How to Remove Followers on Instagram

How to Remove Instagram Followers

When we talk about followers on Instagram, it’s essential to remember that it’s about how engaged they are with your content, not how many you have. Because you could have several random followers, but if they are not liking or commenting on your posts, they won’t be helpful. Hence, you may think about how to remove followers on Instagram to get instant results.

A method to keep your audience engaged is to unfollow fake accounts or inactive followers. For larger accounts, it is worth filtering the followers into smaller groups. This may help you correctly ‘pick up where you left off.’

This article provides you with some tips for removing real and fake followers on Instagram.

Why Should I Remove followers on Instagram?

You should gain followers on Instagram, not remove them; this is what common sense says.

But here is why to remove Instagram followers:

Low Engagement Rate

Have you ever noticed why your Instagram account’s engagement stats are low?

One requirement of high engagement is that your followers are of good quality. Otherwise, it would be better to remove followers.

If most of your followers don’t mind about what you’re posting or if they’re not very active on Instagram, then your engagement stats will suffer.

That is to say, the quality of your followers is much more important than the quantity.

Hence, if your account has garnered thousands of disengaged followers within the years, they are seriously lowering your engagement rate.

Ghost Followers

Briefly, Ghost followers are the followers who don’t like, comment or engage with your posts. Even many of them will never show up, and they are just a crowd of fans. If you use Instagram to promote your business, they will never purchase your products, and if you want your followers’ interactions, they won’t. Definitely, they are not your real followers. Therefore, you need to remove ghost followers on Instagram.

Inactive Instagram followers

Inactive Instagram followers have taken a break from Instagram or have stopped using it altogether.

These are accounts with no actual value for you despite rising your followers’ rate.

Chances are high they will never come back to the platform or reactivate their Instagram accounts, so you can preferably remove these Instagram followers.

Fake Accounts

Fake accounts are pretty obvious, and to increase the engagement rate, you must remove all fake Instagram followers.

They’re the accounts with no profile photo or profile, no posts, a couple of followers, and following thousands and thousands of accounts. Probably, they are paid by someone else to follow you.

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Mass followers

Instagram has applied a “following” limit of 7,500. Indeed, people who follow 7,500 accounts and more are just doing so to expand followers. The game of “I’ll follow you in hopes you follow me back.” Honestly, most of us have done it, but probably not to this extent.

Actually, they will never see your posts, and it prevents you from enhancing engagement. Consequently, it would be best if you remove mass Instagram followers.

Checking all your followers to find the fake ones might take much time and be tricky. AiGrow, an excellent Instagram management tool, will help you to find them.

How to Remove Followers on Instagram Without Blocking Them?

Instagram used to let you remove followers for private accounts, but the feature has recently rolled out to public and business accounts.

Therefore, you can remove followers on Instagram without blocking them from your followers’ list on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone:

 1. To go to your profile, tap on your profile photo in the bottom right of your page.

2. At the top of the screen, select Followers.

3. Press Remove to the right of the follower you’d like to remove, then tap Remove to confirm.

Remove Followers on Instagram Without Blocking Them
Remove followers without blocking

What happens when you remove a follower on Instagram?

Fortunately, when you remove followers on Instagram without blocking them, they aren’t notified that you’ve cleared them.

When you remove followers, the only way they could realize it is if they view your profile, they will notice the active “Follow” button. Moreover, if your profile is set to private, they can not see your posts or Stories.

How To Remove Followers on Instagram In Bulk

You cannot remove groups or all your followers on Instagram without blocking them simultaneously using the platform. As a result, users who have several inconvenient followers must get rid of, remove, or block them one by one, which is a dull and tiresome job. Luckily, some third-party tools can lend a helping hand to those looking for answers to remove Instagram followers in bulk.

Cleaner For IG

Cleaner for IG is a helpful tool to delete followers on Instagram in bulk. It is produced by Novasoft Cloud Services and helps you clean up your Instagram followers list. Utilizing this tool, you can unfollow users in bulk, identify and remove ghost or inactive followers, and bulk block or unblock users.

Cleaner For IG 

It also comes with Cloud automatic execution and Night Mode, besides a Whitelist Manager and activity statistics. Moreover, you can download this app free of charge, but it offers in-app purchases. If you want extra options, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

Final Words on How to Remove Followers on Instagram

Obviously, followers are essential for growing your business and building your brand on Instagram, but fake followers are dead weight. Look for engaged followers that genuinely interact with your account. If a follower isn’t liking or commenting on your content, it would be best to remove followers from your list.