Upleap Review; Is it worth using in 2024?

Upleap Review

Instagram has proven to be an incredible platform for businesses, whether small or big, to increase their revenues. It is the ideal American dream since it provides equal opportunities for anyone who tries it. Upleap is a service that claims to help you grow on Instagram faster.

If you are looking for a way to build your brand on Instagram and take advantage of this opportunity, you should probably consider Instagram growth services, such as Upleap and AiGrow, as they can assist you in turning Instagram followers into customers for your company. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to using Upleap. In addition to providing an Upleap review, we’ll go over what it is, how much it costs, and what features it offers.

We also present you with a couple of alternatives to evaluate and choose from. So, stay tuned! 

What Is Upleap 

Upleap site

Upleap site

Suppose you want to develop brand awareness and increase sales. In that case, social media platforms provide you with a unique opportunity to achieve your aim. But starting a page from scratch on Instagram is a time-consuming process. Using Instagram followers apps, you may buy Instagram followers, which is risky. 

Upleap allows you to buy followers while linking you with an account manager. These services are designed to help you get followers on Instagram faster. If you wish to buy followers for your growth, you can use these services to assist you with your limited resources of time and energy. But if you are concerned about the quality of followers you receive through Upleap or are curious about what the platform offers, continue reading this Upleap review to find out more.

A Word of Caution: 

At the time of this update, Upleap has stopped taking new orders until further notice! This could be a huge red flag since companies usually stop offering their services when they intend to change their policies as a result of some bugs or failure of their services. 

Having this in mind, and after reading the upleap reviews in the following sections, you shall be aware of the consequences that your Instagram account might face in case you decide to use this Instagram growth service. 

Upleap reviews

Upleap Features

We’ve compiled a list of Upleap features to help you decide which service is best for you. Upleap is a really straightforward service to use. There is no limit to the number of followers you can acquire for your account. But, the number of followers you receive depends on the package you buy.

Upleap Features Upleap Features

Among the features of Upleap’s packages, we can see the ability to target specific areas, exclude certain keywords, view Instagram stories, utilize particular hashtags, and get premium customer service. The most expensive package includes all of these.

So far, the company has given 75 million followers to its customers. Let’s have a look at Upleap features so that you can take full advantage of them: 

1- Upleap Delivers Followers ASAP

Upleap claims to provide quick delivery of new followers, with an average delivery time of 3 minutes. When they have more consumers, though, it may take longer. It’s how the website defines “quick delivery”! 

2- Smart Targeting of Upleap Services

Upleap claims that your Instagram account manager interacts with the posts that get the best results unless you want to do everything yourself. This is the only method to truly build your account with a third party. But on Upleap, we were unable to find any information about how the company ‘targets’ the proper followers for you.

 3- Offering Low Price

They offer a low price to start using their service. You can buy 100 followers for just 3$, which is lower than a cup of coffee. But this is just in their discount time, and 100 followers are not the number of followers that satisfy someone who wants to raise their brand awareness and boost engagement!

4- Upleap Instagram Engagement Calculator

If you want to measure how much you can grow your Instagram, they’ve set up a free Instagram engagement calculator on their website. However, we found no evidence that Upleap could efficiently double your engagement rate, as they promise. But with this, you can figure out how many people will interact with you and how quickly you’ll grow your Instagram followers. 

5- Upleap’s Simple Sign Up with No Password Requirements

Upleap strives to increase your following count instantly. To gain your new followers, you just need to select the number of fans you want to purchase and fill in your username. You do not need to enter your password, but your account should be public. 

6-Track Your Upleap Progress

The dashboard environment provides information about your growth levels, filtering tactics, and how much engagement you’ve garnered. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of any reporting or statistics solutions on Upleap.

Upleap features

Upleap Pricing

Choosing an Instagram growth service might be difficult because each service has its pricing strategy. Upleap has six different subscription plans to choose from. This platform was offering a significant discount at the time of writing this article. As a result, their follower packages were at their cheapest. You can also get a discount by using an Upleap discount code.

Upleap Pricing Upleap Pricing

With Upleap, you can choose from a variety of follower packages that are tailored to your specific needs. A 100-follower Upleap package costs $3. However, keep in mind that buying low-quality Instagram followers at a low price is never a good idea because they’re virtually always phony.

Previously, their pricing was as follows:

  • 100 IG followers: $9
  • 500 IG followers: $19
  • 1,000 IG followers: $39
  • 2,000 IG followers: $59
  • 5,000 IG followers: $119
  • 10,000 IG followers: $179

They did not have an Upleap trial available on their website. So, remember that you can’t log in as someone participating in an upleap free trial to utilize their service. That means you have to pay to see how well it performs.

