Instaboostgram Reviews; Choose the Best IG Growth Tool in 2022


If you wonder if Instaboostgram is a good investment or can provide you with real Instagram followers or not, you have come to the right place to find the answers. Upon reading this Instaboostgram review, you will find all the truth you need to know about this Instagram growth tool.

Utilizing the best Instagram growth services is becoming increasingly popular among individuals who wish to gain fast Instagram followers for business, educational, or professional purposes. However, selecting the safest growth tool is critical. Instaboostgram was among the popular Instagram followers apps for a large number of users.

The reason for mentioning ‘was’ is that this tool is no longer in use, and its provider and website were abruptly pulled down and removed. But why should we provide an Instaboostgram review? To enable you to make an informed decision to choose the best tool and prevent mistakes if this service comes back under a different brand name!

So, stay with us to know what happened to Instaboostgram and the best alternatives such as AiGrow which provides you with complete support at all times!

How Does Instaboostgram Work

You may ask, ‘Is Instaboostgram real?’ and ‘what are its features?’ Yes, Instaboostgram existed and was a tool for growing Instagram accounts. It was a prominent Instagram growth service that let people buy Instagram followers and build their brands on Instagram. 

If you still have questions like ‘how does Instaboostgram work?’, we can tell you that it used to work similarly to other growth companies. Signing up, choosing a package, and purchasing were necessary steps to accessing this service. 

Instaboostgram Features

Using their services, you can buy likes, comments, and followers for Instagram. Plus, you can get more views on Instagram stories and IGTV. One of Instaboostgram’s features was that its services were simple to use and easy to start.

This service promised to help users achieve their goals on Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify while allowing TikTokers to grow their TikTok followers. It was a little odd that all of these functions were available simultaneously! After a while, Instaboostgram’s fortune changed, and a slew of disgruntled users appeared!

 Instaboostgram  features Instaboostgram Features

Insta Boost Gram separated their packages into high-quality and premium followers with different prices. Instagram likes also came in two different packages, normal likes and automatic likes. Getting views for IGTV videos, regular videos, and stories were offered by 5-6 different packages.

Insta Boost Gram Price Packages
Insta Boost Gram Price Packages

 They also claimed that you could get famous on TikTok very fast with their service. All the features were helpful if only they came true! But their lousy service and dissatisfied customers led to their failure.

After a while, their site disappeared, and as you can see in this picture, their website with the domain name ‘’ is now suspended.

Instaboostgram  website Instaboostgram Website Got Shut Down

In this screenshot from their website, it says is coming soon, but who can trust them anymore? Although we don’t know why this website got shut down, it marks the whole Instaboostgram website as a scamming operation. Even if they rebrand and change their company name, our recommendation is to remain vigilant and never trust them.

But Instaboostgram scam should not cause you to lose faith in other Instagram growth providers. AiGrow is one of the Instagram growth tools with incredible features that work miracles for your brand and never let users down.

Instaboostgram Reviews

The screenshot below demonstrates that this Instagram growth agency supplied an Instaboostgram coupon, a money-back guarantee, and appropriate payment options, all of which we shall evaluate in detail based on real customer reviews.

Instaboostgram  services Instaboostgram Services

There were numerous issues with Insta boost gram, one of them being the lack of real followers. Another issue was that, according to Instaboostgram reviews on Sitejabber, and Trustpilot, their customer service was terrible, and did not reply to their dissatisfied users or, even worst, threatened them!

While Instaboostgram service had claimed that they would deliver genuine followers, they did not keep their word. Insta Boost Gram has a consumer rating of 2.79 stars from 178 reviews on Sitejabber, which indicates most customers aren’t satisfied with their purchases. Surprisingly, there are no positive Instaboostgram reviews on this reputable site.

The same applies to Trustpilot. The picture below is an Instaboost review on the Trustpilot site from a customer that complains about fake followers. 

Instaboostgram  reviews
 Instaboostgram Reviews on Trustpilot

 Another client complains of not receiving the number of followers ordered and a serious delay. This Instaboostgram review also expresses dissatisfaction with their awful response and poor after-sales assistance.

Instaboostgram  review
 Instaboostgram Review

Insta boost gram also had an inferior user experience. When clients complained about Instaboostgram’s inadequate service assistance, they were not only ignored but also threatened. The Trustpilot site has a bizarre report from a client.

 Instaboostgram  reviews Instaboostgram Reviews

Such comments should be enough to make you run as far away from a company whose employees treat their customers this way.

