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Viral Posts on Instagram: Tips to Learn from Them

If you are an Instagrammer, I bet you daydreamed about going viral on Instagram. But we all know what a challenge it is to publish viral Instagram posts.

Are viral Instagram posts beyond the reach of you?

Is there like any secret formula behind viral Instagram posts?

If others can go viral, why wouldn’t you?

Instagram has 400 million active users per month and many of Instagram accounts would kill to attract the attention of these users. So regarding the existing competence, you can not just post and expect your posts to go viral. But to go viral, where to start?

How Instagram Posts Go Viral?

When your followers see your post and like it enough to share it with their friends, their friends like it enough to share with their friends and this process goes on for a while and your posts get spread among Instagram users like a contagious virus, your posts go viral on Instagram.

The Requirement to Publish Viral Instagram Posts

To publish viral Instagram posts, you must pass the requirement. You must;

  • have a good reason to publish viral Instagram posts
  • be an influencer so to publish viral Instagram posts
  • have a high engagement rate to go viral on Instagram
  • have a considerable number of followers to publish viral Instagram posts on Instagram
  • have a network to publish Viral Instagram posts

Have a Good Reason To Publish Viral Instagram Post

Going viral on Instagram is so tempting that everyone wants to publish Viral Instagram posts. The ability to have that kind of power to touch a majority of Instagram users on a deep level. But what is your real reason other than that?

To answer this question, you must be very honest with yourself. What is your ultimate goal? Whatever it is, can’t you just achieve it with other ways around?

To get viral on Instagram you must spend a lot of effort and time and money. Maybe with half of that time, energy and money you reach your ultimate goal.

Be an Influencer to Publish Viral Instagram posts

If you want to publish viral posts, you must be an Influencer or at least micro-influencer in your niche.

Have a High Engagement Rate to Go Viral on Instagram

The engagement rate of your Instagram post is the number one indicator to see if your posts go viral on Instagram or not.

How to Increase Engagement Rate to Go Viral on Instagram?

A high engagement rate can not be built overnight. You have to work on it a lot. All the fundamental rules to increase the engagement rate aside, consistency matters a lot.

Consistency Matters When It Comes To The Engagement Rate

Getting viral aside, consistency matters if you wanna engage your followers. To increase the engagement on Instagram, you have to come up with a regular basis.

But you know that being online all the time is so time-consuming. You either have to spend a lot of your precious time on posts and stories and hashtags, or you must pay someone to be in charge of your Instagram account(s).

Well, I have a better idea to be consistent on Instagram and finally increase the ER. Schedule your posts and stories ahead of time with an Instagram scheduler.

Schedule with AiSchedul to Increase the Engagement Rate

As a matter of fact, AiSchedul is more than just an Instagram scheduler. But here I just mention the features that help you to increase consistency and ultimately the engagement rate.

Features of AiSchedul

  • Schedule posts
  • Edit and schedule stories
  • Auto response to comments
  • Edit posts after scheduling
  • Repost content

Sign Up in AiSchedul

Sign-up a free account from here.

Connect Your Instagram Accounts with AiSchedul

  • Go to the dashboard and click Add Instagram Account

  • Enter your information and click on Next

  • Enter your password and tap on the Submit button

Have a Considerable Numbers of Followers to Publish Viral Instagram posts

Here I don’t wanna bore you with the ways you can get more real followers on Instagram. Just to the point, I would say if you have less than 30K followers, you have difficulty going viral on Instagram.

Create a Network to Publish Viral Instagram posts

Interact with other influencers and create a network. When you want to publish your Viral Instagram posts, they can help you.

Publish Viral Instagram posts

You have all these prerequisites to publish Viral Instagram posts? Well, you are not finished yet.

There are two secrets to publish viral Instagram. No Instagram posts go viral without these two. And they need to occur simultaneously. But what are they?

Let’s see.

  1. Content of Viral Instagram posts

You know that being seen and liked by 35000 followers does not make your posts go viral on Instagram. Your content must be seen by these number of followers, then they must send to their friends, their friends must share with their friends and this process must be going on for a while like Corona Virus. But how is it even possible?

The answer to this question is the content. Your content must have the potential to go viral on Instagram.

It must be something valuable to the majority of Instagram users, not just your followers or followers of your niche. Can you make content that touches the majority of people? Think about it. Because not all contents and topics can strike a chord in the hearts of the masses to garner hoards of likes and comments.

