5 Trusted Tools for Real and Safe Social Growth

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Right now, the importance of digital marketing and eCommerce businesses is clear to everyone. No matter where you are living or what you are doing, you always have the opportunity to start your own business on e-commerce platforms like Shopify and sell your products. In this way, social media platforms like Instagram can also help you boost your sales and get more customers. But a big problem would be social growth and gaining organic followers.

Luckily, there are a number of trusted apps and tools that’ll guarantee fast and real social media growth for your business. In the following, we are going to have a look at the top 5 social growth engines you can use without the fear of losing your social media accounts. So, keep reading. 

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1- AiGrow: #1 Instagram Growth Management Service 

When trying to sell on social media platforms, you’d better focus on a single platform and use other websites to cross-promote your content and attract more audiences. Honestly, with its new features and updates, Instagram is the best place to start your online business and turn followers into customers. On the other hand, social growth on Instagram may be harder than on other social media networks. In this regard, you definitely need to use an Instagram growth service like AiGrow

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Being a complete package of Instagram marketing tools and services, AiGrow provides you with the chance to hire a dedicated Instagram account manager who closely follows your social growth, creates and curates eye-catching content on your Instagram account at the best time possible, and solves any errors you face while using Instagram. 

2- Social Growth Engine: An All-in-One Social Media Growth Tool

Looking for an all-in-one social media growth tool? Then maybe “Social Growth Engine” is what you are looking for. It offers growth services for: 

  • Instagram, 
  • Youtube, 
  • Linkedin, 
  • Pinterest, 
  • Twitter, 
  • And TikTok.

The services for each platform divides into different packages and tools such as ghost follower cleaner or likes exchange and engagement boosters. 

However, this is a really new platform and there is not much information about how it exactly grows your accounts or how it works. But if you take a look at their services and prices, you’ll soon recognize that it’s 90% a bot and uses growth engines to grow your brand. 

Since social media bots are illegal to use, we recommend you ask for more information about the services from the company, and when you got 100% sure that you won’t exceed likes or follow limits, then purchase your desired service. 

3- Tailwind: Grow on Pinterest and Track Your Social Growth

In the past few years, Pinterest turned out to be one of the most popular social media platforms that 28 percent of marketers use to grow their businesses. With this in mind, you may need a Pinterest management service by which you can track your growth, analyze your performance, schedule your pins, and more. 

Fortunately, Tailwind helps you with all these tasks and enables you to plan for better results in a shorter time. Using it, you can easily schedule your posts and pins and receive insightful analytics.

4- HootSuite: Manage Your Social Growth on Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have a lot in common. They both allow you to share links, photos, videos, and texts on your account and gain followers with all you have in mind. But it seems like gaining followers on these platforms, especially on Twitter, is much harder than growing on Instagram. 

The reason behind this may be the features that each of these platforms offers to business accounts. Right now, Instagram lets users create a shoppable Instagram feed in 5 minutes and sell their products directly through the app. However, on Facebook and Twitter, the story is totally different. 

For this reason, trying a professional social growth tool like Hootsuite can definitely help you in: 

  • Attracting more audiences, 
  • Analyzing your performance and track your activities
  • Listen to your customers and followers, 

And more. So, check it out and use it for more revenue.

5- Vire: Your TikTok Social Media Managers

Well, now in 2021, TikTok seems to be the most downloaded app on App Store. With this in mind, you obviously have great chances to advertise your products and services on TikTok to get followers and audiences. 

Getting followers on TikTok is not that easy. It’s right that this a video-sharing app and you have the chance to create intriguing videos to introduce your services. However, the process of creating videos itself would be breathtaking and may not make you any followers at all. 

So, using a TikTok growth tool helps you hit your goals much faster. Vire is one of the best TikTok tools to use. Using this service, an account manager tracks your activities and interacts with other TikTok users to attract their attention. Also, they claim that they know all about the TikTok algorithm and its limits. So, your account won’t be shadowbanned from TikTok services and it’s totally safe.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, the importance of social media platforms on business growth and sales conversion rate cannot be underestimated. However, growing on social media is a big problem itself and needs a lot of effort. Here, we introduced the 5 best social growth tools you can use to get the best results. Try them out and let us know about the results.

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