

Finally, if you’re wondering, ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram,’ especially if you are trying to grow your account by following others, try the following steps:

  1. First, wait for a couple of days after Instagram stopped blocking you from following people. Do not follow users just as soon as you can do it. You have to show that you are not a bot. 
  2. If you used any bots or bought followers, stop doing it. Instagram bots are illegal to use and they get you into trouble. 
  3. Make sure to keep yourself updated about the latest Instagram algorithms and action limits to prevent being shadowbanned. 
  4. And finally, instead of trying the follow-for-follow strategy, use Instagram growth services like AiGrow for instant and real results. 

#5 What to Do with VPN Issues

To prevent this issue, you should avoid using a VPN when you are on Instagram, or at least use a VPN that has a consistent and reliable location. You should also follow the Instagram community guidelines and terms of service, and not engage in any spammy or abusive behavior. 

By doing so, you can reduce the risk of being limited by Instagram and enjoy following people without problems.

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Final Note on Can’t Follow on Instagram

To sum it up, there are different answers to the question ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram. Here, I tried to find all the potential reasons and solutions to this issue. I hope this guide helped you understand why you may face Instagram follow limits and what you can do to avoid them.


Now that you know the answer to the central question of the blog, ‘Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?’, it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions.

1. How Many People Can You Follow on Instagram a Day?

Instagram has not officially announced any specific daily limits. However, based on research and testing, it seems that the general range is between 100 and 150 accounts per day. 
This number may vary depending on factors such as your account age, activity, reputation, engagement, and anti-spam measures. New accounts may have lower limits, such as 7 to 13 accounts per hour or 100 accounts per day. Exceeding these limits may result in getting action blocked or restricted by Instagram.

2. How to Know If I’m Being Limited by Instagram?

You can tell if you are limited by Instagram by getting a message that blocks your actions, seeing less engagement on your posts, or not seeing the user’s online status. This can happen if you follow, like, comment, or post too much or too fast, or if you share harmful content.