Upleap VS Kicksta

Upleap and Kicksta take very different approaches to assist you in your growth. The Upleap approach is fast follower delivery. In contrast, the Kicksta approach is to find genuine clients who will engage with your company.

We’ve compiled the advantages and disadvantages of each system to demonstrate which one is superior according to the following Kicksta vs. Upleap comparison. Yet, you should always bear in mind that neither will bring about genuinely organic Instagram growth for your page. 

Upleap Pros & Cons

Because every service has advantages and disadvantages, we’ve provided you with a list of Upleap pros and cons to assist you in making the best decision.

Upleap Pros 

  • Fast growth delivery: Your account grows real with the number of  followers you buy. Upleap claims they engage with your content as quickly as possible.
  • 24/7 dedicated support: Upleap provides professional customer service to all of its clients. The support team will do everything they can to assist you!
  • Simple services: Upleap’s account manager is always available to assist you. They can help you with everything related to your account’s growth. Problems should not be an obstacle for you.
  • No password required: In contrast to many of its competitors, Upleap does not ask for any of your private details, such as your Instagram password, on its website.

Upleap Cons

  • Weak Targeting: Upleap does not explain how it ‘targets’ new followers for your account. It does not appear to be something you have much control over where clients come from or if they are a good fit for your firm.
  • No statistics: While Upleap gives users a dashboard to track how well their Instagram growth service is performing, there was no sign of reporting or analytics solutions on the platform.
  • No phone and Email form: There is no contact information on their websites, such as a phone number or an email address. You can just fill out a form and submit it to them to report your concern. 
  • No genuine involvement: Due to the lack of proof regarding the origin of followers, it is impossible to determine whether or not they are real and whether or not their involvement boosts engagement.
  • No free trial: Upleap does not offer a free trial on their website, and you must pay in full at the time you wish to use their services.

Upleap Reviews: What Customers Say about this Service

Trustpilot is a reliable source of online reviews. Surprisingly, there is no Upleap review page on this website! In fact, there used to be one in which Upleap had scored 2.6, but it got removed. This could be an indicator of the fact that there is something wrong with this service. Also, the apparently positive reviews on other websites could be fake.

Upleap Instagram Reviews

We checked out Upleap’s Instagram page only to realize that their last post was in February 2020; which is another red flag for a growth service that claims to offer genuine services.

Then, we navigated through their comments in order to look for their customers’ feedback. Here are some of the most recent Upleap reviews on Instagram:

Upleap reviews on Instagram

As you can see in the first Upleap review, a customer has stated that Upleap is a ‘scam’ and that it provides you with ‘fake followers’ that are not even your target audience. This customer has also complained about Upleap’s support team saying that they are not responsive at all.

In the second Upleap review, the client has commented about the quality of the followers this growth service delivers you. It seems like the followers are bot-like which could lead to a low engagement rate

Kicksta Pros and Cons

While Kicksta states that there are no false followers or bots to worry about using their services. It also has its pros and cons.

You can access a complete Kicksta review here. But in this section, we will briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Kicksta to help you identify and select the best solution for your needs. 

Kicksta Pros 

  • Kicksta is very easy to use and has a simple setup.
  • It targets niche hashtags and accounts.
  • It breaks down analytics very well.
  • It has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Kicksta Cons

  • Real people do not run this service.
  • There is no live chat support for those who have the basic plan.
  • Instagram Ads do not work with this.
  • There is no smart filter that you can use to keep out the things you’re not interested in.
  • You may receive fake or untargeted followers using the service.
  • You may receive a high number of followers, but they will not affect your engagement rate.

Final Judgment: Upleap or Kicksta

We found a lot of bad feedback online after looking at a few Upleap reviews. Here are two examples of bad feedback submitted by users. They criticize it for having false followers and insufficient support.

Upleap reviewUpleap review

Another Upleap review proves our point that this tool can’t help you with brand awareness on IG. This tool will only get you fake followers who aren’t even remotely interested in what you have to offer. 

Upleap reviews 

Kicksta Reviews:

Kicksta reviews were not that different either, especially in the last few months. We noticed a drop in Kicksta’s score on Trustpilot as well. Here are some users complaining about the company’s poor service.

Kicksta reviews Kicksta reviews

Another critique demonstrates the insufficient information and inefficiencies of the dashboard.

Kicksta reviews Kicksta reviews

Both firms can actually work to increase your online presence over the long term. Now, by comparing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the two services we provided, you can now make an informed decision.

Good news for you if Upleap and Kicksta don’t match your needs! There are plenty of other options for growth services out there. One of them will be introduced in the following lines.