Other Instaboost clients faced even more critical problems like losing IG followers for no reason or getting shadowbanned. From such comments, we can deduce why this service could not keep working. Every Instagram growth company should think about providing real followers, after-sale services, a positive user experience, and fair service assistance. 

And also, as a customer, you should consider the company that provides these services. If you want to start your IG page and make money on Instagram, you should be more cautious of the frauds perpetrated by such scam companies.  You can also examine user reviews on several websites before purchasing a proven Instagram growth tool

Although there will always be some bugs or dissatisfied customers, if you read them attentively, you can determine which are genuine or fake. One Instaboostgram review demonstrates that a user regrets not checking reviews before purchasing Instaboostgram.

Instaboostgram  reviews Instaboostgram Reviews

Instaboostgram Pros & Cons 

Now, to get a better idea of this shady service, let’s weigh Insta Boost Gram’s pros and cons.

Insta Boost Gram Cons
Insta Boost Gram Cons 

As you can see, there is not a single advantage to using this Instaboostgram website or service. There are other websites with this bad rating since it’s much easier to provide a bad service than a good one. Due to all of these negative points, which you can see in the image above, it is best to avoid Insta Boost Gram that only offers Instagram scam followers. 

But wait! We have a reliable and proven Instagram growth service for you that will get your mind off your Instagram growth worries. Read on to learn more!

AiGrow: A Better Alternative to Instaboostgram

If you’re looking to expand your business and grow your Instagram organically, AiGrow is the ideal Instagram growth solution. They use intelligent AI technology plus highly expert staff and dedicated account managers to fully ensure your Instagram growth. Purchasing followers and utilizing a bot are two red flags that this service will never cross.

Aigrow Instaboostgram alternativeAiGrow Website

AiGrow has a strong team of experienced experts. Their team of human managers assists you in boosting your Instagram engagement organically and safely. Unlike Instaboostgram, their support team includes real people who are friendly and reliable. They will be there to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you use AiGrow, you will see an apparent increase in confirmed followers and engagement. 

AiGrow ranks high on Trustpilot with so many happy customers who have tested the service and are content with their experience. In the video below, you can see some satisfied clients achieving success in improving their Instagram presence through AiGrow: 

Guarantee your Instagram success with AiGrow now. 

Aigrow Features 

As we mentioned, using AiGrow, you do not need to worry about getting banned from Instagram because a team of professional social media managers with deep knowledge of Instagram’s algorithm and daily limits will be in charge of your page!

This service provides you with a dedicated account manager, daily basis monitoring, and account analytics to help track your improvement in followers and engagement. remarkable features of AiGrow will astound you.

 So, sign up and schedule a meeting with your Instagram manager now.

AiGrow Features
AiGrow Features

1- Fully Managed Instagram Growth Service

AiGrow combines powerful AI targeting and an expert team to manage your Instagram growth fully. AiGrow is a manual follower and engagement growth service to deliver real people that will engage with your page. 

To get started, you just need to select a few tags or influencers to generate new, targeted followers.

2- Schedule Your Posts for Feed, Story, and IGTV 

Intelligent IGTV, story and feed scheduler allows you to maximize engagement with minimal effort. A full-featured, desktop-enabled editor is included as well. Additionally, you can schedule and repost multiple accounts at once.

3- Social Monitoring for Reposts & Rewards

Content suggestions, hashtag monitoring, and reward post automation are all available through AiGrow. A social calendar with important dates and hashtags is also included. When you are tagged or mentioned, the repost mentions tool will notify you.

Post & Reward allows you to organize contests without having to keep track of tags and activity.

4- Send DMs and Receive or Send Responses via Email

DM to Email lets you receive and send direct messages from your preferred email client. On Instagram, you may send mass DMs to your target market. Never miss another DM or opportunity to interact with your followers.

You can also manage and organize your DMs from the comfort of your desktop with the DM Inbox.

5- Optimal Safety with AiGrow 

AiGrow does not store any information about your Instagram password. It’s designed to meet the most stringent security requirements and protect your most sensitive personal information from unauthorized access.

6- All in One Bio-link

Turn your Instagram bio link into a multi-link page that’s ready to go. Add as many buttons, contact forms, discount request forms, and connections to your story and feed posts as you’d like.

This way, you can generate more clicks, leads, and sales from your posts and URL bio link.

The features described previously are simply a sampling of them. Additionally, you can profit from services such as YouTube video sharing on Instagram, mass Instagram unfollowing, and mass deleting of Instagram posts. 