Content of Viral Instagram posts Are Normally Videos

Instagram platform does put a bigger focus on videos because it has been proved that people engage more with videos. I am not saying that pictures are incapable of virality. I’m just saying videos have better chances to viral on Instagram.

2.Timing of Viral Instagram posts

Let’s imagine that you have a pet shop and you know that the content is so good that it goes viral on Instagram. But the day you publish it on your accounts coincide with the day that news says Corona Virus got its way to this country too.

I assure you that your post does not go viral on Instagram. What I wanna say is that there must not be something bigger that day that overshadows your content. That is why I say timing matters.

To understand it better, pay attention to the posts that are going viral these days. They are all related to CoronaVirus. These have the potential of virality. But no other content has gone viral these days.

Notes About Viral Instagram posts

  • Do not abuse trend hashtags to your posts when it is not relatable. Such cheap shots do not make your posts viral on Instagram.
  • Stick to your niche. I said earlier that you must come up with a content that touches the majority of users. But it does not mean just any content. Even if you wanna use a trend topic, personalize it so that it makes sense.
  • Never edit the posts you want them to get viral on Instagram. Otherwise, they won’t.
  • Do not forget the power of hashtags. Hashtags are entries that open new doors to your page and increase the visibility of your posts.

What Is The Result of Viral Instagram posts?

If your posts get viral on Instagram, you gain at the very least 2000 new followers which mean more brand awareness, and depending upon your business, your sales do escalate.

You might try on this matter and you fail, but do not give up because the outcome definitely is worth giving it repeated shots to publish Viral Instagram posts.

Think about it. What will happen if your posts don’t go viral on Instagram? In the worst-case scenario, you’re going to see some pretty amazing results out of your failed attempt of going viral on Instagram.

Try and fail enough to know the taste of your Instagram users and take full advantage of the analytics of your Instagram page. Sooner or later your posts go viral on Instagram.

Learn From Viral Instagram posts

I do believe that lessons are learned so much better with examples. If you wanna learn to publish Viral Instagram posts, learn from those who did. Be inspired by Viral Instagram posts in your niche.

Examples of Instagram Viral Posts

Here are examples of Instagram viral posts.

Instagram Viral Post in 2020

At the end of March 2020, this video went viral on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Why did It Go Viral?
  • Perfect Timing
  • Sensitive Topic
  • Artistic content
  • Positive content
  • Being multilingual
Perfect Timing

There is no better time to talk about Corona, is it?

Sensitive Topic

Corona is a sensitive topic these days and it does not limit to one country.

Artistic Content

Arts have this potential to be noticed more than any other content.

Positive Content

The music gives the hope of the better day that people again get together.

Being Multilingual

The video targets native speakers of all these languages. The target community is large.

Instagram Viral Posts in 2019

Greta Thunberg

In 2019, Greta, an environmental activist, abandoned school to protest the incapability of authorities.

Why Did It Go Viral?

Although she was underaged, she showed up as a hero and questioned authorities.

How To Find Viral Instagram posts?

There are several ways to find Viral Instagram posts which I tend to explain. So try them with me.

Find Viral Instagram posts On Explore Page

For sure, the explore page is the best place to find Viral Instagram posts. And the process is easy. Search your niche and you see the viral posts relating to your niche on Instagram.

Find Influencers of Your Niche to Find Viral Instagram posts

This is another way to find Viral Instagram posts. Find the influencers of your niche, then follow these steps.

  • Go to Top Nine
  • Enter the username of the Instagram Influencer
  • Now you see the top nine posts with the highest ER

Search Hashtags to Find Viral Instagram posts

Hashtags have a very good chance to find Viral Instagram posts. Use them.

With hashtags, you not only can find Viral Instagram posts but also you can find the influencers in your niche.

Do I Publish Viral Posts of Other Instagrammers?

I would say no, but according to the studies, publishing viral posts of other Instagrammers can increase your sales, the ER of your post. But I still think it is a better idea to try yourself to publish Viral Instagram posts.


If you wanna publish viral posts of other Instagrammers, make sure that you give the proper credit to do so.


We tend to believe that bigger shots are only possible for superhuman with some sort of superpower abilities. As an instance, we think publishing viral posts is beyond us while it is absolutely possible to go viral on a relatively consistent basis. Come up with a niche-relative content with potential of virality and be consistent about it.

AiSchedul, which is a free scheduler tool, helps you with the required consistency to go viral.