The Best Kicksta & Upleap Alternative

While social media growth services provide various types of followers and engagement plans to boost their bottom line, only a handful can offer both simple and effective services. AiGrow is one of the most successful programs for gaining organic Instagram followers fast and effectively. 

AiGrow offers numerous Instagram tools and services available, so you may get help with whatever issue you’re having. AiGrow features include:

  • Growth service
  • Management tool
  • DM feature
  • Multiple hashtag research
  • Analytics tool
  • Instagram account monitoring
  • Bio-link feature

If you are interested in using VIP packages of Instagram growth services, they provide an excellent package for you. With their VIP plan, a team of Instagram growth specialists monitor your progress and personally communicate with your followers within Instagram’s daily limits

AiGrow featuresAiGrow features

So you don’t need to risk using a dangerous Instagram bot or buying followers on Instagram. We think it’s the best growth service available. On Instagram, boost follower conversion and succeed with this reliable tool!

AiGrow‘s impressive characteristics of VIP-Managed packages include the following as well:

  • Scheduling content to post on Instagram at the best time
  • Reposting to story and feed 
  • Sending mass DM to your followers
  • Adding links in your bio to increase your credibility and brand awareness. 
  • 300+ new followers monthly
  • AI-powered hashtags, competitions, locations research
  • Manual growth activities – follows, unfollows, liking
  • Dedicated account manager; 10 hours/month
  • Unlimited use of features
  • Priority 24×7 support

Additionally, by paying $150 monthly, you can benefit from this package’s speedy and safe Instagram boost. For more information on this excellent tool, you can read our thorough AiGrow review.

Sign up on AiGrow now and take advantage of their fantastic service.

FAQs on Upleap

There may be a lot of queries about how to use Upleap. In this section, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions that may be relevant to your case that was not in upleap review provided above.

1- Is Upleap Legit? Does it really work?

Upleap claims to provide its users with real followers and incorporates high-profile, well-known company logos to strengthen its authenticity. Yet as mentioned earlier, the lack of Upleap reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit, and the fact that they are no longer accepting any new customers, for the time being, call for some doubts. 

Moreover, there are multiple negative reviews regarding this growth service that question its allegedly good performance. 

Also, they do not provide you with any email addresses or phone numbers to reach out to in case you’re in trouble. The only way you can contact them is a form that you can fill in on their website. 

So if you are wondering is Upleap legit or not to make a purchase, make sure to take into account all these aspects. 

2- Is Upleap Safe?

Because the team does not have to log into your account, Upleap promises that the experience you get is safe. Provide the company just with your account username, and they will begin sending you followers. Furthermore, Upleap claims to be a secure service since your data and financial information are protected with SSL encryption.

However, you need to keep in mind that although Upleap sign in appears to be safe because you are not required to give them your password, they have not come clean about the way they target the followers. 

There have been a lot of complaints about the quality of the followers they provide for you in their follower packages as well. Therefore, we can’t really say that Upleap is safe since fake or low-quality followers can seriously damage your page and stop your organic growth on Instagram as well. 

3- Can Upleap Get My Account Banned or Steal My Password?

They make sure to place boundaries on their growth services so that you don’t get into problems with using them. Upleap has no intention of stealing your password. However, if, for some reason, you still feel uneasy, you may change it regularly for peace of mind. In fact, they want their service to get famous. There is zero incentive here to take someone else’s account.

4- Is It Worth Getting Instagram Followers Using Growth Services?

When you buy IG followers, it helps you attract more people because a page with zero followers may not be exciting for people to remain. Gaining followers using reliable growth services assists you in gaining followers organically. In this manner, you may increase your audience and engagement rate, as well as your revenue and client satisfaction.

5- Where Can I Find an Upleap Discount Code?

Some websites provide growth services coupons; couponbirds.com and getrefe.com are just a few examples where you can discover an Upleap coupon code.

6- Does Upleap Need Any Requirements? 

In order for this growth service to function, you need to follow two rules:

  1. Your Instagram page must be public 
  2. You shouldn’t change your username while the order is in process 

This is because you won’t be able to receive the new Upleap followers if your account is private. Also, if you change your username during the process, they won’t be able to locate your account to complete the order. 

Final Thoughts on Upleap Review

According to our in-depth review of Upleap, as you can see, first impressions will lead you to believe that they are a really conventional corporation that isn’t doing anything but fast delivery of followers. But in conclusion, we can say they are asking you to buy followers and not even high-quality followers which can be very risky.

While Purchasing Instagram followers from a third-party service is a viable method of increasing your Instagram following, Instagram does not welcome it, and we don’t recommend it. We strongly advise you to look for credible and dependable techniques for Instagram engagement. As a result, it is feasible to experiment with more reliable alternatives such as AiGrow and compare the results.

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