7- Mass Delete Instagram Posts

Using AiGrow’s Bulk Posts Delete Feature, you can remove posts from your feed instantly. It is beneficial to use this mass delete feature for Instagram posts since it can save you a lot of time and energy. 

8- Instagram Giveaway Picker

Instagram contests and giveaways can increase engagement and sales, but they are also time-consuming to manage and pick winners.

AiGrow is a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution that will help you get the most out of your Instagram marketing campaigns. It offers one of the best Instagram giveaway pickers available on the market to run your contests and giveaways more successfully and fairly than ever before. 

AiGrow offers many helpful features and tools. To grow your Instagram account, we highly recommend that you sign up on AiGrow now and explore its other valuable features on your own.

AiGrow also offers customizable packages to meet your specific requirements. You can customize your plan based on your needs and financial constraints.

AiGrow Pricing

So, do not waste your precious time and register right now!

FAQs on Instaboostgram

Although we attempted to address any questions regarding Instaboostgram, we understand that there may still be queries about it and Instaboostgram alternatives. Here, we tried to address these questions.

1- What Happened to Instaboostgram?

The reason for Instaboostgram’s demise is unknown, but whatever the reason, it serves as a valuable lesson in how to make sound decisions in choosing a reliable Instagram growth service. Taking a look at their customer reviews, it is not improbable that they’ve been reported by many people for threatening them and failing to deliver on their claims.

Unauthorized transactions are yet another reason that should never be allowed. If it happens, the service will be suspended very soon. Many users were wondering how to refund Instaboostgram, as there is no clear way to do so when you are dissatisfied with the service.  Instaboostgram failed to provide the service it promised and simply took money from the users’ bank accounts.

Instaboostgram Review

Instaboostgram Review: the customer didn’t even use the service, and Instaboostgram tried to charge him $50!

2- Are there Alternatives for Instaboostgram?

Instaboostgram was a scam. There are a lot of alternatives that you can use instead of it. In  We have provided complete reviews to different growth services such as Upleap review, Nitreo review, or even, SimplyGram reviews to help you make more informed decisions in choosing your Instagram growth services. But if you want a reliable, genuine, and organic Instagram growth service, we recommend you to use AiGrow.

3- Is Instabuyagram the Same as Instaboostgram?

Instabuyagram is not the same as Instaboostgram. Yet, according to an Instabuyagram review posted by consumers, this app produces phony followers and is not worth using. So, in this sense, it functions like Instaboostgram.

4. Will Instaboostgram Refill Your Followers If They Drop? 

No. They will not refill your followers. Check out this quote from a real user who had first-hand experience of Insta Boost Gram:

5. Is InstaBoostGram Legit? 

Not at all. According to Instaboostgram reviews, the service provides bots or fake followers who have no use but to lower your engagement rate or get your IG account banned or suspended by Instagram. Moreover, most customers confirm that the Insta Boost Gram followers appear and then drop off quickly. Such reviews indicated that the followers that Instaboostgram customers are paying for are fake or bot accounts. 

Moreover, The shocking discovery about Instaboostgram is that it stole people’s money. According to Instaboostgram reviews, they overcharged people without their knowledge. Many people assert that Instaboostgram is a downright scam. On reviews, many Insta Boost Gram clients even warn you not to use the service for it does not deliver what it promises.

6.  What Is the Process For Getting a Refund from Instaboostgram? 

If you wonder how to refund Instaboostgram, the bad news is that it is too complicated to get a refund in case you are not satisfied. You’ll get your money in two cases: 

  1. Failure to deliver the product
  2. Product not as described

Anyhow, you have to provide evidence within 72 hours to get a refund. However, we do not know how you would go about convincing them to return your money. As mentioned in this review, many unsatisfied Insta Boost Gram clients were unable to get their money back! 

Final Thoughts on Instaboostgram

If you are a marketer, influencer, or have a business, you may be looking for an Instagram growth solution. Be cautious about companies like Instaboostgram and read users’ reviews on credible websites. It will also be beneficial for you to be aware of the qualities of a reputable Instagram growth provider.

When confronted with bots, phony followers, and a subpar support crew, it is best to walk away. To provide quality service, a corporation must be able to track customer satisfaction and know about Instagram’s marketing strategies, and Instagram’s daily limits. A successful user-generated content campaign and an organic influence increase would also be necessary to attain the desired results.

On this path, AiGrow has been the most successful. We are confident that you will love this amazing Instagram growth tool! If you have experience with other growth tools, let us know in the comments below! 😉

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